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  1. is this early?

  2. Yeah, I’m not sure why this is out so soon.  Not complaining though.  Give me more Science Team!!

  3. i think so…last one was liek two weeks ago??

  4. I so dont care about Psylocke but go big sicence!

  5. We’re starting to see Uncanny ship twice monthly, a point Brubaker and Fraction wanted to get to.

  6. I’m a sucker for Psylocke. I’ve been slowly getting some of the recent backissues when I see them in dollar bins. I guess I’m buying at least one issue of this off the shelves.

  7. the art in this book is incredibly miscast.  and thank God theyre switching up the schedule, for like 3 months almost every damn X book came out on the same damn week.

  8. Sweet! White, British, Purple hair, no-eyes Psylocke is back! Hopefully we wont see hear ninja-ing anytime soon…

  9. ‘No-eyes’ Psylocke?

  10. I never liked Psylocke.  There, I said it

  11. I am glad psylocke is back.

  12. Claremont had control of her while he was doing his New Excaliber stuff.  Now she’s fair game again

  13. the authors of this series keep ratcheting up the intensity with every issue. I love the direction Fraction has us going and the methodical pace at which he has us travelling. Uncanny is better than X-force! In your face, sharp mutie meanies.

  14. love this title..too bad a Dark Reign cross-over is coming to screw this up..yeah, like I need more Osbourne.  <sigh>

  15. Psylocke is not a character of much interest to me, but I like most of the cast they’ve been bringing in.  Really itching to know what’s up with Scott, though.  He was totally absent from last book; meanwhile his telepathic exes are coming back from the dead, one by one.

  16. not a fan of Psylocke at all!!  especially hhate having her crammed down by throat in almost anything Claremont writes in the X-verse.

  17. Old Psylocke versus new Psylocke cool !!! I voted for her old costume that’s way cooler than the new one.

  18. My only problem with the Brubaker/Fraction run so far is that last issue relied way too heavily on the prospect of Psylocke’s return. Since I don’t really care about her, the issue didn’t do much for me. I’m hoping she won’t be the focus for too long. Fraction was already juggling 800 stories before adding this one, and they all interest me far more than Psylocke’s ressurection (?) no matter what body she’s inhabiting.

  19. This issue will be the first time I’m not picking this up since post Messiah Complex, that was about the time I was getting back into comics, and Greg Land was new to me at that point.  Already can’t stand his stuff.  Since this looks to be jumping on the 3.99 train I dont feel bad dropping it.  A team of female mutant villians who all have the same face just doesn’t interest me too much…

  20. @ludus-Where did you hear that this book is jumping to $3.99?  The Alpha and Omega specials that start and finish, respectively, the crossover with Dark Avengers are most likely going to be $3.99, but I haven’t heard anything about the main book being upped in price.

  21. @drakedangerz- During the Dark Avengers crossover, Uncanny X-men will be $3.99.  At least the first issue will be, but I assume the rest of the crossover will be as well.


  22. Finally, we have Psylocke back in here REAL body. As a reader who first came in contact with the character back when the likes of Alan Moore and Jamie Delano were writing her in 1980s Captain Britain  (In fact before she was even called ‘Psylocke’) I can’t tell you how long I’ve been waiting for this. I hope the switch sticks.

  23. uggh…I’m really bummed this is going to 3.99. I still get an lcs discount, but damn. I’m off Thor purely for the price…

  24. i cant wait to see how this gets explained with the co-existing Psylocke in Exiles. 

  25. On the 3.99 thing…The 1st issue of the  DA crossover in Uncanny (not a 1-shot) is 3.99.  It makes perfect sense because DA is already 3.99, would be kind of weird to see different prices on crossovers.  Now, there is always the chance post crossover they go back down to 2.99, but for the same page count do we really think that would happen?

    Look at the top 10 selling Marvel books the last few months.  Almost all of them are 3.99.  Obviously complainging about the price isn’t going to matter too much when people buy them in droves….

  26. @ludus You’ve nailed it. Why should Marvel change the price if the books sell? For my small part I’m cutting 3.99 books. Thor, DA definitely gone. Uncanny tho?  Daaammn it’s been so good lately!

  27. The face on Beast is a travesty.

  28. A few months ago I was rereading a run of Uncanny from around 86/87, and there was one letter writer in one of the issues who basically came out and said, "Uh, Psylocke has no personality." I pretty much always agreed with that. I think it was kind of deliberate on Claremont’s part, at least back then (never read a post-1993 Claremont book in which Psylocke appeared). I remember issues in the late 260s-270s where Jubilee would complain about how she didn’t trust Psylocke and couldn’t tell what she was thinking, ever. Then into Nicieza’s run you got the weird turn where Psylocke started to seduce Cyclops. The character’s psychology never gelled, and the fact that she was once brainwashed by the Hand sort of provided license for the writers to never ground her. Despite all that, I always liked Psylocke nonetheless. Why? Uh, because she’s hot. There I said it. If people can appreciate a comic in which Aunt May goes on a date, I can appreciate Psylocke being hot. She’s hot as a Brit psychic and hot as an Asian assassin. Hot, and her powers are cool.

  29. I hate the art.  But the issue was very very good.  How did the Sisterhood get into the compound so easily without setting off perimeter alarms though?

  30. @drakedangerz.  spiral can teleport through her dancing, witch is magic based and as far as i know x-men have no magical defences.

    thought this issue was good.  wondering how they will do the whole kowonn betsy thing.

  31. I thought this was a middling issue. And was it me or did Land’s art start to change mid-issue? Instead of his "photo-relaistic" tracing the art seemed less polished toward the end. It happened right when the story jumped back to the sisterhood. Also… the terribly applied "Copy and Paste" a lion’s head onto Beast’s body took me out of the story. And I’m not one to complain about Land’s art.

    As well, I didn’t really feel the story. Things happened… and that was it. There was the weird opening sequence where Fraction seems to imply NYC is not a place for tolerance. Which just struck me as odd (1. for being a NY native, 2. The narration seemed forced anyway.) Also there was the very weird Battlestar Galactica reference during the panel where Kurt is sitting on the church gargoyles. (It’s a paraphrase of Adama’s last line.) It felt like Fraction wrote this script in his sleep. His work on this title has not matched his work on Iron Fist, Iron Man or the Thor one-shots for me. Something feels off. Time constraints? Pushing this out twice a month for no apparent reason? I don’t know. Uncanny may be up on my chopping block real soon. 

  32. Northstar FTW.

  33. @Prax-I’m in the Bay Area, and I can tell you that not everyone is as tolerant here as they are being portrayed in this book.  I agree that the book implies the rest of the country, specifically NYC, is intolerant.

    @Ameliadaz-The guy had his moments.  I like what Fraction is doing to him.  Hope he plays a big role in the series.

    It really bugged me that Dr. Kavita Rao now looks to be a 20-something hottie.  Compare her to the panel she was in last issue and its not even the same model!  If Land is going to reference, I would appreciate that he references the same person for each character.  Or at least the same ethnicity

  34. I don’t know about you guys, but I’m tired of being told how intolerant I am because I’m an American, and that San Francisco is the only sane place to live in America.  I almost stopped reading when I got to the page where Northstar was going on about how Canada was better because of socialized health care and because they use the metric system, and that they’re "tolerant".  Yeah, I’m sure there aren’t any intolerant people in Canada, or the rest of the world for that matter.  The only intolerance in the world happens right here in America.

    The same thing happened in issue #500.  The X-Men kept going on and on about how they were going green.  I don’t have a problem with a writer putting his political leanings into his work, I just don’t like being beat over the head with them. 

    The sad thing is, it was such a small part of the book, but it kept me from enjoying the rest of the story, which was actually good.


  35. @Kory  I think all the canada stuff was Northstar being funny. The going green stuff obviously wasn’t but the canada comments i read in jest.

  36. @Kory I think the idea with the Canada comment is "Are you f’ing kidding me? Forced sterliziation. That would never happen in Canada." As opposed, to "Gee, Canada is a place of tolerance for all." Indeed, that didn’t even bug me as much as the implication that SF is suddenly more accepting then Westchester NY/NYC. But I get where you’re coming from. Though hasn’t it been implied before in the comics that other nations are just as intolerant as mutants, they just normally killed them when they turned? (Ala Nightcrawler?)

  37. For the record, I love, love, loved the writing in this issue.  But I had to give it a 2 out of 5, as I did the last issue– because of the Greg Land "art."

  38. *Indeed, that didn’t even bug me as much as the implication that SF is suddenly more accepting then Westchester NY/NYC.*

    I think it’s worth remembering that this is the Marvel universe, not ‘our’ world.  And the comparison is between the mutants living on a compound that’s periodically destroyed by giant killer robots versus living in a city where they’ve been invited to live among the people. Does that mean that they couldn’t have been accepted in New York, under any circumstance?  Of course not.  It’s just a portrayal of the circumstances that have happened in the X-Men universe over a lot of years.

  39. I thought the art was great, especially towards the end.  Just like everyone else, I’ve had problems with Land, but he crushed this issue.  Some very good action sequences in the final 3rd.  I’m over the Greg Land hate

  40. @ohcaroline While this is true that it’s not our world (And I really don’t need to be reminded of that, thanks.) I’m annoyed by the very odd, very holier-than-thou attitude Brubaker and Fraction took to the whole moving the team to the West Coast. The perception I read into it is 1) A lot of Marvel writers on the West Coast and want to focus there. Which is fine, however, part of Marvel’s identity is being centered in and around NY. 2) There was never any serious writing done on NY *Not* being accepting. Whereas it’s suddenly being cast in that light to the X-Men. Who lived there for (even in comic years) some 10-15 years. It just seem sloppy and unnecessary. As I said above, I expect more from Fraction.

  41. The entire planet has (more or less) hated the X-Men for a long time now.  I like the idea of them being a part of the community (Colossus at the Raiders game was awesome).  I don’t really care if it comes off a little "holier than thou", its a new concept and a new status quo, and i think its pretty interesting.

  42. can somebody explain the pyslocke thing to me?  im a little fuzzy on that.

    also, why did northstar need to come back?  never liked him.  he’ s usually written as a huge prick.  love the idea of propstion x.  thats an almost morrison like idea.  and for the love of God put a real penciler on this book so theres some actuall choereography to ANY character movemts?

    also, wouldn’t Wolverine technically be the first mutant, then, since he was born in the late 1800s?  i dont know if the X-Men know this or not, but if they dont then  that makes sense why the would use Dr. nemisis

  43. @Mikeandzod21 Okay… this is my summation of it, it might not be clear or 100% accurate but here we go! (You did ask for it.) Elizabeth "Betsy" Braddock was originally a white, anglo-saxon character with purple hair. She was telepath and wore a weird kind of frilly, light purple costume. She appeared for several years in Captain Britain Comics under Moore’s hand until Claremont appropriated her for his X-Men run. Essentially, in her last Cap. Britain appearance she looses her sight and refuses to have cybernetic implants. In her first appearance in X-Men, she is kidnapped by Spiral and taken to the Mojoverse whereby she is give "new" eyes. But now Mojo can see through her eyes at any time. She existed in this form for about 3 years. At on point she was attacked by Sabretooth and resolved to learn how to fight better.

    So then we come to the Siege Perilous fiasco, where over the course of several issues Psylocke convinces most of the team (Save Longshot, Wolverine and Jubilee) to step through it. More or less, it’s a giant reset button on their lives. This is where we get the child Storm, the Genoshan Havok, Savage Lang Rogue and American Artist Colossus from in 89-90.) Psylocke wasn’t found until the "Acts of Vengeance" crossover where she’d been captured by the Hand. They paid Spiral (Remember her!) to swap her body with that of another mutant, Kwannon (a purple haired Asian woman). Psylocke now inhabited this Asian woman and was trained by the Hand to be an assassin. Wolverine discovers her working for the Mandarin and frees her. Shortly after this is when she dons the Purple strap costume.

    Then in about 92, it is revealed Kwannon wants revenge and her old body back because her body (Betsy’s british body) has become infected with the Legacy virus. Kwannon calls herself Revanche and hunts down Betsy. There’s emotional tumult and ultimately Kwannon succumbs to the disease before the bodies can we swapped out. And so Betsy Braddock, a British woman has been an Asian Martial artist for 20 years.

    So now… cut to the Sisterhood digging up Kwannon’s body and finally putting Betsy back in her proper body!

    I hope that helps! 

  44. Fraction is getting stronger and stronger. I am NOT a born and bred X guy, in fact until recently I barely read marvel, but this book is just goddamn killing it. My favorite book on the shelves month to month, and I can’t stand the art.  POW.

  45. the light box thing aside. The lack of face acting is realling getting to me in these books. I enjoy it much better when Dodson does the art. At least then the faces match the action much better.

  46. @Prax  I think your key comment is "reading into it."

    Also, Matt Fraction lives in Kansas City.

  47. @ohcaroline Be that as it may, I read an interview with him about the move to SF where he talked at length about knowing the Bay area really well, and having no clue about anything in New York. He felt he could write a more honest and integrated take on them living somewhere he knew. Which makes a lot of sense. I’m annoyed at the fact that, as it is being written, the move is being portrayed as something larger. But alas, it’s such a minute point at this juncture.

    Also… what exactly am I reading into? It says explicitly in the book that they are "finally" accepted into a community. My "reading into," in context, refers to the attitude that is being given about the whole thing, and it’s quite unabashed in the book. And it seems very at odds with the tone of the book. It’s since become a distraction, to me. 

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