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  1. I don’t think you’re reading this book correctly. I think we’re all supposed to be exchanging creepy frozen smiles while remarking about how sexually liberated this band of X-Men and X-villains are, and how great it is that they can live like irresponsible rock stars in San Francisco, co-opting the local government and taking over a military base. (pause) But seriously, I actually like this series alright. It’s fun to see it’s triumphs and its ridiculous artistic shortcomings. It seems like with every new creative team many fans think that X-Men is "back", when really it’s only been REALLY good, by any stretch of the imagination, twice in the last 15+ years. Once you accept that, the average decent X-run becomes more enjoyable and more bearable.

  2. I didn’t like this issue but it actually made me look forward to the upcoming arcs and the Dark Avengers crossover, where it seems like they’ll be more integrated into the Marvel U.

  3. I can’t quite put my finger on why I’ve been liking the book recently but disliked this particular issue.  I guess it’s because the climax didn’t quite justify the buildup.  We did get Psylocke back, though, who’s an old favorite.

    I really can’t stand stories where the villians escape via teleportation or portals.  Any cliches borrowed from The Superfriends cartoon should be avoided unless done with a wink and a nod.

  4. @mongo  Ron may not love this particular issue, but he will continue collecting x-men, as will I.  The whole point of being a long-standing x-collector is waiting for the good shit to come out.  Sooner or later, the series will pick up steam again.  I do agree with ohcaroline though.  I think the dark spin on the x-family could possibly some kick ass material.  Didn’t care for the review there buddy.  sorry

  5. interesting review. I find myself agreeing in the main but vadamowens says, there is no way most of the long term readers are going to drop this book. I want to drop it so much but I also want the dodsons to come on the book and make it better.

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