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Well that’s it. The end of the greatest bit of fictional world vandalizing this century. At the end of the comic, which tries to set things for the new Ultimate future, I am left with the same question I had when this began.
What is the point?
Change for change’s sake is often a mistake. In the right hands it can be excellent. In the wrong hands, it can almost be a desecration.
There are no wrong-er hands than Jeph Loeb. With little apparent grasp on any characters that exist (or used to) in the Ultimate Universe, he hulk smashed the entire world. It was the Michael Bay-isation of Marvel. 
Ultimate Spider-Men, the core of the universe, is the best comic around. The Ultimates (before Loeb) was a true Hollywood blockbuster of a series, maybe not the brightest around, but gripping with terrific action.
Ok the others never worked, but why harm what did?
We’ll see.

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