How does a man become a God? The epic origin of the God of Thunder comes to a close as Thor discovers the mystery of his past. Masterminds Jonathan Hickman and Carlos Pacheco bring you the thrilling conclusion of one of the most talked about series… and you don’t want to miss it!

Story by Jonathan Hickman
Art by Carlos Pacheco, Dexter Vines, Jeff Huet & Jason Paz
Colors by Edgar Delgado, J. Aburtov, Jorge Gonzalez
Letters by Clayton Cowles
Cover by Carlos Pacheco, Dexter Vines & Edgar Delgado

Price: $3.99
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  1. This cover seems to not be related at all to the mini.

    Also, look at all those artists! Not a good sign. 

  2. @TheNextChampion  Three of the artists are inkers.

  3. Excited about this. Hope to see more hickman written books in the ultimate universe after this is over.

  4. I’m enjoying this way more than Fraction’s 616 series. 

  5. Loving this. Hickman has not had a miss yet.

  6. Kind of a shame this was only 4 issues because this would make a great trade for folks interested in the new Thor movie to pick up (but Thor: TMA is definitely the go-to Thro trade for those same people! Hope to see it at book stores prominently displayed when that movie comes out!!)
    Anyways, those who have missed on on this should definitely download them (the date and date release has been awesome too–but I’ve been waiting 2 weeks for the price to go down to 1.99!! 1.99 is the upper limit im willing to pay for a digital copy–i think 1.99 day and date and .99 after one week should be the norm for the big two)

  7. this, secret warriors, and S.H.I.E.L.D are all ending within the next couple months. I wonder what Hickman has on tap for his next project besides his new FF series. (anyone else think FF stands for Future Foundation?)

  8. @huntersan: SHIELD is ending?!? Shit! How did I miss that!!

  9. well it’s not ENDING persay. just the first volume is ending. there will be a second volume at some point, but I assume that there will be a sizeable break.

  10. I think he’s doing a bunch of supplementary SHIELD material in the interim though, so I wouldn’t worry about it. The most recent solicits had something.

    I wonder if he’s going to focus a little more on his creator owned stuff. And I’d be shocked, absolutely shocked, if he didn’t get on “New Mutants”.

  11. You had me scared for a second there! Hickman is supposed to have a new ongoing called ‘Plus!’ that I thought was starting last month. Anyone know anything about that?

  12. All I know about “Plus” is that it’s the size of yo mama’s underwear. 

  13. @JesseG  cue rimshot!

  14. I think I’m going to start dropping these Ultimate titles as they wrap up now. I can’t afford so many books, and I get really forgetful about which of these I’m collecting, and which volume of which mini-series it is, as well as which ones tie in with which other ones. There is some great talent on these, but I think it’s back to trade-waiting for Ultimate Comics for me (as these limited-series titles or volumes end).

  15. This was great. Loved the flashbacks to ultimates 1

  16. This was really disappointing. This added nothing that we already knew with Ultimates 1, and the pacing of this seemed really stretched to get a final issue. Plus the various inkers and colorists really hampered Pacheco’s pencils. Shame that this didn’t end strongly like how it did in the beginning.


  17. Good, but disappointing.  I liked it, but I want more original content for my $.

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