• The TRIAL OF FANTOMEX begins! Part 1 of 4

• The X-FORCE team journey to OTHERWORLD!


Story by Rick Remender
Art by Greg Tocchini
Colors by Dean White
Letters by Cory Petit
Cover by Leinil Yu, Dean White, & Paul Renaud

Price: $3.99
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Avg Rating: 3.7
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  1. My Favourite Marvel character on Marvel’s best ongoing team book, great stuff!

    Great time to be a Captain Britain fan with Remender bringing him with him to Secret Avengers too

  2. CAPTAIN BRITAIN! Jumping on now cause of Mr. Braddock. Just wish he was helmet-less like he was in MI-13. Not a fan of the helmet. Maybe we will see Pete Wisdom?

  3. Alright, I’m in. Let’s see if this Richards fella knows what he is talking about!!!

  4. Very interested to see what Remender has in store now the Dark Angel Saga is over. I’m sure it’ll be awesome!

  5. Seeing as how I love Venom and Remender is writing Secret Avengers might as well read all of his books at Mavel.

    • If you’re not reading this title, definitely jump on. Remender is an absolute beast on this title. My favorite Marvel title and favorite team title on the stands.

    • I agree!!! I went and looked at the comics at Marvel I am reading. 90% of them are Remender! so I guess I like his writing. Also have a listen to the Remender podcast interviews recently done by iFanboy. He really is a good guy! I can’t wait to read this!

  6. I recently read a few back issues of this series. it’s not bad. I thought Ron just praised the book because he and Remender have the same insane taste in music and body type but Remender is actually really talented

    • Heh. Yeah, I really like this series a lot. It deserves the praise that Ron has given it. On the other hand, in my opinion Ron has praised a lot of other X-books in recent years, and he’s praised them almost has much as he’s praised Uncanny X-Force, and yet they’re nowhere near as good. When Conor praises an X-book, I take notice. When Ron praises one–much as I like Ron–I just don’t know how seriously to take it sometimes.

  7. Just checked out Tocchini’s site…YIKES! Can you say Talent? I may pick this up for the art alone!

  8. Pumped for this. Gotta give Remender all the credit in the world, Fantomex (a guy I previously wrote off as awful) is my favorite character in this book. I’m sure he’ll bring even more depth to him in this arc.

  9. I can’t wait for some Fantomex !

  10. Wasn’t blown away by Tocchini’s art and felt it detracted from the story at times. I miss Opena and really enjoyed Robbi Rodriguez’s art last issue.

  11. I felt like it kinda fell off a little this issue so I’m interested what other people thought

  12. The art really hurt my eyes…

  13. I agree with some of the others in regards to the art. I found it to be a bit jarring, especially during some of the action scenes where it was difficult to distinguish what exactly was going on. Overall, it was still a pretty good read. Also, I have a feeling that AOA Nightcrawler is going to be a great character.

  14. Remender’s script was excellent. If only I could tell what the hell was going on. I was dreading Tocchini on art since his work on FF was miserable. When is Opena coming back? Hell I’ll even take Land on pencils than this crap.

    • You sir keep your voice down, dont you dare let marvel hear you about sending Greg Land to ruin another book of mine with his “art”. I’ll admit tocchini is a let down for this book but my god man dont ever say land needs to be on anything except unemployment…..ok maybe that was a bit too mean.

    • Maybe just a little too mean. But seriously, Land’s tracing is better than Tocchini chicken scratch

  15. Ugh my eyes. WTB better artist for this. Story is great though really love this omniverse concept.

  16. Why would someone use finger painting in a comic book? Psylocke looks sooooo hot on the cover… Then you open it to find Gumby clad in purple.

  17. Is it just me or does any one else find that they can actually tolerate Deadpool a little more because of this title?

  18. This is the kind of X book I hate. Putting in a bunch of characters I don’t know and could care less about. The art did not help any as it was the worst since this series began. Think I’ll skip this arc and jump on the next one.

  19. Also Josh if you were thinking about trying this book because of all the attention it’s gotten, Do Not start with this issue!

  20. The narative was very dense (but good) & the art was a bit muddy. 4/5 for me. that early splash page of otherworld was ugly though.

  21. I know nothing about the Omniverse, captain Briton ….and Psylock used to be another hero? I am a dummy when it comes to Xmen continuity. Still, I enjoyed the story…but had a hard time following some of the art. At the very least, I feel like this comic tries to tell an interesting story. Remender is REALLY good and I am NOT even an Xmen fan.

  22. “Wasn’t blown away by Tocchini’s art and felt it detracted from the story at times.”

    “The art really hurt my eyes…”

    “I agree with some of the others in regards to the art. I found it to be a bit jarring, especially during some of the action scenes where it was difficult to distinguish what exactly was going on.”

    “If only I could tell what the hell was going on.”

    “Ugh my eyes. WTB better artist for this”

    “The art did not help any as it was the worst since this series began”

    “but had a hard time following some of the art”

    “Also Josh if you were thinking about trying this book because of all the attention it’s gotten, Do Not start with this issue!”


  23. Tochinni’s artwork for this issue has a wonderful effortlessness to it, especially as a counterpoint to Opena’s fantastic, but tensely obsessive pages. And Remender has such a talent for handling very, very, very large story lines and droves of characters, and very deftly at that.

  24. Sleeveless trench coats are as cool as fingerless gloves

  25. Honestly I thought the art looked sketchy and clusterfucked.

  26. The art was really poor at some points and not bad at other points but overall a big downgrade in my opinion but then again what do you expect following Opena .

    Overall though i still loved the shit out of this, the new story arc is already awesome and intresting and opens up great possibilities for the storylines to come.

  27. I know art is subjective and all but this art looks genuinely bad to me. It’s sketchy and unfinished to a fault. Some of these panels look no better than breakdown pages. Half of the facial expressions look like nothing. I’m not sure if this is intentionally Tocchini’s style or if he was rushing. I am surprised Marvel accepted these pages. It certainly doesn’t look like a $4 book.

    The art is at least readable and the story is still really good. I love that Fantomex only exists in one universe. Only makes him cooler.

    • I also thought it felt rushed. The preview of the first pages looked decent enough but immediately following that are some of the worst panels I’ve seen since azaceta was on ASM.

    • Tocchini’s style is a pretty moving target, if you look from Last Days Of American Crime to FF to this… I agree it felt too loose (especially given the status quo of the last year of the title). But I think the thing that killed it for me was Tocchini’s inking. All I could see was my hellish days of amuzement park caricature jobs in some of his linework. (Very possibly my own inner demons surfacing, I know.)

  28. While I too didn’t care for the art, at risk of being burned at the stake, this issue’s story didn’t quite do it for me. While I like the idea of putting Fantomex on trial for his actions in the series, the Captain Britain Corps seems a really random thing to pull out to do it, especially when there’s some sort of war going on in the Otherworld, I would think his trial would be a lower priority. Also I didn’t especially care for Remender’s portrayal of Brian. He’s always been a bit hard around the edges at times, but the Cornell written version of him in CB & MI13 was stoic and noble, while his intentions here were fairly good, but he seemed to look down at everyone being far more concerned with the fate of the Otherworld then Earth, which really doesn’t mesh with Brian Braddock we last saw in Captain Britain & MI13 to me (also no Meggan, I can understand leaving the rest of the team on Earth, but Meggan should be by his side). Still not awful, and I’m looking forward to the rest of the story, but it does leave me a bit weary of Remender’s Secret Avengers.

    • I agree with the portrayal of captain britain, he kind of just seemed like an arsehole and you would think the corps would have better things to do than put fantomax on trial like maybe defend reality or something. Also, while killing the kid apocolyse is pretty bad I’m sure it wouldn’t warrant the corps to come and get you.

      I’m not wary of secret avengers though, secret avengers is going to be awesome.

    • I wonder if Fantomex’s trial is more about flushing Betsy out & striking at her & trying to bring her back to the Braddock family & the Corps than it is about Fantomex killing Kid Apocalypse…? Brian saw everything from the past few months from Betsy’s perspective (through the re-established psychic bond). Did he get her feelings for Fantomex or that kiss of theirs too? I’m digging the undercurrent of that passive-aggressiveness between these siblings.

  29. I’m a sucker for anything with Captain Britain in it really, throw in Otherworld and the Corps and i’m like a pig in…. well you get my point.
    Always great to see Brian in full bull headed arrogant mode. It was just easier to kidnap you in your sleep… Brilliant.
    Also loved the point about Fantomex being an Anomaly “he doesn’t exist in any other dimensions” …. Awesome
    Tocchini’s work seemed a bit too loose in some of the smaller panels which in my opinion gave things a bit of a rushed look, the larger images held up well though.

  30. For me this issue proved my biggest fear, after something like the Dark Angel Saga… where do you go next? This issue just seemed like a total drop off in story and art

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