Mr. Sinister’s tampering with the Golden Celestial has summoned the immortal Space Gods to earth, to render judgment upon all mankind.

If the X-Men we’re looking for a chance to prove that they are earth’s mightiest heroes, HERE. IT.IS!

Story by Kieron Gillen
Art by Carlos Pacheco
Cover by Carlos Pacheco

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  1. So far so good! Lets see where we go after last issue it looked like it was curtains for us all!?


  2. Indeed. I like the big story telling. Hoping the rest of the series does this. Not sure I’m liking what’s up with Colossus, though. I’m sure there’ll be an arc all about that action.

    • You mean why he’s all Juggernaut-like? Check out the Fear Itself arc of Uncanny X-Men.

    • Oh I’m sure it was discussed. Just not at all up for picking a Fear Itself mini.

    • Other than the Juggernaut being possessed by an Asgardian…thing…and the cover treatment, it was really just a good “X-Men protect humans that hate and fear them” story.

      So don’t write it off as a Fear Itself cash-grab, it was a solid arc that featured some shockingly decent Greg Land art.

  3. I’m not crazy about this arc. Pulling it anyways, but hoping the next one will be much better. I expect better from Gillen.

  4. This is kinda nutty, but I’m willing to stick with it for a while.

  5. A month later I’m not sure I particularly care how this arc is resolved. This is a big maybe. The upcoming Tabula Rasa arc sounds cool but it’s also drawn by Greg Land. What a predicament!

  6. Pretty bad. Never thought I’d think back on Brubaker’s run as the good ol’ days

  7. Haven’t read this issue yet, I usually pick up my stuff on a friday at the end of the month, so there might still be a few revelations that tie up some loose ends…. but prior to the current uncanny x-men storyline, there was an Inhumans mini-serie after the Gaiman/Romita mini, which was split in 2 story arcs. First arc was done by Knauf and Acuna, secone was done by a team that I’ve never heard of before.

    What happened in the last arc was basically that the Golden Celestial evolved and left earth to explore the universe with the ‘fulcrum’ the creator of the Celestials. I’m pretty sure this is in continuity and happened before the story in X-men. So it could very well be that these issues aren’t possible since the Golden Celestial isnt’ even in that location anymore.

    The creative team doesn’t seem any reference to that, which is even more off considering the last story arc featured the X-men, so I’m assuming they’re simply not aware of this. Maybe an editor was sleeping or something.

  8. Gave it 3 issue to wow me but it just isn’t for me dropped

  9. I really like this book.

  10. I love that this and Wolverine and the X-Men are heading in two separate directions. Wheras WATX is going for the school drama vibe, this book is fulfilling the superhero book requirements…and quite well, might I add. Gillen wrote the best Sinister I’ve read in years, and littered the script with small-but-fun moments.

    • Personally, I think Sinister has been ruined. He was probably my favorite villain growing up and was legitimately scary, now he’s just the wacky, eccentric, circus master. He’s Arcade with better hair.

  11. It sounds like we are all on the same page here, Mister Sinister is just not really Mister Sinister! He seems rather meloncoloy in his deminor and has lost all of the killing instinct. Not very threating at all like he used to be, almost laughable!
    I liked the sheer strength of mind and soul from Emma and she really had me at “put pressure on it”! How is she even still with a wimp like Cyclops? He is a none stop whiner for almost 20 plus years, I was reading the trade of Secret Wars and thier is even comments back than about what a whiner he is!! I have never really followed Cykes really except from the cartoon and most of the Marvel books I read or have read he really has not been in to many of them thank the gods.(Ha)
    Anway I think I will be X-book free agian here shortly however; I did pick up the first trade of Uncanny X-Force and you have all been very right this is a good title, enjoying that.


  12. Loved this arc, yes Sinsiter was insane in a completely different way, but I thought it was a great turn for the character. Not for a permanent change, but I loved seeing him SO confident in his own evolution that he simply lets the “system” run wild and create Sinisteropolis. As for his long winding monologues, its weird to do, but I found that if I ignored everything else that was going on and just read Sinister as a prose monologue, it is incredibly fun and well written. Its only when I try to read it panel to panel taking in everything else around that I find myself losing interest and wishing he would shut up.

    And those last few pages have cemented for me that Kieron Gillen definitely knows EXACTLY what he wants this team to be in the future of the Marvel universe. And thats a future that the X-Men have needed since…well since always. I’m excited!

  13. This issue was great, story wise. I enjoyed the art too, for the most part, but one of the artists kept drawing Magik with a frightened look on her face during the fight scenes which took me out of the story. I don’t know why it bothered me as much as it did, but I felt like Magik woulda been relishing the combat and would have been more scary looking and not so, “I’m a frightened girl!” looking during combat.

    • Totally agree. I remember hearing Gillen talk about using this character but so far her characterization seems a bit off.

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