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  1. C’mon, man. How many times to we get to see drug abuse treated seriously? In this issue, we get to see the temptations, the culture and consequences – all in a beautifully rendered book starring some great characters where we get to see their strengths and, more importantly, their weaknesses. Sure there are some problems, like: How are we supposed to believe Nightcrawler is all "go team" and buddy-buddy with the rest of the X-men after all his recent problems with them? Overall, a very complex and interesting issue.

  2. I think these are very interesting and complex issues for a comic like this, that’s very true, but there are some serious storytelling problems in the execution which I think mask them a little bit.  If Colossus needs this stuff to move around and they have to go to Russia to get it then..has he been going to Russia to get it the whole time?  Does he have a bunch of it hidden somewhere already?  If the dealer is a mystery and Pete has to be blindfolded then why is he standing outside the window and no one looks out?  Paul O’Brien has a list of these questions at http://www.thexaxis.com

  3. Did they really fuck up Scott/Jean in this universe, too????

    I am so damn glad I dropped this book. 

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