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  1. I think the series is starting to pick up and sadly people are leaving.  I really liked this issue.

  2. Unfortunately, people judge this the same way they would a monthly book. I agree that it seems to be picking up.

  3. I thought this was the best issue so far, i preferred the way they mixed the two stories into each other instead of how they’ve been doing it so far.

    The art was kinda average, I don’t like the way Batman is drawn at all 

  4. I don’t know if its just Gangbuster…but I’m starting to warm up to this series.

  5. I thought this was a strong issue, as well – it did a nice job setting up what looks to be the real thrust of this series. They may have made a mistake waiting until the 6th issue to do it as in the Countdown aftermath, I think people were much less patient with this one when it came to dropping it (even though they only thing the two books have in common was a release schedule). At least the complaining has stopped for the time being…

    I especially enjoyed the second half – I didn’t think McDaniel’s art really fit with the tone of the series in the first few installments but this one was gorgeous. He does a great Hawkman. Also hope to see more and more characters get pulled into the story with these supporting features.


  6. This was a very small week for me (only 6 books), but this was my favorite this week. I’ve liked this series from the beginning, and i think this is the best issue yet.

  7. I agree with you guys, this was the best issue so far. The back story finally joins into the real story, most of the story focuses on the big three AND we even get some plot develpment! *GASP* This is everything this book should be, but like you guys said — maybe it’s too late, as a lot of readers have left already.

    If anyone is semi-interested in this book & want to keep up with the story, but not buy every ussue — you should pick this issue up.

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