What is to become of the mutants who side with Cyclops after the big split?

And what does it have to do with the resurrected Mister Sinister?

Story by Kieron Gillen
Art by Carlos Pacheco & Cam Smith
Cover by Carlos Pacheco & Billy Tan

Price: $3.99
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Avg Rating: 3.6
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  1. Curious…anyone reading Wolverine and the X-men, but not reading Uncanny X-men?

  2. I like Mr. Sinister, so I’m ready for a good X-Men story.

  3. With this title and Wolverine and The X-Men I feel like Michael Corleone…..

    “Damn you Marvel Comics! Just when I thought I was out, YOU PULL ME BACK IN!”

  4. Mister Sinister’s flying vessel that was shaped like his head is quite literally one of the funniest things I’ve seen in comics lately.

  5. Well as long as we’re doing polls here… anybody reading this but not WatX-M? (i am)

  6. I like this better than wolverine and the xmen. call me crazy. Untill wolverines book gets a new artist, im not interested.

    The Psylock, jubilee, warpath, domino X book for me so far has been the best post regenesis book.

  7. Last issue was weird for two reasons:

    When that thing happened to Emma, Scott seemed somewhat unconcerned.

    The ending was very campy for what the issue had set up.

    In for at least an arc.

    • I couldn’t put my finger on why I don’t like Gillen’s run so far and that’s it – it’s campy. I guess Aaron’s title is the same way, it’s just big concept campy.

  8. It’s a slow week so I might decide to pick this up at the store. The team dynamic is interesting and I like how Gillen is using Sinister. The contrast between Uncanny and Wolverine has potential. The biggest strike against this is that it reminds me too much (and is a continuation) of years of X-Men continuity that turned me away. Plus, Greg Land is still on the rotation and I prefer to avoid his art.

  9. I really didn’t like last issue. I may just be picky with x-comics but I feel like Gillen is a lot more Fraction than Remender or Kyle/Yost. I’m afraid it’s just gonna be more of the Scott Show with a wide net of 30 interchangeable characters thrown in at random. I don’t know, a flying Sinister head is a bit too wacky. Mister Sinister as P.T. Barnum doesn’t really work for me in general.

  10. I really don’t get the whole “unaccessible” argument. I’m not a big X-Men fan and I found issue one very accessible for new readers. New readers shouldn’t be spoon fed information imo,

    • I can’t speak to the accessibility of Uncanny X-Men #1 — I’ve read way too many X-Men comics to have any objectivity left.

      That said, I think you’re absolutely right that you shouldn’t have to spoon feed information to a new reader. There’s a perception that the mythical “new reader” is an utter moron that will not come back for another issue unless every piece of information is laid out for them.

      I’m starting to get the feeling that the “comics aren’t new-reader-friendly enough” argument is a weak explanation for the lack of new readers.

    • for me personally, it felt like i was dropped into the middle of an ongoing story. The more i read it the more i felt being pushed away with continuity stuff instead of drawn in with a new story.

      X-men is Marvel’s Legion…albeit with cooler characters.

    • Haha, I got into the Legion in a big way back in the late 90s (after moving away from X-Men), so maybe I just have a predilection for sprawling narratives with casts of hundreds.

    • yeah same here reading issue 1 was like watching jumping on season 5 of LOST without seeing any of the previous seasons. The argument isn’t that new readers like myself want to be spoon fed information because that’s just silly, it’s that maybe keeping 50+ years of continuity is not a good business model for any medium. For example as a new reader I feel like someone took the final harry potter book renamed it Volume 1 and sold it to me expecting me to enjoy it even though i’ve never read and of the previous books. Why even renumber this to issue 1 in the first place when obviously knowing/researching a ton of back story is required to enjoy it? I read three times more comics now than I did just a few months ago thanks to the DC relaunch. The majority of the new DC books are accessible to new readers, which is why DC is destroying marvel in sales. This idea of ignoring new readers to keep a small group of die hard x-fans happy is bad business and is becoming more and more evident as sales numbers are released every month. Just my 2 cents

    • @thompsonlive: While I am something of a die hard X-fan, I agree 100% that the current state of some super-hero comics might be providing an interesting case study for the amount of narrative human can handle without a firm ending. That’s a clunky way of putting it, but I’m of the opinion that — even though *I* like a lot of books as they are now — a lot of these properties could probably benefit from a fresh start.

    • I think we’ve seen with the DC relaunch good and bad ways to relaunch a legacy title. Seems to me that there are 3 types of #1s.

      1. Fresh book, fresh characters…its all new
      2. Relaunch and Reboot….reintroduce something and tell a new story, while starting over fresh.
      3. Marketing—repackage and old product for a short term sales bump.

    • @KenOchalek that’s a great point and it would be cool to see an article or book written about just this topic.

      @wallythegreenmonster agreed and I think it’s quite obvious this book is in category 3 of your list.

    • On accessibility, I started reading UXM as a 12 year old with X-Tinction Agenda and I loved it – which is not light reading. I guess when you’re a kid, you’re more prone to just going with it than actually feeling the need to understand everything.

      Or maybe these days we just feel entitled to know everything, where back then it was very difficult and pricey to put all the pieces together.

      Still though, this UXM is not “inaccessable”. If you jumped on and stuck with it for 3 issues you’d know what you need to.

    • @Cutty, I agree, I started with UXM with issue 243, which was the second to last chapter of the Inferno storyline, which was not exactly a great jumping on point (I thought Mr. Sinister and Colossus were the same character for the entire comic). If someone is interested enough in the story, they’ll come back and figure everything out. I can’t imagine how many hours I would have wasted on wikipedia filling in X-Men backstory if it existed in 1989.

      I think the concept of a jumping on point doesn’t give enough credit to new readers who might like something and want to learn more about he world.

  11. Great to see Gillen getting to tell an x-story he wants to write. The first issue felt kind of like a transition issue into HIS Uncanny x-men and this issue really hit it home for me. Awesome issue.

  12. Side note: 90% of my favorite comics have an ENDING. that’s why relaunches don’t bother me. I’m totally cool with creators getting to write an ending to their stories (but leaving some new plot points for the next creative team to pick up on isnt a bad thing. I think the X universe is more accessible right now than it’s been in years cause schism was a pretty solid “ending” for a lot of long-lingering plot points.

  13. Wow, ok. Now I get the unaccessable thing. Dropped.

    • Inaccessable, I guess, would be the word.

    • I’m just curious – what did you find inaccessible about the issue? I was an X-Men fan in the 90’s and have dipped my toe in here-and-there since then, but only with the regenesis stuff did I jump back into, and I didn’t have a real hard time understanding any of it. I think my tolerance for slight confusion might be pretty high though…

    • Perhaps I was too harsh. I don’t mean to imply that the material is hard to follow, more that, for me, as a person with plenty of x-history but little Sinister experience, I found caring about this massive info-dump almost impossible. This seems to be aimed at the long-time Sinister follower, a reward for reading all of his many machinations, but to me there was exactly nothing captivating about his nonsensical ranting. Couple that with the main cast standing around with their jaws slack for 22 pages and you’ve got me right out the window.

      Sorry Mr. Gillen, but this ish was not my cup. I’ll see you over in JIM.

    • @Casey – surprisingly all the Sinister stuff isn’t great for long time x-readers, its just as info-dumpy. Retcon on a retcon on a retcon, trust me that this makes as little sense to somebody that’s been reading UXM for a few decades.

      I think the main problem is that this is just boring. Looking at Gillen’s run on UXM so far, it’s all been boring.

    • I liked the first issue, but I agree with these comments as to why I won’t be continuing. 2/5

  14. I wanted to like but it was not meant to be

  15. It probably had something to do with all the different artist that worked on this but I thought the storytelling job jumbled up at the end. Sinister descends from his throne and eventually walks to the entrance of whereever they are. He’s clearly outside and Hope shoots him in the head. Then the same Sinister is laying dead on his throne. I had to look over those last several pages a few times.

    That aside, I thought that issue was just OK. However, I’m interested enough in the setup now that I’ll probably give it at least another issue. I’m curious what Gillen is going to pull with Sinister and the Celestials. And I have a soft spot for giant space gods.

  16. bad dialogue, no action…I want to keep reading this but they are making it really hard.

  17. Wow-this was a big let down. Why was this rebooted? What a jumble mess

  18. You know a X-Men book is bad when Ron doesn’t make it his POTW lol

  19. Say what you will about the maturity level of the new Wolverine title, but at least it’s entertaining….

  20. Due to my lack of interest in the main characters in this book (with the exception of Storm, who I can now find in X-Men & Avengers) and Pacheco’s thin-lined lackluster art. I’m done with this book. First time since college that I won’t be reading Uncanny X-Men.

    Thank god I still have Wolverine & the X-Men, New Mutants, X-Factor, X-Men & Uncanny X-Force, so I won’t be mutant deprived!!

  21. This was awesome.

  22. for the last 12 or 13 years when i roll the dice on an x-book, it comes up snake eyes ALMOST every time. which sucks cuz from the late 70’s to the late 90’s was a great time for the x-men. i havent really enjoyed them since “onslaught” and “operation: zero tolerance”(oh dark lord, im gettn’ old)
    because of his great work on JIM, i thought gillen might restore my belief in the x-world, but, alas…..

  23. Loved it, sinister being sinister but in a more over the top way, “Extinction” level action in the form of the celestials befitting a team with this much raw power. The only thing that we will have to wait for is for this team to start feeling like one. right now its all a bunch of nearly independent moving parts, but like any new team book that will only come as time, as new bonds gel and strengthen. Cant wait for more!

  24. I like Mr. Sinister alot more now than before! He is a real big time bad ass! His new plot seems almost flawless except for the part where the Celestials come in. That will be the undoing of his plans and maybe the entire earth; eXcept for the X-Men standing in their way. I do like this title and will be staying with this unlike Wolvie and the X-Men which really is not good at all! Gave this a 4 overall; the artwork at times brings it down other wise this issue could have been a 5.


  25. This split between Uncanny and WatXM sounds like a solid idea. One side written more for newer readers; and one written more for older, long term fans. With corresponding additional X-Teams to match. I can’t really follow the X-books monthly, but the more I hear, the more I’m looking forward to reading all of them in trade.

  26. The dialogue was pretty bad in this issue. There’s a panel in which Sinister explains the tricky plan that Emma Frost and Hope have just pulled off. He does so in lengthy detail, sucking any interest or life out of the thing which HAS ALREADY HAPPENED.

    In addition to “Show, Don’t Tell”, Gillen needs to be reminded “Don’t over-explain things that we just saw happen”. Very sloppy. There are a thousand better ways to have handled that.

    Not loving this book, give it one more, and we’ll see.

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