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  1. Is it that Ultimate Shocker guy?  …hehe… Ultimate Shocker …hehe…

  2. Still my favorite book that coems out regularly.  Did Immonon really do that cover?  If so, it’s the best tlooking piece of art I’ve ever seen from him.

  3. @ActualButt yep thats Ultimate Shocker, IGN did a preview and it showed a few interior pages http://comics.ign.com/articles/876/876502p1.html

    @Andrew If Immonen did do the cover I hope he starts using this style in the interior of the book regularly.  His art is solid in the book regularly, however this cover art is amazing.

  4. This is the REAL Spidey – not that travesty in the 616!

  5. Well really its ultimate spidey,just kidding I kinda know what you mean.

  6. Also on page nine (Were Peter hits the bad guy, didnt want to say who just in case) did anyone else think that guy on the bottom of the page looked like StanLee?

  7. yes, it DID look like stan the man!

  8. In the police station–Ultimate Echo–with ‘who do you trust?—that was great!!!

    Bendis, that was an awesome read, and totally building to  ‘Ultimate Crossover–find out all the secrets’ in a good way.  Now if these dudes could just manage to put out 2 more issues of Ultimtes 3–what the hell is it with this title and getting all these Sammy McSlowmedowns to do the art.  Joe Mad’s art sucks, and its slow–what a winning combo.

  9. SteveM, i saw that too! Totally just died cause that is classic Bendis for sure!

  10. Why can’t secret invasion and New Avengers be this good?

  11. This book is just so good, and should be made the new benchmark in comics.  If a book starts doing well, we should be saying that it is; "very Ultimate Spiderman-like" and such.  That being said, Immonen is still the artist and that should change.  The writer (Bendis) does a lot of dialogue and the book has a lot of faces and relies on well drawn facial expressions.  Immonen is just not capable of delivering what is needed on this book.  He draws the action well but that is about it.   

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