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  1. Holy crap I never thought we’d see the end of this. Now the ultimate universe can get moving again

  2. I was looking forward to this event when it started. But It has taken 9 months to put out 5 books. I just don’t care anymore. I know I pulled it, but at $3.99, I might not waste the money. The previous 4 issues weren’t that good.


  3. Getting this book to see how it all ends but have not been too happy with story so far.

  4. Can’t be bothered. I’m just going to read the spoilers online. Killing off Daredevil was a cheap shop. Cheap, I tell you!

  5. The only death in this book to some sort of meaning has been Giant Man’s death. Even Professor X’s death was poorly handled. 

  6. I also think that while this book will get poor/average ratings, it will most likely have the largest comment section this week.

  7. Damn, why isn’t there an edit button? I meant "shot", of course. Cheap shot!

  8. This book has been 1 star level crap with the way the deaths are handled.  Retire the characters, don’t kill them off mindlessly.  Avengers Disassembled had death, but done so expertly by Bendis it was a masterpiece.  This is it’s perfect opposite.

  9. That’s because Bendis isn’t doing this, Loeb is. Who though it was a good idea to let Loeb into the Ultimate Universe?


  11. ‘As only Loeb and Finch can deliver’  Really, what more needs to be said about the quality??

  12. I’m curious as to how many pages this book is.

  13. Fvckstick wins the best comment prize.


    Fucking Loeb, what a talentless arse-clown 

  14. Wait a second, Loeb never won an Emmy! Sure he was nominated, but he never won!

    What is he doing now? Lying about his credentials? Next we’ll be seeing:

    "As the only Eisner and Noble Prize winning writer…"

  15. I’m so glad this was only 5 issues and not 6.  Actually Loeb barely filled 5 with coherent anything.

  16. It’s about time they made a comeback!

  17. come on, people, just pile your hate onto this book. you know you want to

  18. haha I started reading comics with Ultimate Spider-man, Ultimate X-men, and the Ultimates, and its kind of sad to see whats happened to the universe, I can only hope this decimation makes a springboard for good stories.

  19. So we know that Hawkeye, Nick Fury, Captain America, and Tony Stark survive. And since Kitty and Bobby stayed back, them too. I also saw that the Hulk returns in a later issue of Ultimate Comics Avengers.


    This made me giggle. 

  21. So if we kill this series with our hate does it come back in Blackest Night?

  22. yes, and then we can watch Hal and the Guardians beat upon it’s dead corpse (like we are doing)

  23. Damn, all this hate is making my eyes bleed

  24. @drake: It’s not the hate…it’s the Loeb virus!

  25. Huh, comments deleted.  

    Just as well, it was like reading a rejected ‘Office’ sketch.

  26. So I have lots of problems with this book:

    Why didn’t Scott just close his eyes when Magneto moved his visor?

    Where did Captain America go to?

    How can Wolverine be dead? In the Ultimate Wolverine vs. Hulk mini, Fury cut of his head and put it in an oxygen-less chamber and Logan still survived.

    How can every score be settled if Scott was assassinated? You know the X-Men will be looking to avenge him.

    What happens to Namor?

     So many more unanswered questions. 


  27. Also, since when did Ben grow the extra finger on each hand? 

    How is every score settled!?! This book aggravates me. 

  28. I’m also thinking that the woman at the end was Zarda. 

  29. reading order? this or ultimatum first? if it makes a difference


  30. i meant USM first.

  31. I miss the Ultimate Universe, this book killed my enjoyment of that little bubble universe. I was a Marvel zombie, but I’ve dropped my Ultimate universe books, and got GL and GLC instead. Bye bye Ultimate universe, it was nice while it lasted.

  32. ha ha. oh, man

  33. Like Ron said in the GL video show.  Stuff has to be crappy for it to get better.  Hopefully that’s what Ultimate Comics will be.  I’m not defending any of Loeb’s shitty storytelling just saying don’t give up on the line just yet. 

  34. Man, USM Requiem 2 put a HUGE smile on my face and then right after that I read this and I felt TOTALLY SHOT DOWN… 🙁

    Sad, sad times…

  35. @supertrackmonkey. Ok I think I got a few answers for you

    Wolverine hand I think close at the last panel or that was the idea.

    Scot kiled Magneto, so using the bullet that started the war ended the war

    He didnt close his eyes because that a thing that happen before in the 70s

    zarda probably, but I think its ScaRLET witch momma

    Ben the artist rushed

    Namor and Capt………they fell through the cracks like Final Crisis

  36. @ Cyberauron:

    It’s hard to tell since his hand is sinking. But you could be right. 

    I see your bullet theory, but I was going off of the solicitation "every score will be settled." Now the X-Men have a score to settle. It looked (to me anyway) that the "new brotherhood" wanted Magneto dead anyway. So that wouldn’t have been settling any scores on their part.

    I still don’t understand why Scott didn’t close his eyes. 

    Good call with the mom of Scarlet Witch. I think you could be right.

    Maybe we’ll see what happened to Namor in the F4 Requiem.

  37. Awful trash. A pointless, nihilistic conclusion to what was once a great imprint in comics. Hoping they’ll make this into a Parallax.

  38. I have never furrowed my brow more than when I was reading this. So, Quicksilver had to "push" the bullet through Scott’s head at super speed? Really? He couldn’t just shoot him and then run away really fast? And Magneto "fixing" the North and South Poles happened in literally one panel that was closed in on Magneto’s face, on which, the expression really didn’t change that much? REALLY?!? THAT’S THE FACE I MAKE WHEN I FART! Although maybe that can be blamed on Finch. His faces are Liefeld quality. Can’t believe I payed full price for every issue of this, but thank the Watcher this is over!

  39. Honestly… I never bought the ultimate line but was always intrigued. I jumped in for this finally and finally understood what the negativity about Loeb was all about.

    But listen… everybody…  If you bought this like me out of curiosity: "Just wanted to know how it was going to end"… then make a promise to EVERYBODY going forward if Loeb frustrates you as a reader.

    STOP BUYING HIS BOOKS! I’ve heard him in interviews. He might be a nice guy–don’t know never met him–but what he THINKS he is is a guy who "knows what he’s doing"… yes HE said this and he’s confident that he’s right. You know why he’s right? Because his goddamn comics are always making TOP SALES for Marvel.

    Please, make a promise to yourself and the community: Do not buy more Loeb stuff if you want this type of writing to stop. Borrow issues from a friend, read them in the store when you get a 5 minute breather (cause that’s all it seems to take to read these books), hell, there are was to read these darn things without buying them, find out what those ways are and appease your curiosity THAT way. Just don’t give Marvel the disillusion that high numbers of 90k sales = good stuff when Captain Britain gets cancelled at 17k numbers and is highly praised and acclaimed.

    Just keep in mind, what the Big Two put out is based on what we, the fans, buy and support with our money. Please, just stop supporting this kinda stuff going forward. Sorry about the long rant… been a lurker for too long and just finished reading this issue and needed to explode my thoughts out here while crossing my fingers that it helps sway ANYONE to follow suit with similar thoughts.

  40. Spoiler





    Goodbye Ultimate universe.  I refuse to live in a Marvel world without Doom.

  41. Wait….he killed Dr. Doom!?

  42. @TNC  yeah, ben grimm crushed his head because Doom kinda pushed a lot of the buttons in this apparently. It was awful, when did Ben turn into Rorschach?

  43. Ultimate Rick Jones…did anything ever happen with him? Why did I buy Ultimate Origins?

  44. @Roi: That’s just….wow…*whistles* I mean Loeb is a bad writer but….how can you have someone who has never killed anyone in 40+ years of existence suddenly kill the biggest villain? If anything I don’t think Ben has killed in cold blood before.

    I don’t think a silly ‘Double 1’ review will work for me. Reviewing this trade seriously has to happen

  45. @TNC-While I do not approve of what happened, in all fairness, it must be remembered that this is not 616 Ben Grimm.  The whole idea of the Ultimate line is to be different from the ‘regular’ line.  And the whole idea behind Ultimatum was to change things because the line had gotten too similar to regular Marvel comics. 

    All that being said, I was not a reader/fan of Ult FF, but I do not recall Ben killing someone either.

  46. @MisterJ  I read every issue of UFF. i dropped it for a while but i caught up on a friends issues and this is just totally out of character for Ben. And the way he did it just made no sense at all. You don’t just walk up to Doom and crush his skull

  47. Wow they killed off a lot of peeps. Maybe we can close the Ultimate line instead and start up the Penultimate? This one has three Spidermen, the fat one balances the two skinny ones.

  48. @Roi-Happy to take your word for the lack of characterization of Ben.  It’s not like it would be some big surprise for Loeb to just do whatever.

    As for the second part, completely agree.  Nobody puts baby in the corner and nobody physically assaults Doom.

  49. So when wolvie regens in the ocean, does he only have one adamantium class and no metal skeleton now?

  50. *claw*

  51. Worst comic series of the year by far!  The Thing and Cyclops, and more kill people, plus Wolverine is dead.  Plot holes as Magneto is surrounded by heroes, then alone, then surrounded by a different group?  Pietro at the end I thought was "Cassandra Nova."  That’s how bad that face was.

    No one should buy Loeb’s next Ultimate book.  I refuse, especially when Millar, Bendis, & Ellis will be putting out A level quality books consistently!

  52. Ooh, and it’s the lowest rated comic on Ifanboy for the week!

  53. i wish we could get Loeb to read this thread somehow

  54. He would do what he always does when faced with criticism, and point to the sales figures.

    Someone needs to put him on a book with a lesser known artist.

  55. Haven’t you people ever read a comic book before?!?!?!?!?!?  You really think Wolverine is dead.  With such a high body count I understand the thought, sort of, but there’s no way Wolverine is dead.

    Is Dr. Doom really dead?  I doubt it.   He didn’t put up much of a fight and maybe Ultimate Doo-Bots have red gooey stuff in there heads.  I also don’t want him to be dead becasue Ben killed him.  Which I guess wouldn’t make it any better since he was so willing to.  (Unless Reed told Ben it was a Doom-Bot and they meant to show Victor they were serious…)

    Before my rant gets to much longer let me say this: The whole point of Ultimatum was to shake things up!  Kill characters, change everything and get it back to being different than the 616 universe!!  Well things are a lot different now!  If there’s anyone, ANYONE, on this site still looking forward to more from the Ultimate Universe, let me know I’m not alone…



  56. I should proof read rants before I hit submit in anger.

    A there, their, they’re mistake?  I’m so ashamed…

  57. Well…that’s over and done with. If anything, at the end of the day, this leaves an even more different and interesting ultimate universe to play in. Bring it.

  58. @chrisnjen I think they only referenced u. origins when fury told magneto that man created mutants. I thought origins was supposed have big consequences for the whole universe, guess not so much.

  59. There’s a fucking good idea by MisterJ.

    Let’s see how well a Loeb book sells when he doesnt have a big name artist on board. Let’s see how ‘stupid’ the fanbase is when he doesn’t have a McGuiness. Finch, or Sale to fall back on.

  60. Origins may yet come into play.  I can’t believe that Bendis would abandon the whole concept of Bruce hulking out for the first time resulting in the deaths of Peter’s parents.  And while showing Magneto the truth about mutants was mis-handled and horribly anti-climactic, would you have bought into it working against Magneto without the Origins mini?

  61. Loeb has all but complete missed the point with every title he’s been involved with in the Ultimate line. He’s taken what began as intelligent and well-constructed comics and turned them into a bland 90s-hero crapfest. This title is no exception, and it’s such an incredible waste.

    I don’t care how many copies the guy sells, the stories are BAD. Everything the Ultimate universe should NOT be. I honestly cannot believe they’ve allowed him to be part of the reboot. It beggers belief.

  62. @RoiVampire: Don’t worry with Millar coming back on board in the Ultimate U I’m sure he’ll probably bring back a future version of Doom who is way more powerful and doesn’t really make sense.

  63. well that was… disappointing to say a least…

     Who made the rule that people should fight each other one on one… and the rest of the peple just watch in the background.

     And why would Magneto just stand there to get clawed by logan, shouldn’t he just toss his metal laced skelectal ass into orbit the minute logan jumped onto him?

    so magneto had his hand chopped off and then gutted by wolverine, yet barely needed to concentrate to reset the earth’s axis.  That’s some potent stuff!!!

    The series started out good.. but wow what an ending.

  64. After reading all the issues back to back, i didn’t find it all that bad. I dont have tons of love invested in the Ultimate Universe, its just fun watching all these characters act like bad-asses killing people left and right, and being killed in return. Im looking forward to Ultimate Avengers ill give it a chance and see what happens

  65. Complete and utter garbage. I wish I could rate it as a 0.

  66. = whyyyy!!!! Why!?

    Ron will not be pleased with what happened to Cyclopse

  67. It wasn’t very good but considering the amount of people Doom killed as a result of his actions, 10s of millions, maybe 100s? I think the Ben I’ve read in the Ultimate Universe wouldn’t have a problem with killing Doom, plus he’s in love with Sue, whether he’ll admit it or not and Sue’s father was killed indirectly by Doom. I also havn’t seen much of Ultimate Doom that would indicate he’s got much of a chance against Ben. 616 Doom, Ben would’ve been murdered.

    My main problem with this series is the amount of characters killed, it seems to have been done more out of shock value then actual story telling merit. Loeb lately really throws me, I liked him so much years ago. His style just seems to have completely changed.

  68. Hard to imagine a worse comic book. The only thing more offensive than this comic and series is the fact that I could rate it no lower than a 1.

  69. 0.11% of the POW?!

    Who was it? Come on own up 

  70. I googled “hate loeb” after reading this, and ifanboy was the first hit… Did anyone read the great news? Loeb announced that Ultimatum was just Doctor Doom running a simulator. Sue Storm was just having a nightmare. Peter Park was just tripping on shrooms. No one’s dead. Thor is back to being a peace-activist, etc. Remember: He knows what he’s doing.

  71. Goddamn that was a shitty comic. It was so shit in fact that I kinda enjoyed its badness. Stuff happened, heeds got popped, the end. About as dramatic as scratching my balls. It’s ironic that they bought Loeb in the kill the Ultimate universe and that’s what he did, drained the blood with godawful stories and then gutted it like a fish with this piece of crap. Looked and read like a Leifeld book, swap all the characters’ names out for something like Killsomething or Bloodclart or something and I would have thought I just bought an old back-issue. 

    Anyone that liked this should just stop reading new comics and just raid the 50c bins at their LCS, that’s about the caliber of this rubbish.



  72. I didn’t get around to reading this last night and I thought this was one of the most vulgar and crass comic books I’ve ever read. WTF is up with Loeb? He used to be good, remember that? This was just plain awful.

    The art wasn’t bad, but the writing was just about the worst thing I’ve read in a comic. Simply offensive in every way. Marvel should ask for their money back. Heck, I ought to ask for my money back. Awful.

  73. @JedeyeSniv – HAHAHAHAHA, Loeb you’re doing it wrong!

    @Garrett – Loeb was never good.  His Marvel "Coloring books" were bad, though people seem to be fooled in thinking they’re good.  And Batman apologists defend him still, like Conor, well because Batman comics aren’t very good and he’s all they got, which ain’t great.

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