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  1. I’m still loving every issue of this book…Immonen has really re-energized this book for me.

  2. Ultimate sybiotes? Heck yeah!  Been a while since we’ve seen the Ultimate Venom.  Still really liking this book; this one doesn’t look to drop the ball.

  3. love this comic month in and month and since Immonen’s joined they can sit around pottery class for 22 pages and I’m satisfied. 

  4. I read the first trade of this then proceeded to read the remaining 116 issues in 3 days.  AWESOME!!

  5. Awesome series with great writing from issue number 1.  However, I am not a fan of Artist Stuart Immonen and would like to a change in that department.  His action stuff is good but the faces suck, and in this series he has to do lots of closeups.  Some of the best Ultimate Spiderman moments have been Bagely’s facial expressions and conversations written by Bendis between Peter and MJ.  Immonen butchers those scenes in my humble opinion.

  6. I would have to disagree with ya yyzKyle. I feel that the book was strong but Bendis seems more energized since immonens return, thus making the stories stronger.

  7. rift1128,

    I understand your point and maybe Immonen is a pleasure to work with for Bendis, but that does not make his pencils good.  I am amazed that I am not getting more support here.  If you look at the last 10 issues or so, and check out some of the face close-ups or expression shots you would agree that they are not nearly as nice as Bagley’s or Hitch’s or any of the other Ultimate artists.  Specifically I remember a shot of Kitty Pride with her brow furrowed looking angry at Peter and thinking that this was hands down the worst art I have seen in a marvel comic in years. 

  8. Is this issue recapping what happened in the ultimate spidey video game? @yyzKyle I didn’t like the way he did female faces at first, but I’ve definitely come around to his style for the comic.

  9. Ah!  I read the issue before I read the blurb up above.

  10. @yyzKyle

    i’m not shocked about the lack of support; i think immonen is fantastic, and uprgrade over bagley. of course, it’s all taste, but still, his art just seems a bit more stylish to me (whatever that means). bagley’s stuff always has (and still does) underwhelmed me – it’s solid, but i never get blown away by anything there, and don’t really believe the hype.

  11. Amazing that 123 issues in and I’m still excited everytime I see this book coming out and know that it’s not going to let me down.  I guess I don’t need to play the videogame now huh?

  12. A friggin recap issue?! I’m losing patience with the Bendis style.

  13. @yyzKyle

     i totally understand you view thier but i agree with TehDave that its mostly taste. I feel that Bagely was ok but Immonen has brought this book to a whole new level. He has given this book more to look forward too. I think this issue was a perfect example and it also shows that he is growing more and more comfortable with the book and characters.

  14. bit blah this issue. I guessed the "twist" (Venom eating the people he talks to) very early.

  15. Sure I knew what the twist was gonna be, but I liked it. It reminded me of Forest Gump…He ate the people in that also, right?

  16. Nothing was more funny then seeing Eddie on the bench like Forest Gump. God I couldnt stop laughing and I dont know why.

  17. Forest Gump would have been vastly improved if he ate people on the bench.

    Or raped them.

    (Sorry, just watched the WANTED video podcast…)

  18. I wasn’t on board with Immonen’s art when he first took over but he has definatly grown on me. Still miss Bagley on this though.

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