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  1. Love that cover. Sergeant Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band and a whale in front of a tropical estate.  Who could say no?  Ed Brubaker can’t.

  2. The secret history of the Uwritten… I love this book.

  3. jesus christ, brubaker must have pulled that quote out of his arse.

     what the fuck is the "Harry Potter-obsessed-chaotic-apocalptic" zeitgeist? 


    I’m digging this book though. it has really developed nicely

  4. Just might be my favorite book right now. 

  5. I’m so down for this. I can’t get enough of Vertigo these days.  I’m more about Vertigo then I was about the DC Universe a month ago.

  6. What’s the next Vertigo $1 ongoing?

  7. I hope this issue is as good as the last one.

  8. @miyamotofreak: I think Sweet Tooth was the last one that I heard about.  Still no December solicits anywhere yet…

  9. This has quickly become my favorite book. I hope they can keep it up.

  10. My shop didn’t get this for some reason, I’m a bit miffed.

  11. Missed out on #2, no store around has it, so waiting for the trade.

  12. Wasn’t sure about this issue at the start but by the end I was satisfied. Very interesting read. The Unwritten is becoming one of my favourite ongoings.

  13. Now that I have read the issue and been reminded of the breadth of Mr. Kipling’s work, I’m slighlty embarassed that I made light of the cover.  It is clearly a very well done tribute/tour of Mr. Kipling’s work.

    I thoroughly enjoyed this issue.  It felt like a considerable departure from the last three, but revealed some seemingly important pieces of the backstory.  This is likely my favorite issue of the series.

  14. Mindblowing shit. This is fucking tight. It talked to me. This book talks to me directly.

  15. This issue was superb! And now I want to read Kipling again.

  16. An ever execellent ongoing.  I agree, I want to read Kipling now, too.

  17. This issues capitalizes on some of the promises made by the first issue.  Fucking awesome.  To really appreciate how good this is, you need to familiarize yourself a bit with Kipling’s life.  This story fits most of the major events in and gives an excellent alternate explanation for some of them.  I am in love with this series. 

  18. I just notice this one got significantly less pulls.

  19. I wasn’t sure about The Unwritten af first but now I am sold.

  20. Smitten

  21. This book is fantastic issue after issue.

  22. This series is shaping up nicely. One of the best single issues I’ve read all year. A nice reminder of how comics can tell stories like no other medium.

    Too bad there wasn’t enough love for Carey’s ‘Crossing Midnight’. I was a big fan of that too.

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