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The Dark Angel Saga: Part 5

Genocide has incinerated half of Wolverine’s body, leaving only two remaining members of X-Force to defeat Archangel and his army. Someone has wiped out a small town in Northern Montana and in its place a new alien landscape has grown. What is Tabula Rasa? Can Fantomex and Deadpool work together to survive its harsh terrains long enough to unlock its mystery?

The acclaimed team of Rick Remender (Venom, The Punisher), Jerome Opeña (The Punisher, Moon Knight) and Dean White (Avengers) return to introduce you to the strangest territory in the Marvel Universe.

Story by Rick Remender
Art by Jerome Opena
Colors by Dean White
Letters by Cory Petit
Cover by Esad Ribic & Mike Deodato

Price: $3.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 7.5%


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Avg Rating: 4.5
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  1. Loved last issue … I may need to pick this one up.

  2. Wow, is it a weekly series now or what? I love you, Remender!

  3. C’mon Uncanny X-Force. Are you just gonna sit here and let DC push you around like this? Lets do this!

    I’m as into the good new DC books as anyone, but it’ll take a TON to knock this outta my top spot.

  4. If I didn’t hate Marvel and their 3.99 books, I think I might really enjoy this title. Maybe I will be picking up the collection of this later on.

  5. ooh, boy. this issue features a(nother?) Deadpool/Fantomex team-up. that should be interesting.

  6. As long as the writing and art are usually as good as they are, Uncanny X-Force is one series I don’t minding paying $3.99 every other week for. I’m glad it comes out so often and it’s worth $3.99 per issue to me.

  7. Remender & Opena = Greatness.

  8. this book is outstanding. JIM is really good too, but nothing comes close to this.

  9. #14 was my PotW last week, let’s hope this series can get another out of me. been enjoying the heck out of this.

  10. First book I read and even though I am reading all of the DC #1’s that came out today I will be shocked if this doesn’t end up my POTW. This book is just f*&king incredible.

  11. Love how Remender gives Deathlok a place to shine. As for the ending, Archangel’s spot as Apocalypse is now going to be given to…..Wow feels kind of like this arc was a waste of time.

  12. Remender gets a huge plus from me for the Danzig reference. This book continues to be fucking fantastic, best book coming out of Marvel.

  13. It’s amazing how consistently good this book continues to be, even with the insane shipping schedule. Damn. Remember/Opena/White are on one hell of a roll.

  14. How long is this arc?

  15. This book rocks my world.

    I will follow Remender anywhere.

    Jumping back on the X-Books seven months ago was one of the best decisions I’ve made in 17 years of reading comics.

    Never make your POTW til you’ve read your whole stack. Sorry Batwoman.

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