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  1. Does anyone know what this is supposed to be about/ where this title is headed?

  2. All I know is that I loved the Annual that LaFuente drew so I am eager to get this issue.

  3. Very excited about the new Marvel Universe.

  4. I take it that all these Ultimate Comics books are going to be major jumping on points?  All I’ve ever read before was the first Ultimates.

  5. Bendis is A list every time, no question this will be excellent.

    LaFuente however doesn’t do Peter and MJs faces all that well.  The action in spider suit is fine, the faces though…eh.

    Ultimatum, we shall never speak of you again.

  6. is this going to be always $3.99 or just for the first issue?

  7. it will probubly always be 3.99.


    I’m excited for another monthly USM. I miss pre-Ultimatum greatness. 

  8. its always good to have a little bendis during the month. and ultimate spiderman was one of his best titles by far.

  9. Wait, what? So the Spidey in the cover MIGHT NOT BE PETER?!?!?!

    Really??? You know for a while there I was thinking that whole "Who’s going to be wearing the Webs when Ultimatum clears?" talk was just going to end up being a red herring.

  10. The preview for this book was absolutely beautiful. I was this close to pulling it when I saw it was another $3.99 title. Gyah, I’m already pulling Detective, Wednesday, Reborn, and New Avengers…I just can’t do another, Marvel. I’m sorry.

  11. Whoa whoa whoa… is Spider-Man’s right foot on backwards?

  12. @Slockhart- Lol, I think so.

  13. @Slockhart
    No, his foot is just really straightened. The heel is drawn a little bigger than it would be in that position, but I think it’s fine.
    I disagree with you so hard and so often, I think you’re my arch nemesis. Let the battle of the rated PG level swear word-usernames begin!

  14.  Very excited for an Ultimate Spidey I can read. The relaunch serves its purpose.

    p.s. – So many people worry of the 3.99 tag. I’ve been reading New Avengers, Hulk, Cap. Reborn, Detective, Thor, No Hero, Ignition City, Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep, I could go on, and they’re all books well worth the cover price. What is a great story worth to you? Drop a bad DC book and get USM.

    Or is it just a principle thing?

    p.p.s. – You could always give Marvel Adventures a shot?

  15. Can’t wait!

  16. I’m a few arcs into USM right now, so I’m super excited for this.

  17. I’m just glad it’s Peter.  Did Liz make it through Ultimatum?  I want to see more of Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends.

  18. @ Kwisdumb – You are in for the best comics ride ever!

    @ Captbastrd – So you’re not a Bendis fan, you like LaFuente, and think Loeb is the greatest writer evah?!

  19. Read the preview for this. Doesn’t look too bad. I’m definitely gonna pick it up if my LCS has a copy left.

  20. I think this could be one of my more favorite titles.  I was really bummed when I thought that they were cancelling the book.  Glad to have it back.  I love Bendis’ dialog in the book, I can’t say enough nice things about it.  I am disappointed about the price increase but I guess it is the situation we’re all facing.

  21. @ ato220 – Subscribe to it, $1.60 an issue instead of $3.99+tax.  http://www.marvel.com

  22. Actually, http://www.marvel.com/subscribe might work better.  Shows all titles and prices.

    Cue typical complaints about subscribing, rationalizing paying full cover price!

  23. @KickAss I agree with you.  If only there was a mail order service that I could purchase all of my comics from…..

  24. You could do the same with DC.  Other than that, I get the rest at my local store’s pullbox.  It come out waaaay cheaper to do it this way.

  25. to those whow have subscribed through marvel, are the books late or ever damaged?

  26. @KickAss
    Well no, Bendis is really one of the first writers I’ve gotten into and I’ve loved the majority of his work, I really liked the Lafuente drawn annual issue, and I can’t stand Loeb, but I feel we can still be nemesi. I’m sure both Reed Richards and Dr. Doom like chocolate chip cookies.

  27. I almost exclusively use Heavyink.com. I couldn’t be happier with the service.

    @J4K3 – nah, it’s not a principle thing, I just can’t be all losey-goosey with my comics budget and while DC has been pretty awesome making me feel like each $3.99 book was worth it, the same cannot be said for Captain America Reborn and New Avengers. I enjoyed both books, they just felt light and/or too brief compared to what I got from DC for the $$$.

  28. I’m such a hypocrite. I took another look at the preview and then pulled this. Or tried to, at least. It looks like Heavy Ink might be sold out…

  29. @Captbastrd – Doom loathes chocolate chip cookies!!  He had one when he was 6 yrs old, vomited, and has been emotionally scarred since!

    (Ok that happened to me, but it could be 1 small reason why it’s always DOOM with him!)

  30. One word regarding the price increases….dcbservice.com!!! I got this and Avengers for 91 cents!!!!

  31. "We had to completely annihilate New York, you see, and kill millions of people, so that on page five of the next issue everything could be rebuilt and fine."

  32. Look at how happy they are on that cover! Entire city drowned. Oh well! Bygones!

    What an excellent use of my time that was.

  33. @Jimski – Any chance you would write a full review of this issue.  I would love to read that.  I haven’t read anything from the Ultimates universe until this issue and would love to hear from someone who has read all of it.

  34. Stuclach, if you read this issue, you read the previous 115. Oh, except Pete is dating Gwen Stacy; how’s that for a new idea?

  35. @Jimski – Well, I guess I can scrap my plans to purchase the Ultimate Spiderman trades.

  36. This was awesome. The opening page was probably my favorite page this week. And i can’t wait to see how the whole peter and gwen thing came about


  37. @stuclach:

    I would recommend picking up a few of the Ultimate Spider-Man trades. I actually have the entire Ultimate Universe run, though I have to say that while I didn’t enjoy UF4 or UXM after the first few trades, I only kept getting them to have the entire collection.

    I would recommend picking up the Ultimates 1 and 2 by Millar and Hitch, this is an excellent series. Ultimate Power isn’t bad either. 

  38. @supertrackmonkey – I was mostly joking about the Ultimate trades. I thought Jimski’s summary was pretty funny, so I just rolled with it.  I plan on buying the first couple of trades at some point.

  39. so if I’m only on the Hobgoblin storyline from Ultimate Spider-man, I should be able to pick this up without problems?

  40. @roadcrew1  i don’t know, it’s been forever since that. i think it would be much more satisfying to read through the entire run before getting this

  41. E.T. Phone Home.

  42. Thought the new story was interesting, but not a fan of the art….but I will stick with it..maybe it will grow on me.

  43. This was the first issue that I’ve read of USM that made me as giddy and happy as when I was first getting into USM waaaaay back around issues 14-16. Other issues since then have been fantastic in my opinion, but this was the first in a LONG time to really make me feel the magic I felt at the very beginning.

  44. Okay I’m reeeeeeaaally annoyed because I liked Lafuente’s art in the past but it’s been such a long time since it was canon to the Ultimate Spider-man line that it’s actually offputting. Mark Bagley please =(

  45. Wow… is this how Gwen Stacy fans felt when Peter and MJ got together in the 616 universe?

    Funny, I just thought the exact opposite as I put this week’s Batman issue aside out of my newfound dislike for Bagley’s art. I really like Lafuente for this, his Spidey looks friggin’ adorable… which is weird for me to admit out loud (or ya know, internet-out loud).

  46. Ultimatum was so unpleasant. I felt like it was intentionally mean spirited. As a fan of the Ultimate U characters it was painful to see so many of them disposed of so quickly. I’m glad to see Benis essentially wipe it away by rebuilding New York and getting right back in stride with this issue. USM never needed a reboot.

  47. @leonard 100% agree.

  48. I really enjoyed this. I’ve only read part of USM and 0% of Ultimatum, so maybe I don’t have the history there, but I thought this was quite great. Love love loved the art. 5/5.

  49. I absolutely loved this and really enjoyed Ultimate Avengers too.  It looks like lots of characters will be popping up like Human Torch.  Bendis can write this title forever as far as I’m concerned.  LaFuente is definitely a different take and I can do without his Charlie Brown Spider-head but apart from that, really nice art too

  50. Awesome.

  51. @ Jimski

    Time passes.

    Isn’t that all this is? Seems like Bendis had Ultimatum thrust upon him, so he dealt with it and moved on. Gwen Stacy…who knows, but I bet it’s addressed soon. Bendis has always had plenty of teen angst, so I expect there will be plenty or morning about the destruction of New York. Wouldn’t there be a time to laugh again? Like a few weeks after 9/11 when SNL had Guliani on and asked if it was OK for America to laugh again. Maybe that happened after Ultimatum and that’s why we see smiling faces on the cover.

    Let’s stick to the really important criticism like how ridiculous Kitty’s costume is and has been for 30 issues. And just remember, Gwen will die soon. She just will. 🙂 

  52. @qbscobel:

     The Charlie Brown Spider-head throws me off too. I don’t like it. LaFuente also draws Peter very feminine, facial wise. He looks kind of like a girl on most pages. 

  53. F that, I love the giant Spidey head. My one complaint about his design is that his hair seems a bit too long. I mean, I don’t have anything against it, seeing as how I’m a DWLH (dude with long hair), but I also don’t wear a skin tight mask over it.

    You might be right about that, I could see Doom not liking cookies, but I bet both he and Reed like… science?

  54. I enjoyed this issue quite a bit.  I’m not a Marvel guy and I haven’t read more than a couple of trades of the older Ultimate SM series.  I can see what Jimski means, but this feels relatively fresh to me, because of my lack of experience with the title.

  55. I wasn’t going to pick this up. And then I kept looking at the cover on the "Covers of the Week" and decided to nab this and Ultimate Avengers today. I was an "early adopter" of Ultimate Spider-Man jumping in around issue #8 and playing catch up afterward. I enjoyed the series until about issue 70 or so and then continued to buy it until 100 (There were plethora rumors the series would end then.) With 101, I gave up on USM and the entire Ultimate Universe. It got boring and eventually the same thing as regular Marvel. As well, I try to avoid Jeph Loeb’s recent spate of runs like the plague. And then, Marvel went and ruined the main Spider-Man book. So I’ve had a Spidey-shaped hole in my pull list.

    Anyway… I liked this. It has promise. 4/5 for me. And, like Jimski says, I haven’t read the book 30+ issues… it doesn’t feel different at all. That’s both a good and a bad. I have to admit, the recap page in a #1 annoyed me to no end. So right now, I’m on the book. Especially if the cast featured on the cover is permanent. (That is, if part of the book is the HS hijinks of Johnny, Kitty, Bobby, Gwen, MJ, Kong and Pete) I really think this mixed-bag continuity of FF, X-Men and Spider-Man. I always liked Bendis’s Kitty/Pete romance and like that it’s here. Cool beans and good book. Nice to "come home" again.

    @Jimski On first blush, one can only assume that the all-White cast featured on the cover are celebrating Ultimatum apparently only affecting the sections of NYC with people of color. 

  56. @ PraxJarvin: 

    I always though of Kong as hispanic, or at least Hispanic/Caucasian mix.

    Nothing was said to lead me to that conclusion. It’s just the way he is penciled/colored I guess. 

  57. @supertrackmonkey I agree he’s certainly been colored that way, but I always thought he was supposed to look like Bendis. And judging by his name he’s either a Scot or Irish, which doesn’t preclude him being Hispanic, but I think the intention is that he’s white.

  58. If I may be so bold as to put words into the mouth of a fellow with Hulk-hands, I think what Jimski’s saying is that it didn’t take the events of Ultimatum to get to this admitedly fresh place. How many times did Bendis have a "six months later" in Powers? If he wanted to get the book to a fresh, new spot, he easily could have without the "help" of Ultimatum.

  59. I just wanna jump in and mention Gwen’s awesome pink knee-high converse kicks. Found out afterwards they’re real. I would like to see that in fashion inreal life.

  60. Ultimate Spider-Man was one of my first comics. I’m glad it is kicking ass again.

  61. "Do you want fries with that?" – a classic first line for the One True Spider-Man book!

  62. Picked this up on a whim, not haaving picked up Ultimate Spidey since the #20’s. And it was brilliant! Seriously, between this and Ultimate Avengers my faith in the Ultimate Universe has been restored.

    At least until the first Loeb book comes to F$%k it all up again, I’m sure.

  63. @captbastrd: that’s because we are very different people with tastes influenced by our experience of this comic. For me this comic is actually the foundation of my love for other comics, why? Because this is the first series I had read since I got back into comics in 2003. Up until then I hadn’t touched one since 1995 which incidentally meant I missed out. At anyrate Mark Bagley’s splash page of Gwen Stacy leaning on the wall talking politics about mutants is what hooked me for the entire ride (and incidentally for comics in general) because I forgot how a really good comic could hold your attention better than any tv show could.

    So it’s abit of the nostalgia factor for me begging for Bagley’s return.

  64. I thought Gwen Stacy was Carnage.  Weren’t Pete and MJ together at the end of Ultimate Spider-man?  Wasn’t New York City destroyed?  Could it really be rebuilt in 6 months?  I am so confused.

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