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  1. I bought the first five  issues but I mean, really, who is still reading this?

  2. I’m still into this book.  I thought it started kind of slow but I’m really enjoying it weekly.  The art is really good and the story is actually interesting, which is more than can be said for alot of books out now.  I’ll keep with it unless it takes a "Countdown-esque" nose dive in quality.

  3. I’m still with it and enjoying it.  I like the format.  People complained that the second story didn’t tie in enough or was slow, but now they seem to be congruent with the main story.

  4. I started reading about 5 weeks ago, and I’m enjoying it.  I let all the hate in the beginning keep me away from a good book.

  5. @Tactical — The first 5 or so issues were bad, for sure, I almost dropped it too. But after the slow start it got pretty good. For real.

  6. @TacticalChaos15 – Look at the ratings for this book from beginning to end.  You (and all the rest of us who bought the first few issues) saw the worst the title has to offer, but the book has consistently gotten better every week.  This is now (in my opinion) the best team book DC has to offer (unless you consider GL Corp a team book).

  7. I too am enjoying this book.  It’s funny how over the weeks this book has snuck up my stack.  I find it being one of the first books I read each week now.

  8. @stuclach: Not critizing on the book at all, learning from last week. BUT…..I would have to think JSA would totally have a say in the ‘best team book’ department.

  9. @TheNextChampion:  I agree.  This is good and all but Best Team Book goes to JSA.

  10. @TheNextChampion and CharlieBlix – I think JSA is potentially the best team book, but the most recent arc has been pretty slow and a bit weak (in my opinion).  I want them to finish this Kingdom Come stuff and move on to the Black Adam stuff that we know is coming.  Comparing the current fun in this book to the current slow arc (again, in my opinion) in JSA and I would pick Trinity over JSA.  As soon as this arc ends I assume JSA will move back to the top of the list.

  11. @Stuclash: I can see that.  I wonder if the Black Adam run will happen right when Trinity turns to Black Adam.  At least I’m guessing thats going to happen from the look on the cover a month or two from now.

  12. @CharlieBlix – The more Black Adam, the better.

  13. Just got done reading this.  I liked it.  At first I didn’t like the 2nd story but close to the end it connected with the first half so that made me feel better. I don’t enjoy this book as much when the two parts don’t seem to go together.  It looks like this is the issue where the crap hits the fan and I can’t wait to see where it goes next.

  14. @ Kory I read at first depsite all the hate. I read this for like 6 weeks, finally there was something that just completely put me off and I stopped. I don’t even remember what it was but I gave it a legit shot.

  15. Take Konvict (and his annoying sidekick/controller) out of this and it is a 4.  With them in there this is a best a 3 (in my opinion).  The first story is still going strong, but that backup really brought the book down.

  16. Konvickt saved this book from being a 1 or 2 for me.  The main story was 9 pages long, and that includes a 2 page spread.  It was 9 pages and about 9 seconds of real time.  The back up story was what saved the book.  I love Konvickt and was sad that his story was over, so I’m intrigued by what will happen next with him.

    Overall, this was the worst issue of the book so far.  I hope it bounces back next week.

  17. I’m still loving this book. Every issue has been rock-solid, IMO. I didn’t mind the Konvickt story so much; I find him interesting and want to know more about his background.

  18. Knovict definitely got a lot more interesting, I am getting foreshadowing of altrusim, or some other turn of team for him. And he is definitely a bad ass. Though Kraak is annoying. Also, where were hawkman and gangbuster…somebody ran out of tiiiime.

    In summary, really lame climax to the unification of Trin. Konvict story is warming.

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