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• After Staring Down The Apocalypse, Venom Joins The Secret Avengers – But What’s Left Of Flash Thompson To Join The Team?!

• Meanwhile, It Had To Happen – Eddie Brock Comes Gunning For Symbiotes!

• Series Regulars Rick Remender And Lan Medina Return For A Bold New Day In The Life Of Venom!

Story by Rick Remender
Art by Lan Medina, Nelson DeCastro, & Terry Pallot
Colors by Andres Mossa
Letters by Joe Caramagna
Cover by Tony Moore & John Rauch

Price: $2.99
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Avg Rating: 4.1
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  1. Really enjoyed the event. Going to check out a couple more issues.

  2. Glad to be getting back to proper venom stories. Also Savage six is coming up XD.

  3. Seriously, why can’t we just get Tony Moore doing the art on this all the time? not fair!

  4. I need to read about eight issues to catch up.

    This looks like a fun week to do just that.

  5. February was exhausting but here we are, back to basics with the main story line. I cannot wait to get some gun blazing action going again!


  7. Would be nice to have a regular penciler on this one!

  8. This book is damn depressing. I love it. Goddammit Remender, you’re killing it on this book.

    • I really feel like Remender’s Venom is something special. I love X-Force and Fear Agent… but I think I actually like this more. Flash has earned his nomination as my favorite comic character at this moment in time. I’m actually (for real) SAD Rick is coming off this book. I like Mr. Bunn and I have faith in him, but god dammit if that isn’t a scary pair of shoes to try and fill.

  9. Loving Eddie Brock in the issue… back to a great story telling.

  10. My thoughts on this were; less talking more shooting. I confused Eddie Brock for Flash and that confused me until someone corrected me. But I had already read the book by then so now it won’t be as rewarding to reread it.

  11. This book is a great read especially if your a venom fan. This isn’t a great jumping on point hut ive been with this since day one and they keep me hanging on every month. Brock ur a madman and I love it

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