• This is it! Bishop vs. UNCANNY X-FORCE!

• Bishop has amazing new powers that help him take down X-Force. But how did Bishop get the new power?

Story by Sam Humphries
Art by Ron Garney & Danny Miki
Colors by Marte Gracia
Cover by Kris Anka, Salvador Larroca, & Frank D'Armata

Price: $3.99
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Avg Rating: 3.8
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  1. Quickly jumped to the top of my stack. A welcome infusion of pure, unrepentant awesomeness.

  2. This is a great comic.The 2 Bendis X-books aren’t the only good X-Men comics out there!

  3. Glad to hear some positive comments on this.

    Getting the first arc or so, because, well, because Ron Garney.

    After the first arc, we’ll see what happens.

  4. I think I’m out. Garney’s art the last two issues have seemed, well different than the first, and the writing is just eh really, particularly the swearing. I can swear like a trucker sometimes myself, but it just feels weird in a X-Men comic. Too bad, I’ve come to realize there is no real X-Men team right now and that makes me a little sad.

    • I don’t mind swearing. I do mind those moronic censor bars where swearing is supposed to be. If you’re writing on a project where you’re not allowed to cuss in the dialogue, either turn it into a strength (such as playing it for comedy) or write around it. All the black-out bars do is make this thing look juvenile.

  5. I have mixed feelings about Uncanny X-Force. Overall I’m enjoying but something feels a bit off. Wasn’t a fan of the narration in this issue and the plot hasn’t quite come together yet.

    Ron Garney has been better but the art is still good and the train sequence was cool. The mindscape scene at the end sort of salvaged the issue and it was nice to see Adrian Alphona again.

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