Death of Spider-Man!

The Sinister Six are determined to bury Spider-Man for good, and if Spider-Man can’t find Aunt May or Mary Jane, they could be going with him. “Death of Spider-Man” rages on, and the real question is, will anyone survive?

Story by Brian Michael Bendis
Art by Mark Bagley
Cover by Mark Bagley & Steve McNiven

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  1. I love that this storyline is called “Death of Spider-Man,” and the cliffhanger for last issue was Spider-Man getting shot. That is amusing to me, somehow.

    Good stuff.

  2. the “death” thing is  going on way to long. I forgot about this.

  3. @FoeApple  This is only the third issue of the story, so I would disagree. 

  4. I think it’s where have been hearing about it for so long, plus we are back to the most creative thing you can do with a character is kill them. As the fabulous Mr. Whacker would say ” some of us have been reading comics too long”. I’d agree but I don’t know how to quit them : )

  5. I think the worst thing though is that Ultimate Spider-Man is a teenager.  Not wild about none of my heroes dying, but a kid dying really kinda sucks.

  6. Happy to see Bobby and Johnny back in action. It’s been to long.

  7. waited forever for Bendis and Bagley to work again, but now they’re killing spiderman. bitter sweet i guess

  8. @MBurnsOH  I really do not think that Peter is going to die.  I have always thought that he would go to ‘retirement’ or quit.  It is just too easy to replace him with the ‘spider-clone’ running around.  And Peter is the franchise, so I do not think that the ‘death’ will be real.

    Maybe a LMD??

  9. Bagley is usu on or off for me, but liked his stuff in this.  Thought Peter was taken away by Cap in Avengers vs Ultimates?  Sinister Six seem to be in every comic now.

  10. @Franktiger  i thought so too when i was reading that issue but then the bridge gets destroyed and peter climbs back up barely and falls over which i’m sure is where this issue picks up

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