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There are a lot of reason why this issue was horrible.

It could be
because of outside influences, like Ultimatum. Lord knows that series
has made many other books awful.

It might be because of years of bad
stories. The momentum might have completely been against any sort of
quality ending.

Hell, it might have just been the fact the pressure of
writing an end cap to something like X-men was too much.

this issue was awful. Destroying the mansion does nothing for me and
burying everyone on the school grounds in a glorified mass grave just
seems like a sick joke.

The fight seemed pointless and adding a Super
Adaptoid knockoff like Assemble to the Brotherhood of Mutants makes no
sense at all to me.

The art was fine, but there wasn’t anything that
was interesting about it to me.

Story: 1 - Poor
Art: 3 - Good

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