Deathlok Nation: part 3

The hordes of the Deathlok Nation continue to flood into our world, intent on killing Fantomex and protecting the super soldier production facility known as The World…but why? With The World now infected by the Deathlok virus, and X-Force locked in heated battle with the most powerful warriors in the Marvel Universe, humanity’s hopes rest in the hands of one man, but who is Weapon Infinity?!

Story by Rick Remender
Art by Esad Ribic, John Lucas
Colors by Matthew Wilson
Letters by Cory Petit
Cover by Esad Ribic & Mike Del Mundo

Price: $3.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 8.1%


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Avg Rating: 4.3
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  1. This series feels like a memorial for Dwayne McDuffie at the moment.

  2. sweet cover. this might be my favorite book right now. top o the stack!

  3. One of my favorite books, which actually places it on the bottom of my stack. To each their own.

  4. @JimBilly4  Sometimes I save the best for last. I hear ya.

  5. I love that this is a three issue arc.  The quick pace really helps the excitement level for this book.  After the craziness of last issue when I saw “to be concluded…” on the final page I though, “whaaaaat?!!?”

  6. Jumping on with this issue…and seeking out the others.  They should all be in a neat little stack waiting for me at my LCS when I get back to the states in June.  Fingers crossed its as good as everyone says.

  7. This has been a nice arc. Very impressed with the art, too.

  8. This book has slowly been getting me into Marvel. I’m mainly a DC guy, but this is good.  

  9. I’ve been loving this book. But i gotta say… I did NOT enjoy seeing ______ ______take his own life. I know he was from a different dimension. I know that his mind had been tampered with (most likely) by the deathlok thing. But I feel like any variation of (this person) would be more resolute than that. I dunno. I feel silly, but it DEEPLY bothered me. hahaha.

  10. Totally looking forward to this and the HC that drops this week.  This series has been stellar thus far.

  11. Easily my favorite book out right now, this book is one of the reasons for me getting back into comics, thank you Remender & Co. for all your great work on this so far

  12. My most anticipated book this week (bottom of the stack). I’m anxious to see who how this arc ends and who the eventual two new members will be… possibly Deathlok for one?

  13. edit: anxious to see how. Also, tremendous cover!

  14. The only thing depressing about this book is who they’ve got coming up on the artist rotation. Still, two good trades, a dropped arc, and then some pretty ok work from Mark Brooks before we get back to Opena isn’t so bad.

    Seriously though, more Ribic? Eiffle Tower! 

  15. @oopsxlandmine Dude same here. The fact that it got a reaction made me realize how important Cap really is which is one of the marks of great comics.

  16. @Roi.. Agreed. I love when the stories actually solicit emotion from me! BUT! I’m sensative when it comes to my Cap. You don’t FUCK with my cap!

  17. sensitive**

  18. @oopsxlandmine  —i didn’t see it as a big deal, but i don’t read cap. I was confused as to whether or not this takes place in another dimension or something 

  19. @wally The deathlok “virus” is a cyborg army basically that has been dispersed over several timelines and dimensions. The cap that shot himself was supposedly from a timeline in which Cap was captured and turned into a deathlok “agent” (?). And i guess in THAT timeline the deathlok virus wiped out all mutants/metahumans OR captured them to use as more robocops and created a utopia of peace.

    The main reason that it bothered me is all the things that we’ve seen Cap overcome. Amidst this list… he has resisted several forms of mind control and indoctrination just by shear force of will. But, for some reason, the world finds peace and he shoots himself? Doesn’t compute for me.

  20. This issue was great… every issue I am laughing my ass off at Remender’s Deadpool. The man makes Deadpool’s own title look like they don’t know how to write him. The action was great as well as the twist at the end.. If this series never had to end I would be a very content man.

  21. Great issue! 

    @dubman116  –in total agreement with you on that. He’s found a happy medium with the smartass factor of Deadpool. 

    @oopsxlandmine  –ah that makes sense. I’m not as familar with the Dethlocks. I see what you’re saying. at some point you just have to accept it. Wouldn’t Wolverine’s self healing rejected all that Detholck stuff?

  22. One of my favorite books out there. Rick Remender is the god damn man.

  23. Guess I am the one who stands alone. Dropped after issue #1, came back onto this after the hype and with adding Deathlok into the mix. Arc is over and I am out. Dissapointing.

  24. This was awesome. So glad I jumped on this and Uncanny last issue.

  25. I’m not diggin the Deathlok stuff right now…I did love the first 4 issues though and this is still one of my favorite books out there in the marvel universe, the art alone is worth picking it up.

  26. @wally. I guess not. They had everybody. They even had a deadlok?… deathpool? eh, you get it. I know next to nothing about it also.

  27. Whatever they’re paying Dean White, it’s not enough. X-Force #8 is looking really dang good -> http://www.comicbookresources.com/?page=preview&id=8358&disp=table

  28. First issue I read of my stack, and probably the best. Who knew Fantomex could be so interesting?

  29. As a Deadpool fanboy… I’m really hating how he’s being written in this book. Everything else gets a thumbs up, but… that isn’t Deadpool.


  30. Thanks Otto, I was worried about Tan ruining the style of the book, but I worry no longer! Is it really coming out next week?

    @ GenesisMan It is different to be sure, but did you see the first page of next issues preview? Deadpool is pretty good there. Plus Remender is suceeding in warming the haters up to the charachter I think and that is a good thing.

  31. Made this my POTW, though it was tough as I though Punisher MAX was good this week as well, I was just a little more entertained by this, I loved the way Remender writes Deadpool, he’s still has that smartassness that makes him fun but Remender doesn’t go over the top with it and as a result Deadpool is not nearly as annoying as he has been in other stuff

  32. @Funcrusher  that’s what Marvel and CBR is saying. The accellerated release date seems to be happening with a couple of books (is it just me or has been Thunderbolts bi-weekly for the last two or so months?).

  33. Another great issue.  The cast is great and Deadpool and Fantomex really stand out this issue.  It seems like this series will continue to revolve around Apocolypse at least somewhat consider it’s going to the Age of Apocolypse in a few months.

    I mentioned this already but I love the pacing.  Remender and his artists are given us a lot of bang for buck.  There is not a single splash page in this issue.  Reading this, you realize they are rather unnessary.  Impact is still acheived with panels that are relatively larger than others.  Plus, when Remender does use a splash page now it’ll have even more impact.  I’d like to see this as a trend in comics.

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