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  1. I’m pulling it. Last issue. Ultimatum tie in. Some shit is going down. 

  2. I sure hope it doesn’t disappoint like the final issue of Ultimate Fantastic Four.

  3. im getting this and thats final.

  4. @rayclark

    I agree. This is its last chance. If this doesn’t impress me I’M DONE!

  5. @parker/rayclark: That’s ironic considering this is the FINAL issue….oh I get it! 🙂

    Seriously, does anyone think this version of the X-Men isnt coming back in some shape or form in the future? I can imagine the Ultimate FF may never come back in a series….but X-Men? Come on….no way is this series gonna disappear forever.

  6. man,  i hope this is just as shit as the first 99 issues.

  7. @thenextchampion

    I know Marvel said (forget who exactly) that X-men was not going to be one of the new Ultimate Comics books at launch, but yeah your right. There is no way they go too long without it. For all of it’s ups and downs I would say 60-70% of this book was pretty friggin good. 

    Also, a book like this just proivdes too many opportunities. With the FF you’re stuck with those four for the most part. But with books like the X-men and the Avengers you can just bring in whatever characters fit the kind of story you want to tell ormake up new ones that serve the same purpose.

  8. ugh, this was terrible.  as i was reading this all i could think of was how much i loved this book when it first started with Millar, how great it was under Bendis, how Vaughn’s run was the best, and how the early Kirkman issues were solid.  I wouldnt be reading comics if it wasnt for this book, and to see it go out on such a half-assed terrible fart of a whisper is just pathetic.

  9. This was a very good final issue, Madrox was very well written and it ended like it had too. With Wolverine getting the job done. I do think that the final issues though, the last 5 or so have seemed really fractured. There was a lot going on, with Rogue stealing everyones powers but that seemed to take step backwards in this final issue. Unless the moment when she is holding xavier means she took his power too!

  10. Has there ever been a comic before where it literally ends on the 100th issue? I dont think I have ever seen that before.

  11. Bye bye Ultimate X-Men! You should have left a long time ago. In your early days you were brill and even produced the best issue of any X-man comic ever (the one where Wolverine has to kill the kid who wakes up one morning and everything a radius of 20meters of him dies. The page where he wanders downstairs calling for hin mum and just finds a pile of dust which he just ignores is chilling) but you leave the comic book world tired,old and well past your prime.

  12. i think its odd that theres a debate about whether or not the x-men should kill when the Ultimate X-Men have pretty much been fine with killing.  and not just wolverine.  they never seemed to have those morale issues in the early days of the series, and i dug that.  they were militants. a mutant army at war.  also, Millar blew Parliment up was back in like issue 4 or 5.  get a new trick.

  13. Didn’t the original New Mutants end at 100 before it turned into X-Force?

  14. @TNC: 100 bullets

  15. @edward: Thank you.

    But technically that is a series that was slated to end on the 100th issue. So here’s another question, has there been other mainstream comics that have ended on the 100th issue?

  16. Azrael, I believe.

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