• FRAZER IRVING (Batman and Robin) joins the creative team of UNCANNY X-MEN!

• Learn what it’s like to be a student at Cyclops’ new school.

Story by Brian Michael Bendis
Art by Frazer Irving
Cover by Frazer Irving

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Avg Rating: 3.9
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  1. Frazer Irving doing the X-Men, yes please.

    • Yeah, Frazer Irving doing a story arc involving Illyana and Limbo — I’m sold.

    • I didn’t decide to pick this book up until I saw Irving was jumping on board. And then I learned its a limbo story…how can anyone not want to check this out?

  2. This will be my last issue, just find that I prefer All New X-Men more & this team doesn’t quite do it for me which is a shame because I do like Bachalo & Irving!

  3. The last issue kind of lost me. But with Irving coming on board I’ll stick around at least one more to see if things turn around.

  4. Sweet Christmas! I love this book! The story and characters are getting better with each issue.

  5. Uncanny X-Men again? Didn’t we just get one of these…? Did I miss an All-New X-Men?

  6. Pretty bummed about the not-double shipping, but at least I won’t spend money so quickly.

    I’m super excited for Frazer Irving!

  7. I really like it when an artist change is a good surprise!

  8. This is not the Batman and Robin Frazier Irving. I still love the art and overall characters, but something about his style looks different to me.

  9. Loved the issue save for one thing – Why is Emma not pretty any more?

    I can understand how hard it can be to manage a team composed of 5 thin, long blonde-haired women but… I mean, come on, Emma looks so old and not.. Pretty.

    Other than that, I don’t mind the art change (though I will forever miss the last guy).

  10. And there’s the Aussie girl saying crikey again. I don’t like being negative about books but it disappoints me when a writer like Bendis who claims to have mastery of his craft doesn’t research his characters. Its clear that he said to himself ” let’s make her an Australian mutant, that’ll be fun, how will I write her? Hmm, she’ll say crikey like Steve Irwin!” Sorry Bendis but you’ve lost me on this one due to a blatant lack of care for your characters and work in general.

    • Saying crikey for an Australian is no different than an American saying, Awesome. It’s how you can differentiate characters at a glance. This is helpful because we don’t know the new recruits very well. Their histories and back-stories need to be re-enforced in every issue. At least she isn’t talking about dingos, the outback and barbies, right? There are much worse things than saying Crikey occasionally. Also, and let’s be honest here, she’s from Queensland. That’s where they say stuff like Crikey. It is not unreasonable for her to use that word.

    • Sorry but the scene we are referring too involves all the new recruits being attacked by Magik’s Limbo power, there is no need to differentiate, that’s what the art is for. Secondly, thinking that Australians say crikey is a misconception. I grew up just outside of the Gold Coast, lived in Brisbane and Sydney and travelled extensively around Australia and not once have I heard anyone say crikey when it wasn’t being played for laughs. Thirdly, in issue 3? Could be 4? Bendis writes that the Australian National Guard arrived to secure the scene after the x-men left, Australia has no National Guard. Its a minor point but it backs up what i’m saying.

    • Australia doesn’t have a National Guard but they have the Reserves which is basically the same thing (part time soldiers). The fact that BMB didn’t get the name right isn’t a huge deal. Look into the SoCalization trope. Writers are naturally biased based on where they live. Here in the US, TV writers regularly turn the California Penal Code section numbers into slang. Every state in the US has a different penal code with wildly different numbering schemes. However, if you watch TV, you’re made to assume the numbers are common across the whole country. You write what you know and some times little clerical errors or miss-naming pops up. Also, the Australian National Guard was mentioned in AvX, so perhaps in the Marvel Universe the Australian Reserves are called National Guard.

      As for the Crikey, there’s no need to differentiate the newbies visually as the art does that. However, art doesn’t convey personality nearly as well as saying stuff. Plus, we don’t know her character that well, for all we know she may be hamming it up in front of her new friends.

      The same complaint could be directed at the Young Avengers, since I don’t know of any Latinos who speak perfect English but pepper their speech with Spanish-isms. That’s very much in the same vein of stereotypes as your issue with Tempus. Honestly, I’d write a letter to Marvel. Perhaps it will get to the right ear and things will change. 🙂

  11. I love Irving, I love Bachalo… I felt this at times was a bit too “Irving does old skool Bachalo” rather than letting his own style shine through. Still plenty of crazy trademark neon though.

  12. JML (@twitter.com/JoshMLabelle) says:

    The art in this was terrific. The story was technically sound. My only problem with it is personal, which is that Illyana’s a seriously weird character and I have trouble caring about her much. Her backstory seems so complicated and excessive and ’80s to me.

  13. Uncanny X-Men is turning into a book I like more in theory than in practice. It’s solid and there are some nice moments here but for the most part I found myself not caring. The fact that the four leads’ powers are “broken” is a nice idea but may end up becoming an albatross for the series.

    Frazier Irving’s art is fantastic, of course. I’m not done with Uncanny X-Men yet but it needs to feel like it’s going somewhere sooner rather than later.

  14. Not a lot of positivity here. I’m surprised. This was a kick-ass X-Men issue! Irving looked better than I think I’ve ever seen, especially the Cuckoos and Illyiana. The whole mood was perfect. Bendis threw in a few nuggets for later in the series. There was action. No Avengers! This was better than All-New that came out Weds. I smiled the whole way through, it brought me back a few years. I’ve always seen Illyana’s story as one of abuse and manipulation (sexual) by Belasco- forcing her to grow up too fast and all that- so I found it very fitting that she went Darkchylde on Dormammu after he touched her. That whole scene carried her story’s symbolism perfectly and showed us a more mature (albeit vicious) woman who will not put up with it. Awesome.

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