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  1. Best book out there

  2. I liked this issue, I really felt it when the "hacking" with the sword was going on. Intense…

  3. I almost felt that there were so many touching moments that they all seemed a little mulled.  But yeah the sword scene was pretty painful.

  4. completely guy wrenching. best book of the week by far!

  5. So, uh… wow.  I always love it when a story completely telegraphs what’s going to happen, but the story telling is so good that it still kicks you in the jewels anyway.  That was absolutely brutal.  There’s just something visceral when a character is just taken away like that.  One minute there, the next minute GONE!  No good byes, no touching farewells, just gone.  Excellent comic.

  6. So good, loved it! Completely worth the wait.

  7. Great book! I had to sit in my chair for a while and think about what I just read.

  8. Fantastic, I love this Woodbury plot. Great stuff

  9. Another good issue…but I didn’t really care about the character we lost.

  10. This book is intense. The cliffhanger endings drive me insane.


  11. I hate that this is a trade read for most people. I want to go shouting from the rafters about the brutality and fantasticness of this book!

  12. Not to sound like a wuss, but as much as I love this book (one of the best out there), there are times when the violence is a little too much for me – this issue was one of them, Michone’s endless rape scene was another. I get that cutting off someone’s head is harder than you’d think (particularly one-handed) but jeez…..  That said the death of that particular character was brutal & I’m dreading what may lay ahead.

  13. this book reads so well in issues.  poor tyrese getting his head cut off was disgusting and totally was a gut punch.  fantastic work.

  14. A real gut wrencher. Art seemed a little loose to me for this issue, but far from bad. Intense as always.

  15. Another prime example of what this series does best. Lifts you up with either a promise of good or some nice gore then smashes you down with unbelievable terror or a general feeling of "Oh f*ck.." One of my favorite things.

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