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  1. I bet Sue and Ben hook up.

    And Johnny joins the Spider-Man crew.


  2. They’ve been pointing toward the FF joining and being funded by SHIELD for some time now.  I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

  3. I haven’t read this since around issue 50. I’m tempted to pick this up to see how it ended. It’s been a very odd book, Millar and Ellis where the highpoints, Mike Carey was good, but not what I’m into, and I didn’t read it after he left.

     Might as well see how it ends though.

  4. Mike Carey was horrible on this, Millar was excellent, Ellis was very good.

  5. @ kickass

     I agree 100%, this issue however was adequate, but with all the death in the Ultimate Universe why did Loeb and company chicken out and not kill any of this bunch. Like I know you don’t kill Spoiler ( Spiderman ) and that makes sense but I’ll take cyclops everyday off the week over any of these meat heads.


  6. Well how about that, this was a really good issue.

  7. so what happened?

  8. Pick of the week for me so far!  This issue was incredibly well done!  I was very pleasantly surprised!  Great writing, good art, wrapped things up well yet moved the story along.  Really good battle too!  I’m not familiar with Joe Polaski.  I’ll have to czech out some of his other work now.  

  9. You know who should have died?… (dramatic pause) That’s right Jean Grey! God how I hated her "oh the phoenix is…. gone" explanation in the x-men requiem. It would have made more sense if she died and the phoenix went to some other (but latent) mutant in some other part of the world. I valued Cyclops over her the minute I read that Banshee arc.

    Cyclops + Banshee Drug = Superman

  10. I really liked this issue and really like where they all ended up.

  11. I’m really surprised that Ben and Sue didn’t hook up. Maybe they still will.  

  12. Terrible.

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