• Wolverine and AOA Nightcrawler face a strange and deadly new foe in Otherworld

• Fantomex’s sentence is carried out and he is injected with an anti-reality serum…

• Psylocke becomes Lady Briton!

• Deadpool is decapitated!

Story by Rick Remender
Art by Greg Tocchini
Colors by Dean White
Letters by Cory Petit
Cover by Leinil Yu, & Peter Steigerwald

Price: $3.99
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Avg Rating: 3.5
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  1. The art is really really bad with Tocchini on it. I was highly disappointed in #20

    • Completely agree, it’s quite an eye sore to me.

    • But…..the guys at Ifanboy love Tocchini and Remender on twitter said “Greg is a living legend.” Unfortunately, I completely agree with you spaceghost. I’m forgiving when it comes to art and open to different styles but Tocchini’s art last issue was rough. Tocchini’s style may work in other areas but it doesn’t fit Remender’s writing style. I’ve loved Uncanny X-force from the beginning but if the art continues to disappoint, I’ll move on.

    • I don’t want to move on glawarm. I love the story and the characters but the art was really bad. I questioned my self the whole book wondering if it was just me and other people liked this “style” but it appears there aren’t to many.

    • I warmed up to Bobillo on FF after three issues (not saying i want him to stay on or anything), i’ll give Tocchini a break for now, here’s hoping that this issue is a little more kinetic. my main problem with #20 was that everyone looked like statues, in particular the double page spread of Otherworld.

    • Gotta disagree with this one… I loved his art. It wasnt anything like the past two artists so i get some of the complaints. I will say that in reading Last Days of American Crime, it took me till issue two (oversized issues at that) for Remender and Tochinni to win me over so i would say give it a shot if you can!

  2. to be honest, i didn’t find the story to be all that compelling either

  3. Loved the story but the art was just odd , I wouldn’t say horrible like some have here just didn’t go well

  4. I subscribed to XFR and got extra issues when Venom became a non-subscription title.

    I trust Remender to deliver in the long run and to work with some artists who I’ll find challenging in the short term.

    Overall I’m very happy to have supported this title and think that it can weather the occasional artist who some consider a legend and others consider confusing.

    I think that some of the artists with a more horror feel are well-suited for Remender’s writing.

    I still have to read The Dark Angel Saga, so I’ve got some catching up to do.

  5. Story was average at best for me. I guess I’m not as up to speed on the Captain Britain Corps as others are. Art definitely did not do it for me. I may give this one more shot and if it doesn’t gel with me, I’ll give this arc a skip.

  6. Agreed with above statements about the story and art dropping in quality big time-Gonna drop this until after the whole X-Men vs Avenger Dance.

  7. Last issue was my pick of the week.

    Art wasn’t great but it worked for the most part.

    The story more than made up for it.

  8. The larger panels were pretty, but them small panels… woo boy they looked rushed. Still very interested in where the story is going. We’re working up to something big. I know I’ll be glad I stuck around when the shit gets rad.

  9. Remender’s characterizations are so good that I don’t care about the art. But I thought the art was at least passable. Nothing to get excited about, but nothing to get upset about either. It is a massive drop from some of the other art we’ve seen in this series, but taken on its own terms it’s “okay”. I can’t fathom anyone calling this artist a really good up-n-comer, though…

    The story itself is a good tale after the epic we just had. What we’re seeing here with Fantomex being judged is quite necessary. And the interactions between Betsy and Brian are very necessary as well.

  10. Droppin it for now I’ll check back in after this arc. I think the new artist will be on board by then?

  11. I wasn’t a fan of Tocchini on his Batman & Robin arc but the art was better on this book. I like the Danger Room scenes and I think Dean White’s colors really helped to create a different feel in Otherworld. I’m not a rabid Tocchini fan but I’m glad Remender is working with artist he wants. It will definitely help to inspire great stories.

  12. Im pretty sure that Tocchini is only doing this arc and a new artist will be on the next one.

  13. The next arc will have Phil Noto on art duties according to Marvel’s solicits

  14. This book is going to be so much better with Phil Noto on art duties. I don’t mind Tocchini on art, but I’m basically just filling the time until Noto arrives. Still, even with Tocchini, it’s still a great book.

  15. I dig the Otherworld and Fantomex getting erased from reality. There seem to be a lot of fun ideas here and Deadpool’s dialog was particularly funny this issue. The story is about a 4 out of 5.

    On the other hand, I’ll have to borrow from the Matescast and give the art a very special rating of “Fuck You” out of 5. That averages out to a total of about 1. This is dropped until Noto comes on. I’ll have to be filled in by the recap page.

  16. I liked the art in the preview a lot, but over the past two issues I’ve discovered that Tocchini’s art…just not for me. Still really digging the story, but I feel like Tocchini’s style isn’t doing justice to the scale I feel should be present in this storyline.

  17. I liked this a bit better than last issue (which was good), Tocchini was a bit hit & miss but the otherworld lore was great and you can’t go wrong with an Excalibur love-in:)

  18. AOA Sabertooth and Wolverine would be a great team up.I thought He was great in Exiles book.I actually prefer AOA Sabertooth over mainstream Sabertooth.Your thoughts? sorry wanted to bring that up after more AOA characters showing up.

  19. Thinking it over, this is my pick of the week, other books might have been better (animal man, fatale), but this is the book i had the most FUN reading. call it “the OMAC effect” 🙂

  20. I thought this was great, art and all.

  21. Alright im going to have to drop this till next arc. Still cant stand the art and i obviously am too much of a captain brittan noob to understand whats going on half the time. 3/5 dropped till next arc.

  22. Wish we could have had Rodriguez stay on for these issues. Tocchini’s art is just far too murky for my liking.

  23. Well they found a way to make me wish one of the best comics out there was a text piece.

  24. When did this book become $4 for a 20pg story? With mediocre art, everyother week shipping, and story that I’m rapidly loosing intrest in, I cant justify buying this book where theres better stuff out there.

    • Damn, I hadn’t been paying attention to the page count. I guess pretty much all of Marvel’s issues are 20 pagers now. I think the overall experience of the issue trumps the actual page count but when you’re paying 20 cents to read a page you damn well better like what you’re looking at. I feel like a fool for buying this now.

      Another thing I noticed flipping through it again, every single ad is a Marvel ad. So they aren’t able to sell ad space to help with costs anymore. A big part of the reason why they’re charging more.

    • I don’t usually police my page counts, but the last issue felt short to me so I counted. While to story was decent, I can’t justify paying that much for so little. Expecially with the double shipping, I have more important things I could be spending my money on. Like saving up for a Fear Agent Omnibus…

  25. Tocchini’s art was drastically better this issue from last. Still some hiccups, & I’m having trouble really connecting the story content to the art style, but it was more palatable, at least – which is sad, because his “Last Days Of American Crime” stuff was beautiful (if a little bit hard to follow at times). This art definitely looks like it suffers from rushedness.

    I’m with a few others here; I think I don’t know Cap Britain’s world enough to jump into this one & really connect. Wish there was more of just Betsy & Pierre; can’t say the X-team fight or the Corps stuff is really holding me.

    But this feels a lot like the Deathlok stuff – a stepping stone to the next big thing. I’m still 100% on board w/ Remender.

  26. I’m really liking this arc so far. Tochinni’s art doesn’t bother me at all. And the coloring is gorgeous.

    AoA Kurt is seriously growing on me (that moment with Meggan was brilliant). My favorite line is this one would be a tie between “I’ll give you a fetid cockle.” and “This place is like an enchanted vacati–MURGAHHLE.”

    God, I love Rick Remender.

  27. An incompatible art style, the $3.99 price point, double shipping, and the Captain Britain heavy continuity, puts this title on the chopping block. The art style portrays the action on a smaller scale than the story demands and lacks needed clarity. If the art was more compatible, I could forgive the other faults. If the title was $2.99 and once a month, I could get past some of the creative stumbling. The problem is that all of these factors collectively put this title in a bad position. Also it wouldn’t hurt if Remender employed the Johns’ caption boxes to aid those unfamiliar with Captain Britain’s world. It’s one thing to challenger your readers and another to require outside research to discover who certain characters are.

  28. Super-lame… my LCS only got half of their shipment of these. I’ll have to wait til next week.

  29. I couldn’t even tell what was happening in most of the panels sadly. I’m sure I missed some details.

  30. Liked the “Davis Creek” location even if it did make me pine for some Alan Davis Captain Britain, How great would this arc be with Alan Davis

    **drifts off**

    still dig Tocchini’s stuff though.

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