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  1. Colossus is hot!

  2. They just can’t give him a bad costume. even the crazy off the wall designs look cool on him

  3. I have to say, I hear a lot of complaints about the Dodson’s but I enjoy their art. And not just the cheescake portions of it, I love this colossus and I love their Beast and Cyclops. Though, I’m really only looking forward to this for the Science Team!

  4. "Colossus is hot!"


  5. I forgot what what was going on in Uncanny.

  6. @mountainwindcat – Mutant hate crime is rampant in San Francisco, despite the fact that there are roughly only 100 with powers. Emma keeps trying to open the mental black box in Cyclops’ psyche. The team is still after the hatemongers that gave Pixie the brutal beatdown. Colossus is in-and-out saving kidnapped women. Meanwhile, Bill Cosby still eats da puddin’-pops!

  7. " Colossus is hot" LOL *snort*

    want to see how this will pan out. Not sure I want to continue with this one. 

  8. cant wait to read this issue but im gonna give it at least 3 more and then see what happens.

  9. Based on the preview for this, Emma punches stuff.

    So that’s awesome.

    I’m seriously really anticipating this issue; I think the wrapup of this arc will give me a better idea of how Fraction’s handling the series.

  10. I’m a little worried that this is the new status quo for Colossus

  11. @ActualButt   Is saving innocent people really a new status quo for colossus?

  12. @ActualButt-What status quo are you talking about?  I’m pretty sure the guy will/should stop being a sad panda after this arc is over with.  The whole idea of him going off is to "do what he had to do" to get over his slump.  So assuming that wraps up this issue, he should be back to painting Wolverine in no time!

  13. Man I miss puddin’-pops.

  14. there was a point before messiah complex where i was reading nearly every xbook and enjoying them. aftwer that event i dropped them all (inlcuding astonish when wedon left) and now only read this title. i love the xmen and i love fraction but this is really not doing it for me. along with 3 other books this could well be the last issue before i drop it 🙁

  15. This book’s still a little hit or miss with me. I’m not really diggin’ the Colossus stuff right now, but I love the science team part of it. Not that it matters. I’m in for the long haul, anyway.

  16. Believer it or not, I miss the Jim Lee/mid to late 90’s era X-Men.  I’ve jumped back into Uncanny since 500, but it’s unrecognizable.  Where’s Jean?  Cyclops used to be a boyscout….now he’s a perv with Emma?  And don’t get me started about Beast….I’m quite lost.

  17. And what happened to those nifty wings Apocolypse gave Warren??

  18. Oh Colossus…you never ever get a girl’s name tatooed on you.  You poor dumb heart-broken bastard.

  19. @Daytona: Welcome to the club

  20. Mediocre issue. Not enough Science Team for my liking. I was unclear what the point of Colossus’ story was really. (I mean, I get it, but it felt pointless.) Alas.

    @Daytona They’re in the issue. 

  21. Wow, Emma looks terrible, sorry Dodsons but she reminds me of the next door neighbor’s mom with the facial reconstruction surgery that went haywire. Big fat cheeks and long ponty chin on a face like a horse.

    Other than that, the story was all right, if a little rushed.

  22. Fraction is so channeling Morrison on this and i think it’s great (granted, i dont remember who those other people hanging with Beast and Angel are, why they were there, and how Shaw ended up in the Brig) but it has that same fresh and new and exciting feeling just like Morrison’s first year.  the art is a tad out of place, but it’s not terrible.  and dodson nails colossus and beast without a doubt.

  23. ANGEL!!!!!

    My excitement is renewed for this book, not that it was waning. Unlike, say, X-Men Legacy.

  24. I feel like I’ve been banging my head against a wall with this art, and have been for I don’t know how long. How is it that UNCANNY effing X-MEN can’t sustain a competent artist?

  25. This book sucked.  I liked seeing Archangel, but that’s about it.  The story isn’t interesting enough to stay in my memory from month to month so I struggle to remember what’s going on. I don’t care for the way Dodson draws women either.  Dropped!

  26. I didn’t think it possible that I would ever get sucked back into X-Men again (much less enjoy it), but Fraction has succeeded on both counts.

     This is my first exposure to the infamous Dodson art, and I’m acutally really liking it. I dread changing artists in an issue or two (whenever that happens).

  27. @ameliadaz I feel the same way. I haven’t read uncanny x-men book on a monthly basis since Age of Apocalypse and now i can’t wait for the next issue. I did read whedon’s astonishing but that was a special case. who didn’t read that one?

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