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  1. Can I jump on here? Should I?

  2. Well, it’s a TV writer, so it’ll probably be late soon.

    I’m actually jumping ship here. Though Kirkman did a really good job, I feel like this part of this line has been largely plot-less due to the holding-pattern that came out of waiting for Bryan Singer. If you compare to Ultimate Spider-Man which is still very close to it’s original premise, this one feels a bit like it’s strayed a bit from the youth-oriented-low-continuity roots (though that may just be due to the number of characters). I’ll check back in if it seems like things straighten up a bit.

  3. Brandon2, if you’re an x-fan, this is still a fun x-book, but isn’t the ultimate universe exploding or something after ultimatum is over? there isn’t much point to jumping on ultimate ANYthing at this juncture if that is the case…

  4. @Brandon2 I’m getting OFF the book, because I’m tired of being jerked around by Ult-verse continuity.  That said, the last issue ended with a minor reboot, so it probably is a good jumping on point.  Also, Colossus has consistently been one of the most interesting characters in the Ult X-verse, and he hasn’t been around for a while, so if it’s a Colossus story, could be interesting.  Also, I think this is a short arc going into the Ultimatum event, so it’s not like you’re making a big commitment if it doesn’t work for you.

  5. I dunno, of all the Ultimate books the X-men one has never really grabbed me.  I did enjoy the Vaughn/Immomen issues a lot but overall I’m not that into these X-men as much as the mainstream versions.

  6. I jumped off the series for two or three arcs and picked this up today.  I felt like an after school special.  It was fun and Coilette seems to be having fun with the book.  I’ll get the next issue to see where it goes.

  7. Gosh, if you’ve never read any Ultimate X-Men, I can’t think of any reason why you’d want to jump on here rather than just read the series from the beginning, when it was definitely fun and fresh. Just pick up the first tpb or hardcover. I don’t think there’s enough good stuff going on in the Ultimate Universe as a whole to warrant getting this title just to feel up-to-speed with everything.

    The new creative team might be alright, but they’re untested, so why take the chance after Kirkman’s driven the series so low.

  8. With that said (I just actually read the comic between comments), this was probably the most entertaining issue of Ultimate X-Men in over a year. It actually reminded me how the concept of an alternate-universe X-Men team can be fun.

  9. Okay, somebody told me spoilers for this book and it is officially stupider than I thought it could possibly get.

  10. I disagree. i found this to be the worst issue maybe in the entire run. They retconned colossus’s powers. and underminded jean’s exit from the last issue. i just found it to be poor. i think i am dropping it.

  11. THIS WAS A GREAT ISSUE!!!  Your all sheep to the Ultimate haters bandwagon

    @Jasonmatthew- there was no retcon the issue explained that he does have super strengh without the banshee drug and he’s always been taking it.

    This is a great jumping on point because at the start off any Ultimate book arc is a jumping on point. 

  12. Ugh. See my review.

    @lantern4life, I’ve loved about 90% of the Ultimate books, and this is the low point. Coleite doesn’t understand the characters, or, apparently, how time works. Also, you might want to split that mixed metaphor up in your comment.

    Sheep on a bandwagon?

    To Brandon2, the first to comment on this thread, DO NOT PICK THIS UP! Good jumping on point, yes; but just a good example of how bad a comic book can be.

    (and why the hell does Dazzler’s secondary mutation involve purple spikes coming out of her shoulders? HER SHOULDERS! Not her fists or elbows, or even, god help us her feet, but her freaking shoulders?!?) 

  13. That said, I’ll still be getting the next issue. Only because I’ve been reading since issue 1.

  14. it was a typo i meant doesn’t and this site doesn’t have a edit function.  Hey, Fanboys could you put an edit function for comments so I don’t look like a dumbass again.

  15. @lantern  How is that not a retcon?

  16. @ohcaroline-So when he told everyone he was gay was that a retcon?

  17. Retcon = retroactive continuity.  So, yeah, technically a character coming out is a retcon if it hasn’t at least been subtext in earlier issues.  That doesn’t have to be a bad thing but I guess it technically is. 

    And if we’ve been told Colossus has been taking drugs all along to create/sustain his powers, that’a a retcon.  

  18. It seems that every time a change to a character happens that is unfavorable the word retcon is thrown around.  Here’s some examples of Retcon- Spiderman-One More Day, Crisis on Infinite Earths, and some of The Secret Origins arc of GL. 

  19. The concept of a retcon is totally neutral.  I mean ‘Captain America was frozen in the ice’ is a retcon. Vader was Luke’s father = retcon.  All it means is that you’re given new information about things that happened in the past that can be applied to your knowledge of past events. 

  20. I call that storyline.  Changing the past dramatically to advance storyline for the present=Retcon. 

  21. I hope that someone looking into this book can get to this comment and hopefully was able to wade through all the Retcon garbage.  Here’s the situation.  Ultimate X-Men is a good book, the early stuff was brilliant but then over the last 2 or 3 years it has been bad.  The art has suffered, the stories have been frustrating because we saw Ultimate Apocalypse, Ultimate Phoenix, Ultimate Cable and Ultimate Bishop come and go and were left feeling unsatisfied in their ultimatification (its a word, i just wrote it)  So that is the history and here we are Ultimate X-Men has a new team and it is BACK BABY.  

    This issue is amazing.  The story points are good, the art is great and the characters are relevant and we should be excited to see where this is going.  The Ultimate Universe is very attractive to people who want to know what’s going on in the comic world, and is manageable enough to afford including the crossovers (which they do in mini-series instead)

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