Miles Morales IS the new Spider-Man!

What’s the secret behind his powers, and how will he master them?

What new and familiar enemies will rise to challenge this all-new Spider-Man?

The most-talked about story of the year keeps delivering the shocking surprises!

Story by Brian Michael Bendis
Art by Sara Pichelli
Cover by Kaare Andrews

Price: $3.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 13.1%
Avg Rating: 4.5
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  1. In just 3 issues this became one of my very favorite books.

    • I’m really on the fence about this because I’d like to hop on board but now I feel like I should just trade-wait. I’ve heard nothing but positive, so maybe I’ll see if I can track down the first three. The positive take away is that either way I’m going to start reading it.

    • if you can’t track them down you can find them on the Marvel app

    • In a few weeks Marvel is putting out “Must Have” editions of the three new Ultimate ongoings. So you can get first three issues of this for $4.99.

  2. This book and the whole ultimate universe relaunch has been the most fun I’ve had in comics in recent memory. Everything feels so polished and connected. Also the feeling that anything can happen (especially in the Ultimates) and there are no safety nets makes it a blast to read.

  3. I love this book. All the supporting cast are so defined. I’m still think Miles could use some development, but he’s on a heroes journey so will grow as the series continues. I can’t wait to see the kind of Spider-man he’s going to be.

    I hope he gets his own villains, but it would be nice to see older villains two.

  4. really loving this, but i hope he stops whinning this issue and starts getting his costume together. just sayn’

  5. I dont know ive enjoyed this so far but just feel that its just been really good right now but not GREAT yet.

    Im starting to think because of the double shipping on this title and the fact its been so slow it might just be better to switch to trades, anyone else feel this way?

  6. I’ve loved the first few issues, but I’ve been reading these digitally. It’s really hard to spend $3.99 for an issue when I can wait for a bit and get DC titles for $1.99. I’ve loved what I’ve seen of Miles, but really wish the price would drop at some point.

  7. ZOMG this was fantastic! It just keeps getting better! The paralleled story telling with what happened in Ultimate Fallout was brilliant! 5/5 POTW! Cant wait for issue #5!

    • I know. Really great! I really loved how he comments on his own 1st inner monologue… “why am I talking to myself all of a sudden?”. haha so great.

  8. I loved this issue. I’ve liked them all, but this issue it finally clicked for me. I thought Miles was a little under developed compared to his and now Peter’s supporting cast, but now he’s started his inner-monologue it seems like his character is finally getting some attention.

    I can’t wait to see how the cliff hanger resolves, and it was great seeing Peter and his supporting cast for a few pages. I hope they don’t come back full-time, but guest starring is fine.

    I am worried that Miles and Ganke are going to accidently turn their roommate into a supervillian though.

  9. Was this the first issue Miles had word balloons/boxes? If so, brilliant.

  10. I’m still not sold on this series. Although I give it this, it has got me curious to see what happens next.

  11. Loving this series so far, but this was not the best of the issues so far. I really want more family stuff, not the annoyance of prep school kids fighting about locked doors.

  12. I liked it. The Parker thing…i’m not sure if i loved it or thought it was too convenient. Either way i enjoyed if overall. Hoping some real action and adventure starts soon.

  13. “Why am I talking to myself all of a sudden?”

    Where the hell is THIS Bendis over on Avengers? Genius.

  14. This was great. AGAIN!

    I agree, Casey. Where is this Bendis on Avengers. This might as well be an entirely different writer. You can really tell that this is a book of passion for him. 4 issues in, and Bendis has Miles NAILED. He’s a fully realized character and an incredibly likable one, at that.

    Many things in this book had me laughing out loud and/or smiling. Miles about to crash followed by a Daily Bugle front page story with him crashed was hilarious. So much good stuff in this book, it’s crazy.

    I can see if some might think the stuff with Peter was shoehorned in. But I don’t. I like the fact that Miles gets to talk to Gwen, and she gives him the “With great power comes great responsibility” line. That was perfect.

  15. I almost cried when the burnt girl spoke to aunt may. I didn’t, of course

  16. This was fabulous. If you’re not reading this book you’re missing out on one of the best comics being printed today.

  17. this is just good storytelling. fuckn’ fantastic.
    i thought for sure gwen was going to smash seven shades of shit out of him and in front of the church no less.

  18. This book really caught me by surprise! Love the way it’s told from Miles’ point of view. I can so see my kid act the way Miles did if he got super powers! One of my favorite books right now.

  19. Why is 16% of the iFanbase choosing this as their pick of the week? It was more ok Bendis work. It was aggressively oh..kay.

  20. Just read it..
    Its a great read. Loved it. Best issue yet.. and thats saying something cause all the others were good too…
    I read a lot of Bendis’ early work .. Powers for a while.. Jinx etc.. realy liked that stuff.. thought he was incredible.. I dug Ultimate peter parker spidey quite a bit.. but never realy got his Avengers.. I read it for 2 years and started hated it.. Seems to me that not every Bendis Avengers character has distinct personalities….
    However.. Bendis has won me back with this and Scarlet.. Scarlet rocks too…. I realy think his talent shines when hes not trying to balance an ensemble cast.

  21. I loved about 90% of the book. I can’t ramble on about the art enough, its simply fantastic, amazing, spectacular, and absolutely uncanny! I loved seeing the take on the Peter Parker epilogue through Miles’ eyes.

    If I have one complaint however, it’s that we are now on the 4th issue….Miles goes up against his FIRST super-villain, and we see just about nothing of it. I don’t care if it WAS some ridiculous third-rate Spidey villain, we should have seen his first battle.

    But really, everything else about this issue was just wow.

  22. this is quickly becoming my favorite comic

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