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  1. I cant wait for this. I’ve been a Moon Knight fan ever since the beginning of the pervious series, and I was really mad when it was cancelled without warning. I’m glad they started up a new one so soon. I hope its as good as the last one was.

     I’m not so sure about the artist though, I dont think I’ve ever read any of his stuff. I just wish David Finch or the guy who did issue #13 would come back. I think they did better than anyone.

  2. I’m checking this out solely for Jerome Opena.

  3. The guy who drew Issue 13 was Tom Coker. He drew Daredevil: Noir. He draws an awesome Moon Knight.

    What else has Hurwitz written?

  4. @JJ: I can jump in! He did the first Punisher MAX arc right after Ennis left. It was called ‘Girl in White Dresses’. It was actually pretty good and the only thing that hampers it is the art.

    This seems like a perfect title for trade though. I like Opena but the Marvel coloring definitely ruins some of his work.

  5. Very curious to see what all the retooling is about.

  6. how about that Yu cover, pretty sweet

  7. Like I said on the Anti-Venom board: I’m curious, but I don’t know if I’m $3.99 curious…

  8. again with the Moon Knight?

  9. If Yu was doing this as interior artist; I would buy this in a second. That is an amazing looking cover.

  10. @conor – I’m with you. Opena’s worth the look. Although, I do feel the need to check out Hurwitz, since he gets his books at my shop (solidarity!). Seems like a good guy.

  11. I have a lot of respect on Opena’s work with Fear agent and even the first arc of Punisher but i cant deny im sad that they retitled the book and took Palo off the art. His last arc looked beautiful and truly met the tone of the book. 

  12. So it was Tom Coker that drew MK #13. Anyone know what else he has done other than Daredevil Noir? I really liked his art. It was different, but still really good in a dark and gritty kind of way. It fit the tone.

    I’m really looking forward to Opena’s art now, though, since everyone is talking so highly of it. I dont think I’ve ever read anything else that he did the art on. Huruwitz is also pretty good. I’ve liked some of his other stuff. He seems like a good fit for Moon Knight.

  13. Havent read anything by Hurwitz or anything with Moon Knight, picking this up solely on Opena. 

  14. Has anyone at Marvel ever read the original Moon Knight series ? The new stuff has sucked since its inception and unfortunatly shows no sign of stopping . Get Doug Moench back on the writing chores and he can show all those Marvel hacks how to write a damn good comic .

  15. I am recently on a BIG Moench Moon Knight bender and LOVING it! Though, I did read the first trade of the last Moonie series and I thought it was good (Not up to Moench/Sienkiewicz stuff mind you).


    But okay, what is with the guns on the cover?  He is NOT the Punisher (Thank god).

  16. My sole reason for purchasing this book is ’cause i want to save my seat on the Jerome Opena band wagon

  17. I stopped reading Moon Knight just before the Down South arc – nothing negative, just felt content with the other arcs wrapping up nicely – but am curious about this new book/series.

  18. Why relaunch the title!? Gah!

  19. I would pay $5.99 a month for a Moench/Sienkiewicz reunion.

  20. This book was AWESOME

    ntil the last page… now I barely give a crap. 

  21. I like Moon Knight, but I think my WCA loyalty wants him to just rejoin the Avengers; he fits there better than freakin’ Wolverine ever has.

    I enjoyed this issue and I got hopes for this series. And Opena > Yu every goddamned day of the week and twice on Wednesday. 🙂

  22. I own the Essential Moon Knight and Sienkiewicz’s art is great. I’d never seen it in color until I picked up this issue (Moon Knight #1 in the back), and I have too say I prefer it in black and white.

    But anyway I loved this. I never read the last run so I’m a little behind on the story, last I heard Marc Spector was dead, glad too see him back.

  23. @Mustbedamned Its not that Marc Spector is dead, its just that Moon Knight has three different personalities. Marc Spector, Jake Lockley, and Steven Grant. When Marc Spector "died" he simply it just simply meant that he assumed the personality of Jake Lockley. (which I assume he still is in this issue, I havent gotten around to reading it yet.)

  24. @ThePunisherMax

    Ah, so the taxi driver took over. I’m going to have to go back and get this in trade.

  25. Potw???? Really? You know something called Blackest Night came out this week.

  26. Agrees w/ Boostergold14. 



  27. I read this and thought it was fantastic. I didn’t feel like there was anything I didn’t know and it was an all around great package. Opena’s art was phenomenal and Hurtwitz seems to have a handle on both the continuity and on putting his spin on it. 5/5 for me. I like the idea that he’s essentially Batman, but operating in broad daylight and that he doesn’t care about collateral damage. Moon Knight is character I’ve flirted with in the past but never committed to. I’m onboard right now.

    @Boostergold4/mguy77 I’m amongst the most devoted Green Lantern fans on this site and I have to say that while it was really close to being my POTW, I chose Iron Man over it. Ny reasons for evening preferring Blackest Night to this are purely based on emotional attachment to the characters involved and not so much the story. Overall, Moon Knight was fourth favorite book this week… out of 16 or so books. 

  28. No one surfed a car or gave Norman Osborn A Hitler Stash, nor was the art in Blackest Night close to Moon Knight.  This was awesome was so happy this came back.

  29. I agree the art in Blackest Night was not even close to Moon Knight! (read sarcastically)

  30. Wow, this was pretty great. I don’t have much of an interest in Moon Knight, outside of his costume design, but this pretty much blew me away. I wasn’t expecting a whole lot, but I still think this was one of the best books to come out this week. Let’s hope it stays consistently this great and doesn’t get cancelled. 5/5.

  31. One of my first exposures to Moon Knight. It was great.

  32. I was going to grab an extra book this past week and it was between this and Ultimate Armor Wars #1.  Which I chose and liked a lot.

    But after the praise I’ve heard I’m going back to pick this up this week at the shop.  I have no experience with Moon Knight but flipping through it last week the art looked great.. he’s a crimefighter in NY, he’s a little crazy, and I love Daredevil, so why not?  I think it’s a pretty good bet that I’ll like this.

  33. Who knew Moon Knight could be so awesome.

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