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Story by Rick Remender
Art by Robbi Rodriguez
Colors by Dean White & James Campbell
Letters by Cory Petit
Cover by Rafael Grampa, Nick Bradshaw, Ron Garney & Chris Sotomayor

Size: 0 pages
Price: 3.99

I imagine it was hard to hold onto Jerome Opena for as long as they did, but the sharp drop off in art from the finale of “The Dark Angel Saga” to this one is just too sharp and holds no candle to the former. Rodriguiz’s art comes off rushed and is a pale imitation of Chris Bachello’s style but less talented.

The ‘breather’ issue between storylines was refreshing but feels like better times are behind us. Remender is still writing but the characterization seems off and pulling Gateway out of nowhere to send the AoA’ers home was both clever and cheap depending which way I look at it.
I liked Wolverine and Creed sharing respect and the final two pages with Fantomex hanging the team’s picture beside the others was a fitting touch. The D A saga was so engrossing it feel weird to read a one-and-done but I am looking forward to the Trial of Fantomex.

Story: 3 - Good
Art: 2 - Average

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