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• Prison break!

• Featuring the Avengers!

Story by Kieron Gillen
Art by Carlos Pacheco
Cover by Carlos Pacheco

Price: $3.99
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Avg Rating: 3.6
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  1. So will this one ACTUALLY be the prison break issue? Because that’s how last issue was solicited and it was not that…

  2. I’m giving Gillen one more arc to make me believe this can be as good as WATXM. If not its dropsville. I’ve got way too many x-books since regenesis.

    • I’ve contemplated the same thing. I’ve decided to hold on through AVX, as I’m hoping the machinations of the event will help this book become the flagship X-book again in more than just name. This is one of only a couple $3.99, 20 page books I still buy, so as much as I like the X-Men, it wouldn’t be bad to put that money elsewhere.

    • I had to go subscription on this and X-Men to justify continuing to get them.

      At almost half-off, it’s like getting both titles for the cost of one.

      And at four bucks an issue for so-so mutant comics, well worth it.

      Think about it.

      I get a pretty good retail discount, but not enough to justify buying all of these X-titles this year.

  3. Is it just me or this is the third ranking x-book ? i mean 1-WATXM, 2-X-Men Legacy(this one is good …right?), and Uncanny has really droped in rankins. What do you think?

  4. I still put this right behind WATXM in my X-Rankings. Loved the phalanx issue and the Tabula Rasa arc. The Sinister arc was good too, but not as good as the stuff that came later.

    Now it isn’t a lightyear jump by any means… but does anyone think Land is actually getting a bit better (more tolerable)? He seems a bit looser on the Tabula Rasa stuff. Still some porn faces and what not, but it didn’t seem as bad. Maybe I’m becoming desensitized.

    • He appears to be drawing more, which is appreciated. I first noticed back during the Fear Itself arc (some of the pages with the Serpent-possessed Juggernaut were really solid). I kind of like to think Gillen realized that if you write about totally fictitious beings and scenarios, it’s really hard for Greg Land to find photo reference.

      As for rankings, I think the X-books are doing a pretty good job of having different mission statements, so I’m not sure direct rankings are fair, but I know I certainly am enjoying WATXM and Legacy a bit more than Uncanny since Regenesis.

    • You’re right about both bits: The more outlandish the subject, the more Land has to draw, and really, the art is better for it. Keep manipulating him Gillen!

      And all the X-Books are very different. I think that’s why I’m so on board with UXM. I’m into the idea of the Extinction squad. WATXM is also very good, but SOOO different. More like Hogwarts meets X-Men meets a Saturday Morning Cartoon. I also keep forgetting X-Force too, but I barely even think of it as an X-Book, because it is so on it’s own.

  5. My current X-book rankings since we are on the topic:

    1. X-Force
    2. WATXM
    3. X-Men Legacy
    4 (tie): New Mutants
    4 (tie): Uncanny X-Men

    Right now New Mutants has better characterization and cohesiveness than Uncanny. I also get Uncanny through subscription. It’s the best way to go with these 3.99 titles

    • ^ this except sup the regular x-men title for new mutants.

    • “… subscription. It’s the best way to go with these 3.99 titles.”

      Absolutely. I’m getting 11 Marvel titles by subscription now, and as soon as they announce Avengers: EMH as the replacement for MASH in the subscription kid’s line, I’ll be getting that, too.

      Plus I really enjoy comic books in my mailbox on random days of the week.

      It’s like a ray of sunshine amid the clutter of junk mail, bills and coupon circulars.


    • I might have to look into those subscription plans again. I subscribed to X-Men and X-Force for a while back in the early 90s and it was fun to get comics in the mail.

      To the subscribers, if a book comes out on Wednesday, when do you get it in the mail?

    • I used to get subscription titles, but it sucks. If a comic comes out Wednesday… You get it Monday(2 – 3 weeks later).

    • @KenOchalek: I usually get them about a week to ten days later.

      If they came out last Wednesday, they’ll be here by this weekend.

      For half to almost two-thirds off, I can wait a few days.

      I’m not really a day-and-date reader anyway, but there are a few titles I read as soon as they arrive.

      Well worth the discount.

  6. well i subscribed to batman and i got todays issue in the mail this morning hope that helps

  7. The beauty of all this is you don´t know when they will be in the mail, so is this kind of birthday present feeling couple of times a month.

  8. Now THIS is more like it! The Tabula Rasa arc didn’t get me too amped, but I felt that this issue really captured what makes the Extinction Team an exciting (if only periodically required) concept.

    • Exactly. Great callback to the SWORD series. I’m hoping Gillen can take Magik or Hope and make them the likeable or at least interesting characters this book is lacking right now.

  9. I lined my birdcage with this issue and my birds wouldn’t even shit on it. Can’t blame them.

    So the big rumor now is Gillen is leaving this title and Bendis is taking over? I think i’m out for uncanny until that happens.

  10. The first issue since number one where it actually feels like it’s going somewhere and we all knows that due to the appearance of the avengers leading into AvsX. I like the dialogue but having an extinction team is so limiting and magneto isn’t even worth the ink on the paper.

  11. This was a nice issue; it is always cool to see the X-Men and the Avengers together and not at each other’s throats. Carlos Pacheco, as always, amazing, and he actually allowed me to appreciate Kieron Gillen’s writing… Greg Land gets on my nerves.

    Please check my mini-review of Uncanny #9 here:

    Comments and feedback are always welcome!

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