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The conflict escalates.


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  1. Glad to see this coming out so frequently.

  2. Yeah this really has been on track for the past few issues. Can’t wait to see what happens with Rick v those aliens. That was in continuity, correct? 😉

  3. @Jague  I don’t know, but I can’t wait to find out!  That reveal last month had to be one of the biggest double-take moments I’ve had in a while. 🙂

  4. Looking forward to this. Kirkman sucked me back in with the end of the last issue (the real ending). Can’t wait to see where he goes with this.

  5. Rick has been on the edge of death so many times, I wonder if Kirkman will finally pull the trigger in this arc.

  6. If he were to kill Rick, I think he needs to let the full responsibility of fucking up the community hit him. I’d say the arc after this arc would be a good place to take him out.

  7. Who do you think would lead if Rick got offed? I’d think the next in line would be Michonne, but her character might be a little too "one note" to carry the whole book. 

  8. It’s clearly implied that there will be blood on the Mayor’s hands… but the long whispered of Death of Rick? I doubt it. A serious shake up in loyalties within the group that could open the door to developing someone like glenn or michonne to take over after Rick dies later down the line? Quite possibly.

  9. If the aliens are real then I’m done with this book. It’s one of the dumbest things I’ve ever seen….stupid!!

  10. Aliens are real. How can something realistic be dumb?

  11. Aliens in my zombie book are dumb!! lol

  12. You know as much as I’ve loved him, Rick needs to die

  13. The horror….

    All the Kool-Aid gone.

    The horror…

  14. hahahaha, okay that makes sense to me.

    No mixing monsters.

  15. The book would not be the same without Rick.

    We’ll have to see, this arc is getting really interesting now

  16. I seriously hope that EVERY comment wondering if "the aliens are real" is ironic in some way. I mean, seriously.

  17. @horror I agree I would miss Rick, but at some point he almost has to die, just to keep the “oh shit” atmosphere in the book.

  18. If Rick died, Carl could just take his place as "Carl-Rick". That is, until the time travel miniseries "The Return of Rick Grimes" ended.

  19. Since we found out this issue that Davidson was exiled, rather than killed (which we had been led to believe), is anyone else thinking that Davidson may actually have been The Governor? Or someone else they will run into later?

  20. @Butch Cassidy: I sincerely doubt that the Governor was a former security liaison for the White House. He may have been cunning, but he was still a thug.

    Solid issue. A talky one, but much was learned and it’s clear that Kirkman intends to really dig into the psychological aspects in this arc more-so than some others. Carl discovering Rick on "the phone" was damn near heartbreaking. 

    What’s all this Death of Rick talk? I’m pretty sure Kirkman made it perfectly clear very early on that Rick is the only "safe" one, and that at the end of this series we’ll see how much he was changed by the ordeal. Did I miss some news?  

  21. Didn’t exactly pan out as I expected, but I consider that a very good thing. 

  22. Fuckin loved the way community leader (forgot his name) uses an anecdote to threaten Rick.

    But I loved it even more when Rick uses a story that seems like he is explaining why he did what he did, but it also seems like a threat too.

    Like, "last time someone competed with me for leadership of a group, they got murdered and I didn’t even have to kill them."

    5/5 and pick of the week.

  23. I am sure Rick is pretty safe from death. Mow going batshit crazy……very possible.  I am pretty sure that Davidson will soon be back with a bunch of motorcycle punks looking to take back what was once his. (ala the biker gang in Dawn of the Dead)  75 issues and still going strong.  The love that Kirkman has for his characters , the world they inhabit and the zombie genre are very strong.  Any body else get a Anakin/Palpatine vibe from the scene in which Rick swear alligiance to the community leader. (I forgot his name too) 

  24. I’m pretty sure that even in this issue’s letters page Kirkman denuded from saying that Rick is “safe”. Sure he’s probably the safest character, but I believe that Kirkman would whack him in an instant if it really served the story.

  25. Demured damn it, not denuded. Stupid iPhone.

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