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  1. The posts for this comic have seemed to be about 90% hate … so why is it the fourth most pulled book this week?

    The people who are liking this are "the silent majority"?

  2. I never read 52 or countdown, but I’m reading this and I’m really liking this.

  3. I wasn’t around for when 52 came out but it seems like weeklies get a lot of negative reviews in general.  That said, I am enjoying this book but can wait for the trade.

  4. @WadeWilson – Pretty much.

  5. I am actually enjoying this book. Is it great? No. But I don’t expect EVERY book I read to be The Dark Knight Returns. I just want to enjoy it and so far, every week, i have enjoyed it. I’m not in love with it, I’m not going to rush out and recommend it to everyone I know, but i am certainly glad I’m reading it.

  6. @WadeWilson – I enjoy it because I don’t expect it to blow my doors off. Pretty sure I’ve spoke up before. It’s just taking time to weed out all the people who bandwagoned and were gonna hate it anyway.

  7. Count me down as one who is enjoying this book. With one creative team and what seems to be more of a singular vision with less editorial interference than Countdown, I think the slower pace works well and I like the intertwined backups that look to be filling us in bit by bit. I’m looking forward to watching this tale unfold on its over the course of the year and seeing Bagley’s take on the DCU (get that man on Flash, pronto). I’ve been having a lot of fun, so far.

  8. People are judging the book too quickly and I suppose you can’t really blame them after Countdown. At least DC seems to have learned from their mistakes with the implementation of a single creative team, and that’s all we can ask for.

    I hate hearing fans criticize DC for Countdown so intensely; it was an experiment that didn’t work, sure, but it seems few are giving them a chance to rectify themselves and all that will lead to is a lack of innovation in the industry. I understand that buying a 52 issue series is a huge and expensive undertaking for fans and many feel like they can’t take the risk after Countdown, and fair enough, perhaps they shouldn’t buy it, but they also shouldn’t criticize Trinity after only four issues given the fact we’ve barely scratched the surface of the story.

    The plot is going to build into a (hopefully thrilling) crescendo, and it’s going to take time to unravel – just like Marvel’s Captain America is currently doing. The majority of the haters of Trinity seem to be basing their resentment on the disappointment of ‘Countdown’ and the fundamental idea of a 52 part story and the pacing that is required for it, rather then the story itself. 

  9. @Bigsime: I’m hating this series, and dropped the book, cause it has nothing to do with the Trinity! How does fighting a big purple monster make us ‘look closer at the lives of the big three’? How does only a tweleve page story enhance the story for the big three? How does a seperate, and so far, worthless second story involve the big three? When I read the first issue I was hoping for what we got in it: a series that makes us see the interaction between Clark, Bruce, and Diana when they arent being superheroes. Not to say that there wasnt going to be a big event involved or fighting…but four issues of fighting Konvict? and most likely two more judging by the covers? No, that’s false advertising my friend. Is countdown a factor? Maybe, but it isnt a huge factor like you think it is.

    Like Wade I’m wondering the same thing….There is nothing but negative press and comments on thsi book. So why the fuck is there over 200 pulls for this peice of garbage!?

  10. @TheNextChampion: You may well be correct and in a few months I may look like an ass for attempting to defend the book, but hey, at least you tried the series before voicing your opinion unlike many people I know. (and I’ve looked like an ass so many times in the past, I’m not really afraid of doing so again… which is kinda unfortunate and sad if you dwell on it…)

    In my own case, I’m willing to stick with the book for a while longer, because I’d like to think that as the story develops we will have a better analysis of the relationship between the ‘big three.’ I believe Busiek and Bagley are capable of telling such a story, and believe the fight with Konvict will lead to something, that it won’t be a random ‘fight against a monster.’ But obviously I can understand folks don’t want to be paying $2.99 a week because of the ‘possibility’ of a good story when there are so many good comics being published at the moment. 

  11. so far the story and plotlines aren’t engaging me. i’m dropping it after issue 6.

  12. @TheNextChampion: To each his/her own, but you mention "a closer look at the lives of the big three" whereas I went into this expecting more of a examination of the roles the Trinity play in the DCU and how they interact with each other. Maybe just a slight difference, but when you brought up that you liked the first issue of them talking (I did too) I have to say I don’t want 52 issues of that not to mention that seems to have been done to death over the past two years or so. It looks to me like Busiek is using the Tarot angle to give readers an idea of the themes each character embodies, to an extent, and I’m guessing that’s where the exploration of the roles and relationships will come into play. And I think it’s abundantly clear that the backups are going to be filling in the missing pieces for us as the series progresses, and is most certainly relevant to the first half of the book.

    I don’t begrudge anybody for dropping the title but as I said, I’ve had a lot of fun with this so far – there’s a great vibe to it.

  13. I’ve dropped it and won’t be picking up this issue.  It’s been dropping pretty fast as far as number of pulls go here:

    #1 – 502
    #2 – 442
    #3 – 396
    #4 – 358
    #5 – 228


  14. So i am really torn on the book. I havent read a single issue and have been waiting to see how the book goes over. The overall opinion seems to be bad and im not a huge fan of Bagely but the thought of a weekly series is intriguing. I never read 52 or Countdown.

  15. I’ll be reading this every week.  It’s Batman, Wonder Woman and Superman.  Every week. 

    I don’t need much more than that, but luckily it is well-written and the back stories actually tie-in to the main story, and you don’t get these 2-page hero/villain origins like in Countdown and 52. I’m enjoying being exposed to Bagley’s art too.  

  16. I think the "hate" for this book stems from consumer frustration.  There seems to be buyer fatigue with the books that come out every week (Spiderman might be an exception for now, but that may change).  We are talking about parting with a lot of coin over the course of a year, so the book ought to be "special" in some way. Do you really want to lay down $155 ($2.99 x 52) for one title which is fair or passable?  Is it premature to judge the quality of this book after a few weeks?  Maybe so, but I think folks are now giving these books a much shorter leash (better hook ’em quick or risk being dropped).  I wanted to like this book.  It’s not bad but not worth $3 per week for half a book (the back stories have been weak).  My advice to the publishers .. give the weeklies a rest for now.  Focus on quality over quantity (and let us save up some more money for your next big mega-event with crossovers.

  17. I think I’m dropping it in two more issues if it doesn’t turn around. I’m realistic and I know the quality is gonna ebb and flow in a weekly book, but I just can’t get with Supes, Bats and WW fighting a purple muppet and salacious crumb for 4 weeks. I wanted to like it, and I still want to like it, but there’s only so many times I’m gonna play Tina and Ike with this book.

  18. Isn’t kinda of depressing to see the trinity of DC and one of the great comic book writers fall apart like this, I was so on board with this at the beginning but I can’t justify the money spent? I dropped this week but I am not giving up on it and I agree with you jonnjonz stupid Muppet made it annoying especially with the name Konvict dumb name dumb jabba the hut sidekick. no good, but i want it to be so good.

  19. Yeah, a three issue fight against a character no one cares about is kinda testing most reader’s patience right off the bat, I think. Most people are still bitter from Countdown & aren’t ready to invest into something & hope it gets good & wait … again.

    Personally I’m still undecided, I think the book is very average, a solid 3 outta 5 every ussue. Middle of the road type stuff. I’ll give it a couple more to see if anything happens.

  20. I found this issue seems to be building to something interesting. The story seems to be building momentum, I’ll stick with it a bit longer.


  21. @anyone who likes the story: Look if you like this stuff then more power and money more spent to ya. Let’s just say that the tag line read’s as such:

    This month’s co-features focus on Hawkman, Gangbuster, John Stewart and the intriguing new psychic known as Tarot!

    Now considering this is about the big three….why are we focusing on Hawkman, Stewart, Tarot, and Gangbuster in their title? I know we see the big three in this series….for like 10 fucking pages!!!!….But why are they in this book when it’s about them?

  22. I’m getting a big kick over how personally people are taking the guest stars.  Carry on, people, carry on.

  23. @conor: But why is Hawkman in this book? Who the fuck cares about Hawkman!?

    This book was advertised from day 1 as a story about the 3 biggest heroes in the DCU. But all I’m getting is 10-12 pages of the big 3 fighting a big purple alien, and also focusing on the JLA as well. I can understand a cameo, cause you know they’re cameos…But if they’re in the book constantly then why not call this JLA Part 2!?

    I just feel bad cause almost 300 people have wasted 3 bucks of their own money on this garbage. Dont tell me this hate is because it’s Countdown; it isnt now and nor will it ever be. This is just bad advertising and overall just a poor story after five issues. I dont care if 47 issues are still left to go, but when half of the first trade will be this pointless fight and bad ‘cameo’s’ then I know I would’ve been wasting money.

  24. @TheNextChampion – Why wouldn’t Hawkman be in the book?  He’s pretty cool, I like him.

  25. Bad advertising?  From the solicitation of the first issue:

    "Co-features in issues #2-4 fill in back-story on some of the *other important players* in this major storyline."

    Emphasis added by me.

  26. @Conor: But that’s not the point…..

    Okay, let’s say this week’s Astonishing X-Men had a 5 page mini-story on Wonder Man, or some B hero. Now even if it was the best written story you ever read, wouldn’t you be pissed that you have less pages to tell the story of the real issue at hand? Not only that, but let’s say you dont want Wonder Man in your X-Men book, you just want the X-Men!

    That’s how I feel about this series, I wanted this to be about the big 3, not a series about the big three, JLA, Hawkman, Tarot, or anyone else promoted in this book. I want a 22 page book with Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman as my main focus. Now you can have cameos, I’m not saying you cant; but considering we’ve seen Tarot, Konvict, JLA, and others for the last couple of issues…doesnt that lose the luster of this being a book that is suppose to be about the big three?

    Matt Wagner’s Trinity had a lot more focal point on the big three, and it was a better story to boot. No Hawkman, no JLA, no Tarot; only the big three; Ra Al Ghul, and Bizarro. Three heroes and two villians, that sounds like a series to me.

  27. @TheNextChampion – This is a weekly series done by one creative team, thus the main story is only half that of a regular book, that much has been clear from the beginning.  If the main story AND the back-up story featured the same characters people would cry foul, and rightly so, if you’re into continuity.

    I don’t understand this notion that "a book called TRINITY should feature Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman and only them, either altogther or in some combination on every page."  Again, from the beginning DC has said that TRINITY would focus on how the Big 3 relate to each other and their place in the DCU, and as such you would imagine that examining their place in the DC would involve *other people in the DCU*.  In addition, when we interviewed Mark Bagley at WonderCon he said he was getting to draw every character in the DCU, and that was *many months* before this ever came out, so to act all surprised and indignant over the appearance of the JLA (who appeared, were relegated to the backgorund, and were unable to defeat the monster until the Trinity stepped in to help) is, to me ridiculous and quite amusing.

    But by all means carry on.

  28. So I guess you like this series Conor? Which doesnt surprise me you like shitty comics. You guys said the last couple of issues of Countdown were good…When they were commerically panned by all other critics…So it all boils down to that I hate this series, while you like it. It’s fine, I know you like to waste hundreds of dollars on shitty books and incredible books. Shame I’m not as OCD like on buying comics like you are.

  29. Sorry for double posting.

    Look I dont wanna sound like I’m attacking, that last comment was wrong. But I still strongly hated your ‘reviews’ of Countdown…especially the last three issues.

    Still if you like this series, then go ahead and read it and laugh that some people dont like it for minor problems. I’m still not gonna pick up and even if I do read the TPB’s…they’ll be free cause I can borrow them at my bookstore. So I guess everyone wins in the end.

  30. @TheNextChampion – I don’t love TRINITY, it’s a solid three star book right now.  It was also what COUNTDOWN was, a solid three star book with some great issues and some terrible issues.

    Why should I care what other critics say? If I don’t agree with the herd is my opinion less valid?  Everyone’s tastes are different so why take it personally that other people don’t like the books you don’t like.  You’re starting to go overboard here.

  31. um….im not sure how to put this. im REALLY trying to stay on with it cuz i loved 52 and half loved Countdown. but so far Trinity is not really doing it for me….im not sure whether to drop this or not

  32. will this be collected into trade because I don’t have the funds to start reading a weekly book right now and I’m curious about it because it is causing so much hate.

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