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  1. Iceman and Kitty will probably go join Spider-Man. 

    Storm and a few others might join the Ultimate Avengers.

    But what will happen to the rest? 

  2. you forgot the "Tune in next time!"

  3. Is there not going to be an X-book in the new Ultimate line?  Not that there needs to be; with so many varying X-books in the main universe, this has always been a bit redundant.  I used to be a fan though; seeing it pop up always makes me sad, especially b/c this title features so many of my favorite characters, I *wish* I liked it.

  4. I’d be hard-pressed to think of a title less "ground-breaking" than Ultimate X-Men. Not that it was a bad series–the first 40 issues or so were fine–but…"ground-breaking"? It was actually un-original by definition. Whoever writes Marvel solicits should go into politics or something. The spin is out of control.

    I’ve read the entire series, though, so I may as well read the Requiem.

  5. The thing that made me mad about Ultimate X-Men is that every time the writers were about to do something new and exciting, they would either abandon the plot line (like Professor X being in love with Jean Grey,) or change it at the end and make it go back to the way it was/"supposed to be" (like Cyclops switching sides and joining the Brotherhood.)

  6. Why is Wolvie on the cover?

  7. he’s in the preview pages too…

  8. Wolverine and Cyclops are both on the cover and both died in Ultimatum #5.

  9. so what happened?

  10. @ MisterJ and Duck

    If you read the issue they said out right that he’s gone for good, there wasa ceremony in which all the dead X-Men were burie. My guess is the cover is a snap shot of those involved in the burial.

  11. Is Jean still around?  Any hint of what will happen to her?

  12. The splash page with Kitty holding Wolvie’s remains (and the captain america page) SOLD this entire book for me, the art in this comic was spectacular!!! Just superb. I’d give the art in this comic a five! I’ve not had the pleasure of owning better art than this in a very long time. Worth every penny, even though the plot was lacking…

  13. @mountainwindcat-Thanks.  No, I didn’t read it.  Too turned off by Ultimatum.

  14. Hurm… this issue made me fall for this universe’s Kitty Pride. I mean up till now it didn’t feel like Kitty’s voice (more like Bendis in a high pitched voice) now with her displayed attitude I feel like this is more Kitty Pride.

  15. Not as good as the FF Requiem but pretty solid.  Where did Assemble come from?  How did I miss him?

  16. @ DarthDuck:

    Assemble just came out of nowhere. He was never even mentioned in another issue. 

  17. A really horrible end to my first comic series. Bad idea to let the Heroes writers write anything.

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