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  1. I think this book is still trying to find it’s footing – or it’s sea legs. One or the other. There were a couple of issues that clicked where all the pieces started to fit together and fall into place. Leave it to Hawkgirl and Hawkman.

  2. This is starting to be what it should be — a big DC universe spanning story. I’m really gettin’ into this book now, and I was so close to dropping it early on …

  3. I’ve been flipping through these at the shop, it is getting pretty good.  Looking forward to the trades.

  4. Definitely agree that the last month of this title has found a focus and direction that was too long in coming in the early issues. It’s worth a shot to pick back up if you were disappointed in the first month.

  5. It sucks that they wasted 3 issues (or was it 4?) on a huge pointless fight scene, and lost so many new readers who wanted to try this book out, because now this book would be awesome for new readers. There is SO many characters in it, it’s an awesome window into the DCU. there is so much happening now & so many characters showin’ up, it’s like a totally different book to when it started.

  6. I’ll be honest I stopped pulling this quite awhile ago. I’m big into the DCU, moreso than Marvel and this just completetely lost me. I just flat out didn’t give a crap about anything going on and everyone was sackriding the art but I didn’t like that either. Suppose I could try again, but man did they start weak.

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