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Behind these walls everyone has their place; everyone has their job. There is no danger, there are no threats… everyone has hope. Will it last?


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  1. This book is clearly best when the characters are "safe" so I’m very excited.

  2. I LOVE this book more than, than, than ………….

  3. I think that’s more for the humans than the zombies.  But I could be wrong…

  4. @miya I prefer the strife and struggle.

  5. Those signs don’t work at all. Stupid ass zombies still won’t stay off my lawn.

  6. If there is a Mr. Rogers (like) character here I will be so happy.

  7. Its only safe when someone dies. Walking Dead should be weekly to fill my zombie drama needs. Got Brains?

  8. @Drake

    You need better plants then. 

  9. Guys, dont let your guards down. kirkman is planning something…evil…i could sense it

  10. I think that even if this new place is a complete sanctuary and completely "safe" it will still be very interesting to see if Rick and the gang can adapt to "civilized" life again or just a new type of society based on a set of different rules than they have been relying on lately to stay alive.  Of course, I don’t think that is the plan.  I think there is some real bad sh-t coming their way.    

  11. I wonder how Kirkman can spin this so it’s still a surprise, but not a repeat of the Governor’s town.

  12. What I like now is that Rick’s gang can’t really trust anyboby after all they’ve been through. So I think Kirkman is going to put them in a safe place where its to good to be true, but its going to be true. They’re going to be an awesome community, but the gang won’t ever believe it and they will become the "monsters". Thats just my guess and I would love to read something like that.

  13. @rockingeek I hadn’t really considered that, but that’s a completely reasonable theory.  I wouldn’t mind reading something like that either.

  14. Considering how inhumane they went with the cannibals (just read the recent trade), I think @rockingeek is probably on the money.

  15. Totally agree with @rockingeek. That was really the only way I can see this storyline play out in order to have it tread new ground and not be a rehash of the Governor storyline.

  16. "I think you need to leave." "Bu…" "Now."


  17. What also could be awesome about this issue is that its a flip book featuring the unreleased Turf #1 by Tommy Lee Edwards and Jonathan Ross(a UK guy that I don’t known, but bleeding cool says he’s like a cross between Letterman and John Stewart???). All this for 2.99.

  18. Oh, and Turf will be in color.

  19. This book has felt so fresh lately, I’m very excited to see where this goes

  20. Rockingeek’s got it all figured out, it seems.  Good theory.

  21. Its a fucking preview of Turf!

  22. Perfect, I’m getting even more than I wished for. The new characters are wicked awesome. Best issue of TWD in a long time.

  23. How could I give this anything but a 5?  I was so fucking tense reading this and examining every panel of the new people.  After 5+ years of this series it’s just impossible to get comfortable.

  24. @rockingeek
    I like the theory, but I’m getting a really dark “stepford wives” feel to the community that may play into the problem the team has with it. Although depending on what it is davidson did I could see them not caring too much for ricks methods

  25. It’s pretty obvious things won’t stay peaceful but i wouldn’t worry about it being like the governor story at all. I think Rick is really gonna start to like this place, and when shit hits the fan he is going to be pushed closer to the edge trying to protect it, I wonder if he will make it … or fall.

  26. @glnancy
    as much as I love Rick seeing him die would do slot for the anything goes feel of the story

  27. @Peterparker18102 

    NAh he won’t die, I meant fall as in go crazy and become a monster like the ones he felt justified for killing. 

  28. So best issue since #48 is the consensus?

  29. @Miyamotofreak

    Is that the issue where he first talks to his wife on a dead phone line? or where his son kills one of the boys? those two really stand out to me.

  30. @GLNancy-Its where his wife and baby dies.

  31. @rockingeek Thanks, I was trying to back track on my own, without the books in hand, and couldn’t figure out what happened.

  32. Still doesn’t look anything like Alexandria, VA. But I’ll go with it.

  33. Could just be that I’m a father of a baby boy as well, but the story that Douglas shared with Rick I found hard to read, to actually imagine such a thing. Kirkman delivers again with yet, another damn good issue.

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