• The Police Have Miles Squarely In Their Sights!

• Prowler Versus The Scorpion!

• Is The Secret Of The New Spider-Man Out?!

Story by Brian Michael Bendis
Art by David Marquez
Colors by Justin Ponsor
Letters by Cory Petit
Cover by Kaare Andrews

Price: $3.99
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Avg Rating: 4.2
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  1. Looking forward to this showdown!

  2. about time.

    one of the top 5 comics currently in print.

  3. Ahh so this is who stole Marquez from New Mutants. Bendis is such an artist thief. He’s like the Parks and Recreation of comics.

  4. Whoops I meant David Lopez! haha. Lo siento Bendo.

  5. You know I love this series but that books NOT drawn by Sara Pichelli have been painful to get through.

    • I just got used to Samnee and now he’s gone! I know we can’t expect tons of consistency in “modern comics” but it’s like they’re not even trying on this title. If the story wasn’t so damn good this wouldn’t even be on the radar.

  6. i don’t know who david marquez is, but i hope he’s good.
    really diggin’ this series.

  7. Well, I’m out guys. This is my last issue. It was a hard decision considering this was the comic that got me back into comics. I hold those first hundred issues or so in very high regard too.

    I’ve gotten to where I can’t handle really decompressed stuff, and Bendis is the definition of decompressed. Just to damn slow and boring. If you’re going to build for 8 issues there has gotta be a hook in there for me somehwere (note: “for me”). Pichelli was the hook early on, and I woulda stuck around for some of the artist, but rotating pencillers, lackluster story and the snail’s pace have done this book in. Bendis needs to get the passion and fire back in his books. Maybe then they won’t be so damn predictable.

    I don’t ever want this book to end and I’m stoked you guys still like it, but I just can’t keep pretending my old favorite book is still good.

  8. Has nobody else noticed that this is the worst comic book cover ever?

  9. Loved the art this issue, might even be better than Pichelli’s/

  10. story 5 and art 5 i cant wait to pick this up i hope chris samnee didn’t do the art i hat his work.

    • it’s not bad, it’s just not good for this book. samnee and francavilla are great for pulpy books, but they have no place in books like this.

  11. Absolutely in love with this title. Following Miles as he learns the ropes of super heroics is incredibly satisfying.

  12. WOW blown away by David Marquez! Incredible! 5/5

  13. very enjoyable. i dig the new scorpion and the cliffhanger was a good one. the art is A-mazing.

  14. I missed the last issue so I was out of the loop which kinda made this book less enjoyable for me. I did like the art in this book, very similar to Pichelli.

  15. Best art I saw in a book this week. Great storytelling. Loved the panel where Miles’s uncle is scared running from The Scorpion.

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