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If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

Words to live by. And yet Marvel is working to do everything it can to attack the most consistent and cohesive world building in years, the Ultimate Universe. Ultimate SpiderMan reinvented the character, and Ultimates created a truly contemporary view of Marvel heroes.

Yes X-Men was much less successful. Always. And I’m not sorry to see it go. However the events in this book just underscore the “why’ of this entire event. People die. For no reason. Things blow up. For no reason. Things change.

For no reason.

Does it seem to anyone else that Marvel has turned over its most successful line to Jeph Loeb, a creator who hasn’t done anything less than laughable in years? Red Hulk? Wolverine:Confused?

I won’t go on. This sucked. This event sucks. I only wonder what Loeb has on Marvel that they allowed him such free reign with such an important property.

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  1. exactly right

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