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  1. Hope this arc doesn’t end up sucking. Don’t want this book to get canned.

  2. WTF?!?

     Did the writers just ignore the first 90 some issues of this book and the ending that was given to them?

     I’m not saying this was bad, but… seriously WTF?!?

    I guess this is the new ultimate universe mandate, shake the shit up and make it different.

  3. This is apparently the best rated book in iFanboy history.

  4. I’m glad to know that this book can remind us that steroids are bad and mutants on steroids are even worse!  Next week, teenage pregnancy and then smoking.

  5. I’m glad to know that this book can remind us that steroids are bad and mutants on steroids are even worse!  Next week, teenage pregnancy and then smoking.

  6. Is it just me, or did it bug anybody else that the panel where they’re buying the "Banshee" says "Twelve vials." "It’s all here". and there’s 16 in the picture. Is that not something they should have corrected when they lettered it?

  7. Anyone else notice that Jean Grey became the phoenix and left earth and then, in the next issue was back and a part of the team and acting normal, and they justified it by havinf g Cyclops and Professor X dismiss it in a mind convo.

     Also, Wolverine has killed hundreds of people, left cyclops for dead and banged jean grey afterwards, but damnit, taking Banshee is SOMETHING HE WOULD NEVER DO YOU KNOW THAT DAMNIT!!!!! I mean seriously, what the hell?

  8. Definitely agree all the inconsistances.

    But I thought it was a cool issue…because it was really messed up.  What the hell is going on?!  Drugs, death, random new characters…drugs!  UX definitely took a random right turn into madness

  9. Was a fun issue… but didn’t jive with the character they had established for these folks so far.

  10. OK, ignoring how terrible these last two issue’s have been, I want to point out something that really confused me.  So everyone’s secondary mutation brought on by Banshee (still can’t wait for the explanation on that name by the way) pretty much makes sense, Rogue can control her powers and seemingly retain the stolen powers of others.  Colossus’s insides turn to steel, not just his skin.  Angel becomes more bird-like (and apparently silent). Nightcrawler gets Blink-style powers, now able to teleport others without ‘porting himself.  Dazzler is now able form solid light shoulder…spiky…tendril…things.  Or something.  Cyclops can fly—wait…WTF?  Cyclops can FLY?  I cannot wait for this arc to end cuz my X-Devotion won’t let me drop it.  I’ve been on since issue 1 and this is embarrassing.  I thought this guy was supposed to write for Heroes!  What-did he do all of Mr. Muggles’ dialogue or something?  Yeesh.

  11. How did this get such a high rating?!?!?

  12. It’s a shame two artists that I like so much are saddled with this book.

  13. Anyone think this will be the rumored canceled title after ultimatum.  I feel like it will be done at issue 100, which is why I’m sticking around.

  14. Y’all, I have been ULTIMATE X-MEN FREE for two issues, and I feel GREAT.


  15. You probably feel great form all that Banshee you’ve been taking…

     Freakin druggies posting on the boards…

  16. This is actually a very good story; it’s very dark.  It has glaring errors in how the characters are being depicted compared to previous issues, but if you put that aside this has been the best arc in UltX in about 30 issues. 

  17. I agree with you…  IF you put all of the glaring continuity and character issues aside, this is a good story, and that’s why I’m torn.  That being said, to me this doesn’t even feel like an ultimate book, it feels like someone got drunk and wrote this like an angry, 2 in the morning, letter to an ex, it starts off making sense, and then just goes all over the place.

  18. The reason its "a very good story" and "very dark", is because Grant Morrison already wrote it!!!  This is the worst that Marvel has to offer, and the only redeemable quality is the art, sort of.

  19. This book is good, the story is good, the art is good it really is that simple.  Coleitte and Brooks do a great job, and I am super excited to see the UXM return.  The end part with Cyclops having to make the decision to save Dazzler was just plain awesome.  I havn’t felt that way since Wolverine walked into the cave to kill the kid mutant who was accidently killing everything around him.  The Ultimate Universe has a ton of potential and it has been an avenue for several writers and aritists to tell interesting and new stories.  (Or at least new versions of stories)  Nightcrawler’s secondary mutation was just unbelievable and it was so true to character when he used it and it just teleported saskwatches arm away.

     If you are off this book, or just looking into it.  Issue 94 is an amazing jumping on point as everything in the UXM universe was reset with the end of 93. 

    The two books under this team are 9 out of 10’s easy.

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