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  1. What is up with THAT cover?

  2. @Animalvader1: That is the Erik Larsen interpreting TWD characters as superheroes variant cover.  I’d love to get my hands on one but I think that the ratio is 25:1 and will probably cost a pretty penny at my LCS.

  3. Considering I usually get TPB’s for this series, but I have to pick this up since it’s the 50th issue. Does anyone think everyone dies and we sorta go into the future with Rick’s son?

    Hope it doesnt go into this superhero thing like this varient cover shows. lol

  4. I think the series will be pushing the kids pretty soon as the main characters and probably something like issues 75 or something most of the adults will die (or whoever is left) and the kids will take over….maybe issue 50-75 take place over 3 years or so and the kids age. 

  5. The cover was their joke they came up with when the Zombie covers were so popular at Marvel.  If this cover came out 6 months ago I think more people would think a Zombie Book doing a Superhero variant cover would be funny.

  6. *foaming at the mouth for this*

  7. Whatever happens in this issue I full expect it to be completely flipped out. I don’t have high hopes for Rick–I think there have been foreshadowings of dire things for him for months now.

  8. I love the new direction this book has taken. *SPOILER ALERT FOR TRADE READERS*

    It’s about time they got out of the relative safety of the prison. This opens things up way more for action & story ideas.

    You know what I love most about this book? Anything can happen — no one is safe. That’s very rare in comics.

  9. @ cenquist & WadeWilson –

    I agree! I love actual cover of young Carl by himself, surrounded by an undead horde.

    As much as I’ve enjoyed following Rick, it would be a really bold move for the focus to shift to Carl.

    I’ve never seen a child as the central protagonist in this type of material, so I’d love to see Kirkman go that direction.


  10. @Colossus: It’s a good idea cause who’s ever done that  before? Othe then Franklin Richards…when do we see the perspective of a child’s mind? God only knows how fucked up the book will be if Kirkman follows a ten year old’s life in a Zombie Apocolypse.

  11. uhmm…ohh kay…no spoilers, but I think the hype and and teaser ads had me thinking more would happen…

  12. I’d love to see that variant cover as a poster or something.

  13. Curse you Kirkman and your padded stories!!

  14. UPS screwed up and my shop won’t be getting this until tomorrow. But I think the book is going to start focusing more on Carl, witch is cool cuz as he starts to grow up he’ll probably become this badass zombie killing cowboy witch would be wicked awesome or at least thats how i see it in my head.

  15. It was definitely good.  Beginning had me wondering right off the bat about Carl and Rick.  And Carl ranting at his dad, awesome.  Very emotional.

  16. The only beef I have with this issue is that it basically ended where it began. That’s un-Kirkman like and would have thought he ramp it up a bit more for issue 50

  17. Nothing happened!  Arg.  I’ve been biting at the bit for this and nothing happened!.  Damn you Kirkman!!


    Other than that it was a pretty good read.  Another month of waiting.  Blah.

  18. For a 50th landmark issue, I was pretty disappointed.  The book had a lot of momentum after the attack on the prison, I was actually excited to see what happened to Carl and Rick and then-BAM-it’s like he throws on the brakes.  

    Come to think of it, I remember not being particularly impressed with Invincible’s 50th issue either.

  19. Please not that I would have made this a review instead of a comment, but I dont’ know how.  Can anyone help?  Anyway:

    I caught up to Walking Dead with issue 48.  Walking Dead was actually the first current comic I started buying, way, way back in what seems like a previous eon, but was actually March of this year.  The idea of buying comics that were actually coming out now had been brewing for a while, with a confluence of events, and I picked Walking Dead because the LCS employees said it was really good, and because I had always liked the zombie concept.  I started slow with comics.  Walking Dead was the only one I read for about a month, and I read it everywhere: on a bus in my home city of Santa Fe and on another bus in Albuquerque, in the break room at work, in the back seat of a friend’s car on a road trip, in my living room.  I was steeped in the world, and it inspired me to rent a bunch of zombie movies and even go on a crawl of the dead (about a hundred people dressed as zombies walking down the streets of Albuquerque to a midnight showing of Night of the Living Dead).  Then I caught up, to issue 48 as I said, and the events were so shocking that I decided to wait a while before looking at it again, particularly since it was the first time there wouldn’t be another one for a month.  In the meantime, I had started buying comics like they were a miracle drug that would save my life, diving into DC and Marvel with abandon, figuring out that wow, both of them have a shared universe of characters, learning about the careers of the creators, trying to figure out what other indie comics were good.  And so, whereas between Walking Dead 1 and 48 I read nothing else, between 48 and 49, I read about fifty other comics.  Coming back to Walking Dead, the biggest thing I noticed was the art, the fantastic art.  It made the whole thing feel so real, so stark and possible.  I also noticed how Kirkman has taken this so far that even with almost no words (in both 49 and 50), I knew where these characters were in their minds.  Frankly, these last two issues have probably been better for not having dialogue, both because it suits the story, and because Kirkman’s dialogue is . . . well, sometimes kind of shamefully bad, and only serviceable at best.  But as these last few issues show, Kirkman’s talents lie in his dedication to storytelling, doing all the work necessary to set up a world, grow characters, build tension and then, like a bat connecting with a baseball, wham!  It all takes off.   Now with this issue I see him starting the process again.  The tension here is just spectacular, and the character building with Carl is working really well.   I’m definitely impressed, and even inspired as an aspiring writer. I’m glad this is the book that welcomed me to comics, and I hope it goes on for a long time.


  20. I really liked it. I don’t see what’s so wrong with taking time to do an issue centering on a character.

     I don’t think Kirkman cares about numbering in relation to the story when it comes to the Walking Dead.  For the characters in the book issue 50 is just another hard day.

     By the by, I loved this cover, I always get excited when the front and back covers make a splash page.

  21. @flaggthecat– no worries mate it’s a little confusing at first, just pull the books you wanna read for the week then click on the top at "your comics" and all the ones you pulled will have an option for you to write a review.  Nice review by the way.

  22. Thank God for the Walking Dead. In a week where most of my stack left me unsatisfied, this book was as awesome as always. Granted, not a lot happened to advance the plot, but this comic sucks the reader in and makes you feel for the characters like not many others can. This issue went from "Aww poor Carl" to "Go Carl! Kick some ass!" back to "Aww poor Carl" in a cool, quick & satisfying read.

    @flaggthecat — Awesome review. It’s always cool to see how people "fall in love" with comics. 🙂

  23. I like the way this issue works like a crossroads. This issue both shows you that Carl could survive on his own, but that he needs his father none the less. The plot is unresolved, you know it’s going to end up one of two ways and this issue gives you a good chance to slow down and think about what either outcome would mean. Not the most exciting of issues, but that’s fine, because I’m sure I’ll get more excitement than I really wanted out of the next issue. Also, I think calling this a stand-alone is a real stretch.

  24. i think we finally got to know carl a little bit better in this ish, but it definitely wasnt anniversary issue-worthy material.

  25. Agreed with you on anniversary issue-worthiness, however, I think we got that with the end of #48, don’t you?

  26. Thouroughly engrosing series. Yet, it’s hard to imagine the book without Rick. I’m not sure a 10 year-old child can keep it afloat.

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