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  1. ‘We will let this image speak for itself!’

    Oh, screw you, Marvel.  For serious.

  2. i hope they just keep bringing jean back and killing her again and again until the end of time

  3. Something tells me that they will bring her back just to kill her at the end of the issue.  I sure hope so.  I hate this teasing.

  4. Oh, just bring Jean back and be done with it. Can’t wait to see Emma’s face when that happens, she’ll definitely need a fancy cocktail to calm herself!

  5. If Jean comes back, she should mos def hook up with Logan.  Keep Emma and Scott together and give Logan the girl.  That could prove for very interesting stories.

  6. I can’t wait for this arc to be over. More science team!

  7. I won’t be able to believe that this is the real Jean anyway. But if it isn’t, then it’s just jerking the fanbase around for no reason. If it is supposed to be the real Jean, it just feels like this is the wrong time to bring her back: at the behest of relatively low-level villains, in between more important crossover events, and drawn as an underwear model.

  8. Fool me once shame on you.

    Fool me 13,546,892 shame on me.

    I feel for you ohcaroline, they pull this stuff way too often. Or atleast they do it enough to make it seem like they do it way too often. I still think our best hope for Jean is, well, Hope. With the way they have set her up it is really the only conclusion to that story that will please any fan. If they don’t make her Jean re-incarnated or whatever it seems like they would just turn off more people than they would pull in.

  9. People keep saying that Jean is Hope but HOW DOES THAT MAKE ANY SENSE?

    I mean, obviously, none of this makes sense but — that makes less sense than any of the rest of it.  Are they going to erase Hope’s personality to make her become Jean? I mean, that’s horrific and  makes me not want to get invested in Hope’s character. 

  10. I want to see her resurrected and killed again in one issue.  Will Matt Fraction deliver?

  11. @jpdash  She already died like 9 times on one page in ‘Phoenix Endsong’.  That wouldn’t even be novel. 

  12. @ohcaroline  Was "Phoenix Endsong" any good?  I skipped that one

  13. @ohcaroline  That’s… that’s…. wow.

  14. Here’s a good article on Jean’s history of living & dying: 

    I didn’t think ‘Endsong’ was very good, no.  The plot was pretty ridiculous, it didn’t actually amount to anything in the end (everything went back to status quo), and the art was Land at his most photo-referency (I’ve never seen Wolverine look so much like Hugh Jackman).  Ironically, I’m pretty sure the icon I’m using comes from ‘Endsong’.  Land can pull off a pretty image or two, he’s just not much of a storyteller.

  15. @jpdash.  Seriously.  Then, Cyclops witnesses the whole thing and dies of an aneurysm.  Then neither character is ever brought back again!! Now that would be hard-core.

  16. This could be my last UNcanny issue.  I’m sick of the non-sensical storytelling, whether its’s Lands fault or Fractions it seems I’m not much of a fan.

    Makes me sad to think about dropping a book I’ve loved for so long, so hopefully this will impress and I’ll change my tune.  But last issue was just (to quote Mad Magazine) Bleeech.

  17. @ ohcaroline

    My theory about Hope/Jean (which is probably other peoples as well) is that Hope is the reincarnation of Jean. However, much like the reincarnation of many religous personalities in real life and other literature, they do not know they are reincarnated. Many times someone brings objects from their old life to the reincarnated person so they can choose them from a collection of other things to prove they are reincarnated.

    But many people still do not know they are reincarnated and do not have access to their past memories. I believe this is the case with hope.

    She has the same hair and eyes.

    There was a giant, fiery explosion after her birth when she was being threatened (Phoenix Force) but she has not manifested any such powers since. Possibly because, even though she has been in danger, the Force knows Cable is there to protect her.

    Cable is protecting her, which is interesting from a story standpoint if it is Jean since he would be taking care of his mother who never got to take care of him. Plus he took her to the future much like he was sent to the future to be raised.

    Obviously this is all conjecture, but Marvel is atleast doing all these things on purpose so we will atleast think Hope is Jean and get our hopes up. Which goes back to your point about them teasing it too often and not following through. 

  18. I guess I get that, but if she’s just a reincarnation she’s not the same person — she’s going to have different memories and experiences than Jean did.  That’s not a ‘return’ to me so I don’t really see the point.  Let her be her own character — please!  This whole thing where they smush all the redheads together as though they’re the same woman because they have similar hair & eyecolor is kind of gross to me (Maddie & Rachel are part of this in their own way).

  19. Also — Jean = NOT Cable’s mother.

  20. @Parker, OhCaroline Well we have evidence that Jean is back somewhere from Kingbreaker/War of Kings, where Rachel Grey suddenly loses her powers and says something like "Not now mom."

    Mixed on this… really mixed. 

  21. @ohcaroline Well… she is and she isn’t. Did she birth him? No. But her genetics are his, too.

  22. this storyline has sucked but at least the crossover with dark avegners starts soon

  23. Technically if Maddie was a clone of Jean, then I consider Jean to be Cable’s biological mother, but not his mommy.  That’s my unpopular opinion and I’m sticking with it.  Scientific facts rule my world!

  24. Having the same genes does not mean you’re the same person. If my mother has an identical twin, that doesn’t make that person my mother. 

  25. I’d rather see Kitty Pryde come back, but since I wasn’t reading X-Men for any of Jean’s other deaths/rebirths, this doesn’t bother me.

  26. she’s not coming back, at least not in a lasting, physical form.  its just a tease

  27. @OhCaroline Actually, ::pushing up his bandaged spectacles::, while Identical twins would share the same DNA, the phenotype, or way the DNA is "expressed" would be different in identical twins, such as different fingerprints, slight variations in hair patterns and facial features (surprisingly not all identical twins are 100% identical), birthmarks, etc.  If I recall correctly, Madeline Pryor is an exact duplicate of Jean Grey, which I take to mean the phenotype would be the same. Sorry, let me doff my science geek hat. 😉

    Also, you could get really picky and say that while Jean Grey didn’t give birth to Cable, she did go to the future with Cyclops and raise Cable and therefore is his mother. This would actually be a closer parallel to what happened before, as Parker was hinting at. (it seems Parker was unaware of Adventures of Cyclops and Phoenix & Further Advs. where they go to the future and raise Cable.) Sigh… I know too much about this stuff. 

  28. I hate Jean and her bloody over-powered cover promoting Phoenix form. I’m going to definetly skip this issue unless I hear fantabulous things about it come this wednesday, which I doubt will happen.

  29. @PraxJarvin  Uhh, like, no way.  They have TOTALLY different hair. 

    Parker who?

  30. @OhCaroline Because hair can’t be styled differently? Now we’re splitting… *groan* hairs. And by Parker I was referring to the poster who came up with the "Cable raising Jean, son raising mother" parallel up above. 

  31. I seriously hope they don’t make Jean’s return as convoluted as making her Hope. The whole incarnation thing is just a little too unwieldy and nobody will care about it. The best thing is to just have Hope be nobody we already know, and if Jean must return just let the Phoenix Force do it. It doesn’t have to be complicated.

  32. @Prax  Was joke!

    @Parker  Oops, sorry, dude! 

  33. @ohcaroline

    It’s ok *sniff* just forget I was here *sob*

  34. Once again, gotta complain about Land’s art. Every girl in the book looks like they had their face pasted onto the model of a barbie doll.

  35. Why did they need Psylocke’s old body in the first place?

  36. Why did they need Jean’s HAIR?  This book made no sense.

  37. See that’s the thing, if a group of guys on this page can’t make sense of thUNCANNY X-MEN, what chance do I have alone?

  38. @ohcaroline.  maddie needed jeans heir so she could track down the body with a spell.

    @Aquapimp82. needed psylockes old body to house the demon thing that Maddie summoned.  and needed psylocke to give the body life and her powers.

    in the end im glad psylocke is back.  yes i said it, i like psylocke,  maybe its the hair. 

    also i dont remmember who said it (too far up and i forgot) But Maddie was not an exact clone because to my knowledge (i could be wrong) she had no super powers just plain old human until she became the gobblin queen.

    P.S. not looking forward to the science team.

  39. YES!! Science Team for the win next issue. Damn the epilogue for this issue made it

  40. @CaptainJack  But. . .the body was in a marked grave outside of the place where Jean lived for years. They could find Psylocke in Japan but they couldn’t track that one down? 

    Also, is Betsy’s new body Asian or white?  Land being Land, I can’t tell, and I lost track of which body was which?

  41. @ohCaroline Yeah, I figured. I really just wanted to make the splitting hair joke! And yeah, I was confused. I assumed they needed Jean’s hair as a talisman or something. And I think Betsy was shunted back to her old Asian body.

    This book was a mess! Why was this crammed into an issue? Ugh… the only real problem I had was with a lot of static, one panel fight scenes. It looked like a bad photo essay. And that’s not a problem with Land, really it appears to be a problem as scripted. 3/5. Glad to see the Dodson’s on art on the last page. Alas. 

  42. Huh, I actually liked the way the fights were setup for the most part.  Particularly the one page with each character saying one word.  It was clever.  But it might be fair to say that Fraction leans toward making his fight scenes clever rather than fundamentally sound.  One reason to wish Bru were back on the book because he’s a real master of good fights.

  43. I was ok with the fight scenes, but I still thought the story was a mess.  Also, I simply can’t stand typos in comics.  Scott’s factor of 10 error (–pushing mach 5, thats … 300 mph) took me right out of the story.  That, and all of the female characters looking the same.

  44. I have no idea what Mach 5 is, so that didn’t faze me, but I definitely remember noticing some lettering errors in this issue :-/.

  45. Mach 5 is five time the speed of sound.  mach 1 is around 760 mph, so mach 5 would be around 3800 mph.  Yeah, its nitpicking, but for me it ruined Scott’s inner monologue.  Thats the last thing he needs these days, what with being characterized differently in every book and all that.

  46. @DocHess  Oh, I didn’t mean to dismiss your gripe.  I was just pointing out my own stupidity in not knowing something like that.  If I’d actually paid attention, even not knowing what Mach means,  it’s like ‘300 mph is really not that fast for a jet plane!’.  But yeah, math fail there. 

  47. Worst issue of Uncanny since Fraction took over, very messy writing, made incomprehensible by the "art."  Hard to give this issue anything higher than a 1.

  48. @Jim I have to be honest, I really wasn’t bothered by Land’s art this issue. To an extent I felt bad for him. Because I felt like he was just as confused by the plot as we were! (He still traced, one of those panels of Emaa I’m damn certain is a still of Pamela Anderson from that Lit video back in the day.) 

  49. Did people really find the plot that hard to follow?  I mean, it didn’t make much *sense*, I didn’t understand the reason for anything.  But aside from not being able to keep Betsy’s bodies straight, I thought it was pretty straightforward.

    I do think this was Fraction’s weakest issue yet, but I still rated it a 3.  

  50. @OhCaroline I wasn’t that hard to follow no. But I felt like it was all muddled. Like Land trying to figure out "Wait why is this happening? Oh well, let me put in Pam here and Paris Hilton n his next panel." 

  51. This comic was some bullshit.

  52. This was the best issue of the arc, but I was really hoping for the return of Anglo-Saxon Psylocke.

  53. snooze

  54. Y’all need to take off your hater-pants.

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