The aftermath of The Dark Angel Saga! A member lost! New members gained! An Avenger discovers the secret of X-Force!

Fantomex and Ultimaton must allow the world’s most powerful weapon to leave their care. Elizabeth Braddock must say goodbye to the man she loves. New friends must stand and make a suicide march.

Next generation superstar artist Robbi Rodriguez joins Rick Remender to break your heart.

Story by Rick Remender
Art by Robbi Rodriguez
Colors by Dean White & James Campbell
Letters by Cory Petit
Cover by Rafael Grampa, Nick Bradshaw, Ron Garney & Chris Sotomayor

Price: $3.99
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  1. I would buy this for the Grampa cover alone. So preeeeeetty.

    • the cover is sweet! I get this in TPB, but i might pick this one up. It would be cool if they used this as the cover for the TPB or at least something similar with these design/color elements

  2. Nightcrawler!!! Could this book get any better?

  3. Who are Ultimaton and Genesis?

    • Ultimaton is from the Weapon Plus program like Fantomex and he was previously watching over The World. Genesis was more or less introduced last issue. He’s basically Apocalypse as Superman-type.

    • I felt like I missed something with Genesis. I remember one tiny panel from the previous issue but that was it. It really felt like it came out of nowhere.

      I’m kind of on board with the lovefest last ish, but that was a little too leftfield.

    • Well, it was revealed I think right after the first arc that Fantomex secretly had some kind of Apocalypse clone growing inside The World. So that was always his trump card. We just found out exactly how he was training the boy to be a hero in #18. Remender definitely keeps the pace up and will put something like that within a few panels but that’s part of what I love about the book.

    • @stasisbal – yeah I figured I missed something. It was probably awesome, I really need to sit down and give the entire series a re-read

      Totally agree about Remender’s pace, this is so similar to the first 50% of Fear Agent. I remember listening to an interview on iFanboy from a while back (think w/ Ron) and he said he tries to write with “velocity”. I’d say that’s definately applicable to Dark Angel Saga. A tremendous achievement overall.

  4. I feel like this book comes out almost every damn week, yet it’s always awesome! Remender and the majority of artists have been incredible.

    I picked this up after the first arc on Ron’s recommendation and I could not be happier. This is the first “X book” I’ve read regularly since the 90’s, but it feels like a seamless transition. Great character development, story lines and nostalgia always keep me coming back for more.

  5. Love to see where this goes. The last mega-arc was one of my favorite X-Men stories in a very long time.

  6. Is this going to be coming out every week now? Count me in! 😀

  7. Man, is it Christmas or what?

  8. Aaaaaaaaand now this is on my sub list. Damn it. Time to go back-issue hunting.

  9. Great issue but the new artist is horrible in my opinion. Could just be that his art isn’t my taste but everything looked weird, body scale seemed WAY off from character to character and even from panel to panel. This might be a deal breaker and a perfect jumping off point for me. I’ve loved reminder’s X-force run but geez this art is hard to look at for me.

  10. Ah the classic breather issue. Remender killed it. I was kind of hot and cold on the art as I read through, but the colors really brought it together and made it feel like X-Force.

    And I’m finally ready to admit that Fantomex is easily my favorite character. Up is down, left is right, black is white, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera

    • I know! How the hell do I love Fantomex so much? What witchcraft has Remender spun here?

    • Indeed. I great downtime/transition issue is just what X-Force needed and this issue delivered. I really enjoyed the way it tied back into Wolverine and the X-Men (and I read that right before this).

      Morrison’s New X-Men is one of the many things on my to read list so I had no idea who Fantomex was before Uncanny X-Force started. I too have become a massive fan of the guy.

    • Definitely add me to the list of people loving Fantomex. His growth over the series has been one of the (many) high points. I really hope his relationship with Evan/Genesis develops further.

  11. Campus Illuminati Assassin squad has a better ring to it!

  12. Did anyone else’s shop not get this today? I was deeply saddened when mine didn’t have it

  13. The fact that i actually realised how much i missed Deadpool after his abscence from the last couple of issues with his classic toilet paper line shows how great this book is. I loved it and this issue showed how to wrap up story nicely and head in a new direction.

    Got a question though not being a longtime X-Men reader, Why did Fantomex pour the beer on his head exactly? Is he able to drink it this way or did i miss something as to why he was doing that?

  14. So awesome!!! I was interested to see where how they would transition from everything that just happened. The way the Otherworld storyline was introduced was so good. The art was a total contrast but I enjoyed it very much. Excited to see continue with this book. Remender is destroying it with this book.

  15. I read issues 1-4 on comixology but they don’t seem to be planning on adding any more “back issues” anytime soon. Might have to start reading from this point to hold me over.

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