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  1. without reading it I would like to nominate it for Comic of The Week 🙂 because we just KNOW

  2. Pretty obvious on what the gist of this issue is….but we dont know the full story on this issue…and that’s what’s scary about this series. 😉

  3. @BrikHed: I second that.

  4. Well it’s obvious Michonne is back; but did she find any survivors in the RV? She’s crazy and talks to herself; will she notice Rick doing the same? Will she be Carl’s new Mommy?

    Switching from trades is the best comic-book related decision I’ve ever made.

  5. The best way to read this book:


    then the big, beautiful HCs.

  6. Yeah, honestly, how on Earth can you read this in trades. Anticipation aside this book has such great backmatter.

  7. Yeah. I’m still absorbing last month’s issue. Insane. In a trade, you might just continue on past it.

  8. @Davetron3k – This book is a wonderful trade read.

  9. Conor is right it is an awsome trade read, i personally read it in issues but i also own all the tpb. What i love is that there is no indication of where one issue ends and one issue begins, its just one fluid story in trades….its very nice. I want to convert to the hardcovers but the tpb are so easy to carry around and read on subways and such.

  10. @ sunnyvale trash

    That is the way I go with this series – singles to hardbacks – man one sitting of 12 issues, AMAZING

  11. I’m also a monthly reader…but then hold out for the Omnibus.  Can’t wait to get Vol. 2!!

  12. I read it in trades until the last trade, then I had to know what happened and bought issues. Just like Josh I felt it read too fast, but I think I’ll stick with issues for a few months and see what happens.

  13. I use to read this in trades as well.  I thought it read great as a trade and now that I read singles I see how much I was missing out.  Not because of how great it reads in singles (even though it does) but because of how much is in the back of each issue.  I really enjoy the letters and other little things Kirkman puts in there.  Its great stuff.

  14. Fantastic issue



    ….What? Robert Kirkman can have short summaries so why cant I?

  15. Yeah, this book I pick up in singles.  Its just my preference.  But I have read it in trades before that and it is a great read that way as welll.  Just like Fables, this book has a huge legion of trade readers.  So long as they pick it up, I’m happy. 

     Also, I think it is hard to say what will really be in this issue.  Lately the covers haven’t entirely reflected what happens inside.  Its safe to assume she comes back, but I never let myself linger on one idea or the other.   Enough speculation, to my LCS!!

  16. The cover looks boarderline awful. It looks like Carl’s body is way out of proportion. I know I’m being picky, though, ’cause I love this book. Can’t wait to read it.

  17. haha, yeah on the Kirkman forum one of the users used MS Paint and added in a mustache to Carl.  I kid you not, he looked like an old Mexican.

  18. This book was very good. I’m glad to see the return of some favorites. It seems to me like the Kirkman wants to make finish this as a story about a group of people who grow and we get to see that growth. If the previous characters were never to return I might have felt like everything was too desperate and without hope.

  19. i kinda think kirkman is "geeking?" us in this issue. by which i mean he fucks everything up and has 2 characters on their own. then brings back a few characters a few issues later. i’m not complaining i love this book. i just felt like a bit of stooge because i was so caught up in the change and now these characters are back in the story already.

    that being said i can’t wait for the next issue and i’m pretty sure this is my pick of the week (got some books left to read). so that must be some pretty good story telling right there. plus the "lori" phone thing with rick, i mean come on, that kicks ass.

  20. I liked it as always, but this was the first issue where I actually contemplated switching to trades. The bits and pieces of story over the last few issues have been good, but the time lag has made me wonder if the whole thing would actually read better in trades. I’ll probably stick to issues, but was surprised I’m even contemplating switching.

  21. I loved this in trades but once I caught up I could not bear the idea of there being new material out there that I had not read yet. I switched at issue 49. That said, this issue was only so so. Its interesting The first two books I read this week were the walking dead and the sword. The sword I finished and said wow, it had far less story and way less content. I finished this book and said huh, the statement not the question. Two great books with the same ongoing quality but I feel like I am going to suffer from waiting a month for the sword and I’m ok waiting for walking dead.

    I think it may be that one resolved a story and the other is setting up the next step. Enough pontificating. I liked it just wished it was more.

  22. Decent issue.  Since we know Michonne and Rick aren’t completely stable, the idea of them on their own (though with Carl) has all sorts of possibilities.

  23. Awesome to see Michonne back. I hope we find out why she talks to herself sometime this century.

  24. Perhaps these characters are going to catch a break for once? Yet something tells me this is just a set up for another bad situation. Remember, the Governor seemed liked a straight shooter at first too.

  25. I didn’t mean to insinuate that it didn’t read well in trades only that my personal anticipation doesn’t allow me to wait. Also that I enjoy the backmatter.

  26. This issue was…ok.  I mean we knew Michonne was coming back, so that spoiled most of the fun.  Not much else occured.

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