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  1. As good as parts 1 & 2 were I have waited so long I can wait a wee bit longer for the trade.

  2. I’m gald I picked this up recently when they reprinted the first two issues.

    Otherwise I would be debbie downers like some people.

  3. I’m amazed that i still remember almost everything from the first two issues. It ended with logan showing up at and meeting hulk but hulk is speaking to him as if he were bruce right?

  4. @Roi: Correct.

    He also asked if he would like some cocoa as well.

  5. And it’s only what?  Nearly THREE YEARS LATE?

  6. Meh, I expect a lot of bitching about the latness.  Don’t get me wrong its totally justified, its just that I still want to read this and in the end I just don’t mind/care that it was late

  7. @drakedangerz: Bitching about three years between issues is more than a little justified.

  8.  Picked up the reprints and will grab this as well. It seems wrong of SHIELD to fuck up Hulk’s life yet again. 

  9. After three years, I wonder if a lot of people will be lost………

  10. Holy crap.

  11. @conor: But they reprinted the first two issues so they can get everyone back to speed.

    I agree with drake (pinches self) it’s justified to complain about the lateness but let’s move on and actually try and enjoy the mini for what it is.

    What this is, is a great use of two characters that have been sadly misused lately in the Ultimate universe. When was the last time you could say you read anything with Ultimate Logan or Banner on it?

  12. If they are rebooting the Ultimate Universe, is this any better than cotton candy or pulp novels?  BTW I enjoy both and will get this too.

  13. Why would anyone buy this in anything other then trade? Why would you trust them to get the rest of the series in a timely manor? This didn’t even come out after the writer’s strike. 

  14. anyone else think its wierd that this and a kevin smith comic come out on the same day?

  15. W00t, 3rd comic I’ve bought since 1993 (or ’94) and Fatal Attractions! I picked up the reprints last week.

  16. @TNC: So what?  It still took three years between issues.  Reprints are irrelevant.  "Let’s just move on and not worry about it" is the attitude that allows the big companies to continue to pull that crap.

  17. @Conor-You’re totally right, it’s completely and utterly justified.  I wouldn’t argue with anyone that chose to drop this because of the shitty and inexcusable lateness of this issue.  I was just saying that I was still going to pick it up.  Though to tell the truth, I am starting to change my mind.  It does say to Marvel that we don’t mind the wait, and that shouldn’t be the case.  

    Ugh, I have to sleep on this now too make sure I still want to pick it up.

  18. i cant wait!! so glad i started getting this again!!

  19. I dont care if anyone else doesnt pick this up.

    I have been enjoying this series and I had the good fortune to not follow this when it was first released. It deserves the criticisms and jokes about the lateness…..but at the end of the day it anit gonna ruin my enjoyment of the title.

  20. Why is Marvel as a company being blamed for the lateness of this book?

    If the company practices upset you so much, why don’t you boycott Marvel comics?

    Do you really think Marvel is to blame? You don’t think they wanted to get this book out?

    I’d say the person to blame is the writer.

    Doesn’t he write Lost? How about boycotting everything he does including his television stuff?

    That was a lot of questions . . .

  21. Oh yeah it’s totally Lindeloff’s fault. No joke

    I would imagine once Lost turned into this cultural phenomenon he thought ‘Why the hell am I doing this Hulk/Wolverine comic?’ Probably left it on the backburner and now that Lost has huge breaks between seasons and it’s about to end in another year….He probably had more time to finish it.

    So it isnt Marvel’s fault, nor Yu’s….it’s most like Lindeloff’s fault.

  22. I love Lindleoff too much to ever be mad.

  23. It’s Marvel’s fault for chasing Hollywood names who never finish projects on-time.  It’s Lindelof’s fault for not finishing the project on time. 

    But to say that it’s not Marvel’s fault when it’s *their project* coming from *their company* is to not understand the comic book business.

  24. @conor: How the hell is Marvel suppose to know that Lindeloff was gonna take a 3 year break from this mini? I guess they dont have the huge clairvoyance to see it coming. Not every single celebrity writer or artist takes forever on a book. Even though Lindeloff and Kevin Smith books coming out this week arent good examples to show this.

  25. Hmr. Sorry to cut you guys, but if I’m not mistaking, I read somewhere that all the scripts where in and they were waiting on Yu…so that’ll make it Yu’s fault.
    But really, IDK. This is gonna be full of awesome.

  26. I meant I don’t care. not I don’t know. sorry.

  27. @tittom-The scripts were not in until last summer.  Yu could not start back up on the project until he finished SI.  So it was always Lindelof who did not get all the scripts done, and Quesada for not OKing the issues to be drawn until all the scripts were in.

  28. This is going to FU*KING ROCK!

  29. i wonder if there will be an obvious change in Yu’s art between this and the last issue?

  30. @Conor— After the script was delayed, Marvel adopted their "wont print till it’s done"  policy as Jim McCann said in one of your interviews, hence the 3 year wait because Lindelof was working double time on Lost after the strike. Point is: We bitched and Marvel listened. The book is done, and the series will finish this time.

  31. Very excited to see the completion to this story. Hulk vs Wolverine, is an awesome match-up and it makes sense in the Ultimate Universe as to why this happened. Even if it is several years late. Still cool for me.  Wonder what will be next? Hulk fights for the cure for cancer? Hulk vs the housing crisis? Whatever they pit him against; when Jeff Leob gets ahold of it, it will bomb. 

  32. @Conor So you’d rather them never finish the book and just forget about it? I’m not saying being three years late is right, but it’s better than the alternative of never finishing it at all.

    When’s the next Fell coming out?

  33. I’ve had this on my pull list since issue 2 as a joke, but it came up at the shop a few weeks ago and that’s when I found out it was coming out. We’ll see how long it takes before this gets delayed again. If they were smart, they’d get all the remaining issues in the can and then put them out weekly.

  34. Part of me thought I would never see this day.  I just hope that after waiting this long, this book better rock my face off.  All I’m saying.

  35. I’m not usually the type who cares too much about lateness, but three years?? Fuck that. No way I’m supporting this. I bought the first two issues & really liked them, but like other people have said — laying down your cash for this is saying to Marvel that this type of business is cool by you.

    And yes, it’s Marvel’s fault (not the writer or artist’s) for publishing 2 parts of a story when they had no idea when they would be able to get #3 on the stands.

  36. I never thought we’d get the entire run of this series before we got issue 2 of Pretty Baby Machine or Daredevil: Target

  37. It would be a great April Fools Day prank if Marvel gave an annoucement that this was delayed again.

    I dont see why again it’s Marvel’s fault in full why this was late. They have a partial blame, but Lindeloff should be the one responsible for this whole mess.

  38. i do not mind late books, isnt that odd?  this just means that instead of spending 18 over the course of 6 months, i spent $18 on this over the coarse of 3 years.  economically, thats kinda satisfying

  39. @s1lentslayer: Yes, I would rather they never finish the book.  Not that it matters because to me, it’s never being finished because I won’t support the book.

    FELL is not from Marvel and DC which falls under a complately different economic model and is not what we are talking about here.

  40. @conor: How the hell is Fell different?

    IDW supported a writer, who hasnt been able to do anything with the series for a long time now….almost a year I believe? You invested in a series you really like and the company and writer has disappointed you cause they cant get any more issues out…..That sounds exactley the same as this situation.

    I love it also you say it doesnt matter since you wont support it….yet you go out of your way to advertise it on the new comics thread on the main page; and talk about how you wont read it on this thread….That sounds like a troll to me.

  41. *EDIT: Sorry it’s an Image title….thought it was IDW

  42. haha, TNC calling someone a troll…priceless

    I slept on it, and I still don’t know if I want to buy this book.  Now I’m leaning towards "no"

    @TNC-Its completely different when its a creator owned book as opposed to commissioned work

  43. @Drake: Okay so it’s creator owned instead of a company telling him what do to….Does that excuse the year long periods to get an issue out? That answer I hope is no.

    Yes I am seeing the irony with someone calling a troll….but if conor is going on this thread just to mention he doesnt want to pick it up or care about it….why comment on it to make arguements? I guess my experience of being one makes me sniff out others.

  44. Big difference between this book and Fell is that Ellis’ computer was wiped along with the plots he created for Fell, whereas Lindeloff gave up for 3 years. I’m picking this up however, because I wasn’t around for the first issues, so for me this is on time. Plus I’m enjoying it.

  45. you know, i would much prefer a dalay quality book from marvel and DC than crap pump out on time

  46. @Ruo21: Where did you get that information? Cause I never heard of that before.

  47. I’d never claim I know much about the comics industry.

    But I understand logic.

    Marvel wants to sell books.

    Marvel wants to sell Ultimate Hulk vs. Wolverine.

    Marvel would put out the mini if it was finished.

    It is not put out because it is not finished.

    It is not finished because the writer did not finish the scripts.

    Who is to blame?

    Who should receive the angst of the public? The company or the thing that prevented the release of the comic?

    If comics magically fell from the heavens every month, Marvel would put them out and bypass the creative team all together.

    They have to depend on artists and writers.

    Your ire is misdirected.

  48. @TNC: Ruo21 is correct, Ellis lost everything he wrote for FELL in a computer mishap.  As for the difference in economics, Marvel and DC pay you to write a comic book, Image doesn’t.  You only make money on your Image book after it sells a certain amount. 

    Also, we didn’t go out of our way to promote this book – it’s on the shipping list so it goes on the comics page.  Just like every other book that is shipping this week.

  49. Okay well I didnt know that computer mishap….nor was my reliable sources said that was the case. (I need to find better reliable sources)

    @conor: I ment on the ‘new comics’ thread on the main page.

  50. @TNC – By mentioning that he won’t be supporting a book in the new comics thread, & saying a three year delay is unacceptable he is advertising it, & by explaining facts, he is trolling? lol Your mind is a mysterious puzzle, amigo.

  51. Just a random thought over comic delays: I don’t really understand the logic that some people have about how it’s rewarding bad behavior or whatever to buy delayed books when they finally come out. For one thing, think about the comic shops. Inevitably, a proportion of readers drop a title after it becomes delayed. But the comic shops ordered a particular number of copies of that issue months in advance, and they put their orders in as if the book was going to come out on time. The retailers don’t see a notice that said "By the way, this issue might come out six months later, which might piss off a large proportion of your local buyers–order accordingly!" So in most cases you’re only hurting your local shop, not Marvel or DC, by refusing to purchase the issue when it comes out. (I don’t know if this was the case with Wolv vs Hulk, though. I doubt retailers were obligated to purchase copies of issue 3 based on their advance orders from three years ago.)

    Secondly on the whole concept of "Uh-uh-uh! Don’t buy that comic if you don’t like delays!": As I said above, you aren’t punishing the publisher, only the shop. And, actually, DC and Marvel are already PUNISHING THEMSELVES by having delays. The fewer desirable comics they can get out–the fewer they sell. You don’t think DC itself isn’t hurt by All-Star Batman’s lateness? Of course they are! They’d rather have sold another several 100,000 copies by having the next several issues out! They’d rather that the Vol. 2 HC could be in stores by now–like the Superman one is–selling copies in every Borders!

    Think of it this way: if you’re stuck home and really hungry for a meal, but it takes your parents or significant other or whoever a long time to bring the takeout pizza back to you…then when the pizza finally does show up, are you going to spite yourself and just NOT EAT it? That’s childish logic, I think. And if you had promised to pay for half the pizza beforehand, are you just going to stick your gf/bf or whoever for your half of the bill? (Bitching about why the food took so long to get to you, though, is still justified, don’t get me wrong.)

  52. Apparently, one nice thing about waiting over three years between issues is that you get to completely change the tone in which the book is written.

    When you read this issue, keep Lost’s recent use of flashback/"flashforward"/time travel in mind.

  53. I’m all for informing people, bitching and boycotting.

    My point is to boycott the culprit.

    When a corporation or store angers me enough to stop supporting it, I don’t support it at all. I don’t go in there and selectively shop. I don’t go in at all.

    This is made harder when you realize the inbreeding of conglomorates, but I boycott to the best of my ability.

  54. Well with the delays raining over our heads….I thought this was a good issue.

    It wasnt as good as the previous two, but I expected a bit of a down beat after a 3 year delay. Still it was fun to read, and I like it how even if this is advertised as a Hulk vs Wolverine fight….There is certainly more to it then that. Heck I think this had the most fight scenes in it especially combining the two issues this had the most fight in it. But it was only for two pages!

    Yu’s art is also good, but I couldnt tell you if this was the Yu of yesteryear or present….It looks the same to be honest.


    Delays are bad, but I don’t care. I waited 3 years for this, and while I blame Marvel and Lindeloff for the wait, I’m not angry at them. Heavens no. They made mistakes, but I feel no need to take revenge on them by -ohmigosh- not buying their comic.

    So yeah, I read it. It was pretty good! I especially liked the panel fof Wolvie wrestling the panda. Wonderful.

  56. On a sidenote, did Halo #4 come out yet?

  57. I think the whole debate on late comics is kind of a "Taste Great/Less Filling" issue: It all depends on your preference.

    For some people, the timeliness of a comic is very important. They want the title, as a periodical, to come out as promised. When it doesn’t, their enjoyment is diminished and they are completely correct to not support the project.

    On the other hands, some people don’t really care about lateness and will buy the comic whenever it comes out. They want the comic to come out with Writer X and Artist Y and will wait as long as it takes. They are completely correct to support the project when it comes out.

    The basic point is, both sides are right. Depending on how you feel on the subject, follow that. But don’t begrudge the other side for what they feel.

  58. hahaahha…you all waited three years for the next issue of, wait for it, HULK vs WOLVERINE!


  59. @Terence-I’m not sure why thats so hysterical for you.

    I thought it was ok.  Started slow, and too…Lost-like.  It felt like an almost completely different book.  But it ended strong.  Then again…we only moved forward in time like 5 minutes.  

  60. God, Yu’s art really has gotten amazingly better.  if secret invasion did anything, it made him a better story teller.  not once was i confused with the geography or action in this book.  also, his hulk hulk is HUGE, and that is awesome

  61. This issue makes me want to get the Hulk vs. Wolverine dvd.

  62. did anyone else feel like DAMON LINDELOF’s caption boxes read like he thinks all the readers are retarded. i found it every condinsending

  63. @edward: How so? Cause I didnt get really any of that.

  64. like wolverine’s commentary was really really childish and rudimentary?

  65. Wolverine is not speaking to the readers.

    I’ll assume he is debriefing to some Shield agents and/or Nick Fury and he is not happy with them.

    I’ve never seen Lost, but the first two issues were playing around with time as well. Not as much as issue three but I wouldn’t consider it a huge break from his original storytelling.

  66. @edward: Well….isnt Logan in general a pretty crappy talker and has a mind of a younger person? I mean I get what your saying, but I didnt think it was childish nor was it mocking the reader.

  67. This was great! Yu has never looked better. Lots of violence, plus an interesting twisty on the nature of the Hulk. Plus a new character! Awesome!

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