An Ultimate Comics groundbreaking miniseries!

Captain America has seen things no soldier should ever see, been to places that no man should be able to return, and beaten foes that no other hero could put down. Now, in the jungles of Cambodia, one man will push Captain America to, and past his limits. And Cap may not come back! The superstar team of Jason Aaron and Ron Garney bring you a brutal story you will NOT want to miss!

Story by Jason Aaron
Art by Ron Garney
Colors by Jason Keith & Matt Milla
Letters by Clayton Cowles
Cover by Ron Garney & Jason Keith

Price: $3.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 3.8%


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Avg Rating: 4.1
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  1. Having fun with this mini. It’s my first Jason Aaron book and I really like his writing style. Good stuff

  2. i could not believe the jump in quality between the first and second issue. issue two being the better comic

  3. @edward  same here, although the art was superb in both issues

  4. @RoiVampire  Yeah, Garney is a real pro

  5. Story is just awful for me. Art is the only reason I’m giving this any more buys.

    Also, why is Garney resorting to a digital effect for Flagg’ tattoo in the book but on this cover he can perfectly draw it? 

  6. Probably gonna start dropping Ultimate titles as soon as this mini wraps. Just can’t afford ’em.

  7. @TNC: because he should be allowed to use whatever techniques he wants and you should relax

  8. I’m with Edward and Roi, was not feeling the first issue at all but enjoyed the second one very much. I think the whole series would have been better if we didn’t know going into it that it was gonna be Vietnam Cap v. WWII Cap. That said, I think the last half of the mini will be very enjoyable.

  9. @MegaPhilip  maybe, but if i hadn’t know it was vietnam cap i would have trade waited

  10. @RoiVampire  Me too.  The premise of Aaron doing a Viet Nam related story, complete with his take on what a ‘Cap’ born in this time, was what sold me

  11. Wow! I have to say i wasnt overally impressed with the first issue but the last two have been spectacular! Once again I love aaron’s writing style and the art is top notch!

  12. This issue was just awful. Aaron is clearly stretching for time to get to the next issue and we could’ve been done with this shoddy mini by now. Only the art is saving this book for me.


  13. Trying to reprogram Captain America with actual historical examples of American “mistakes” is genius. The way this ties back into issue one was well executed. It also flushes out the villain so that he has some logic behind his villainy. This was my favorite issue of the mini. 5/5

  14. @ScorpionMasada  I completly agree.

  15. ScorpionMasada = Correct

    TNC = TNC

  16. I really enjoyed this.  I am having a lot of fun with the twist on Cap.  But there was about 4 pages in the middle where I thought that the art suffered.  But 4 pages out of 60 is a pretty good ratio.

  17. @ScorpionMasada  concur, was a gripping, emotional issue.

  18. This was great. “Richard Milhouse Nixon: the most evil man”

  19. @TNC: looks like everybody disagrees with you. ah that’s a shame, mate

  20. We need TNC here. He brings the drama and dogma.

    Problem is when he mixes the two like in the case of his review of this comic.

  21. dogma? you mean BS or are they the same thing? 

  22. 616 Cap FTW!

  23. Finally read this. This was a phenomenal issue! One of Aaron’s best 5/5

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