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  1. Anyone really psyched for this book? I read the first issue and I didn’t think it was that interesting. Hulk vs Iron man, isn’t that also happening in Hulk #2 =P.

    Anyway, just wondering what made you guys particularly interested in this?

  2. I really like it. The art and writing are both quite good I thought, and because it’s the Ultimate Hulk, anything could happen. Lets not forget he eats people too, can’t ask for much more than that!


  4.  It is a  Warren Ellis book that is all I have to say. The man rocks

  5. This book has potential, but needs to start paying off.

  6. I am not really an Ellis fan but this is really clicking for me for whatever reason.

  7. Cary Nord is an excellent artist.  I love the Hulk in this. 

  8. This book isn’t so bad. Nice art, story isn’t inane (take a hint Loeb).

  9. I got to be a fan of Cary Nord from seeing his work in Conan, still loving his art in this mini-series. I’m getting into this story and I like Ellis’ Ultimate version of the Leader.

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