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  1. This…book…is…getting…better…slowly.


    Each of the last two issues have been very fun.  The last issue ended with Superman taking on the CSA by himself.  What’s better than that?

  3. I hear how so much this title is getting better.

    But then I’m seeing now that there is a CSA fight and guess what? Another Justice League team-up!


  4. It’s not mediocre.  It’s quite fun.

  5. @conor – I agree.  The last few issues have been very solid.  Even the backups have been useful for the story.

    @TheNextChampion – This book is still focused on the Trinity, but has featured a number of apperances by other JLA (and non JLA) characters.  I think an important part of understanding/highlighting the Trinity is seeing how they interact. 

    And who better for the Trinity to fight then the CSA which is essentially the Trinity "Through a Mirror, Darkly".  I think this book could give you some solid insight into the Trinity while still being light and enjoyable.

  6. ….Sorry, I know it’s opinion, I respect all of yours…I really do. But I just cant read it, I just cant. It took me 6-7 issues to know that this isnt for me. Sorry if it bothers any of you, but in my eyes it’s medicore at best.

    I’d say read Trinity by Matt Wagner. That is what I was expecting when this series was first mentioned.

  7. @stuclash – Bringing in the other characters also shows how each one of the Trinity leads.  Plus it gives you different sets of eyes to look at the trinity from. 

  8. @TheNextChampion — How do you know it’s mediocre if you’re not reading it?

    Yeah, it started mediocre (that’s a nice way to say it sucked dogs balls) but, the last few issues have been good reads.

  9. @TheNextChampion – It doesn’t bother us that you don’t like it, but it sure seems to bother you that we do.

  10. I’ve found this to be a really solid title.  It’s certainly building up nicely.  My biggest problem with it is that they wreck these great covers by leaving half the page white.   


  11. @TheNextChampion-  What’s the big deal if other characters besides Batman, Wonder Woman and Superman appear in this?  I thought this series was meant to show their importance to the rest of the DCU?  Seems to me it’s showing that everything revolves around them, and how important they are.  Granted, I have not read any of it but I may start this week.

  12. @Kory – You might want to pick up last weeks issue to make sure it is clear what is going on when this issue starts.  Or you could just read this summary:

    I am assuming it is ok to post that link here.  If not please pull this post.  I don’t mean to break any rules or upset anyone.  Just trying to be neighborly.

  13. I sticking with this as long as the Trintiy leads the League against the CSA

  14. @conor: I’m not trying to sound like I hate you guys for picking this up….I guess it just bothers me cause you guys are seeing something I’m not seeing here. Who knows, I could pick up the trades for this and really like it. But after that whole Konvict nonsense I just feel that this book is something not to waste money on.

    Oh and working at a bookstore has it’s charms, like reading the new issues before we put it on the stands…I’ve read the last 3 issues and I just didnt see any special about it.

    @Kory: It just feels like if it’s suppose to be about the Trinity…then why are so many other heroes involved with this? Again in the Wagner Trinity book; we had Superman, Wonder Woman, Batman, and the three villians….Here we wanna throw as much stuff as we can so we get anyone else on this title reading it. Plus I go back to the first issue where we just see the big 3 talking….I guess that’s what I want cause to me, that is more interesting then fighting Konvict and the CSA.

  15. @TheNextChampion – Maybe you just want something different from what we want.  I can understand the draw of that first issue and I can also understand the irritation that is Konvict.  I felt the same way.  Luckily for me the more recent issues have been exactly what I was looking for from the series.

    Hopefully the next step in the storyline will make us both happy.

  16. @champ – were you really hoping they’d go out to lunch and talk about old times for 52 issues? That statement has continuously perplexed me.

  17. @Face: I just mean to state that I thought it would be more thought provoking then just ‘fists a flying’. Seriously, that first issue was really good, that’s what I thought we were heading with this book. Do you seriously think I was expecting an entire series with no fighting? No, I knew there was going to be a big fight and major villian….But when start adding in fight after fight; lame villian after villians, and just a tiny portion of story (only 12 pages)…It just doesnt feel like this title is really worth it.

    I’ll state myself one more time, Trinity by Matt Wagner was the reference for what I thought this title would be. That book had a lot of conversations by the big 3, depth in the story, and a good roster of villians they fought against.

  18. @Champ — The title Trinity is not only about how the trinity of Batman, Superman & Wonder Woman affect the world/universe, but it’s about the power of trinities in general. I don’t remember DC ever saying that Batman, Superman & Wonder Woman were going to be the only characters in the book. The main focus of the story is on them, plus we get to see a whole lot more of the DCU (which works way better than Countdown’s mini Bio pages) which in my eyes, is a very good thing.

    Yeah, it started slow & the 5 issue fight scene killed this title for a lot of readers, but it has turned into a pretty good book right now, it’s like a good JLA story about Batman, Superman & Wonder Woman. If it’s not exactly what you expected & you don’t like it though, cool. It doesn’t affect you. Don’t read it.

  19. I like seeing so many other characters from the DCU. To me, it’s one of the strengths of this book. Then again, I am a huge fan of these characters, so am having a lot of fun reading a very well-written and well-drawn story about them. If you’re not interested in the DCU or the Trinity, then you probably won’t like or care about this book.

  20. Another solid issue, but not quite as good as last week’s in my opinion.  If the book holds this quality level I am in for the long haul.
    The backup feature featured the Riddler and included some interesting clues, but was a bit too goofy for my taste.

  21. The Riddler rules.  Pay close attention Chris Nolan.

    I was a bit lost with this being my first issue.  Are the CSA from the Earth that has the heroes being the villians that I have heard about?

  22. @Kory – I am not completely sure I understood your question, but I think the answer is yes.  Go here and go down to the heading Crime Syndicate of Amerika. 

    Hint, Hint (without any serious spoilers): I assume that means the Riddler from their world would be "good". 

  23. @stuclach- I remember being told that the DC multiverse had an alternate Earth where the heroes were villians and the villians were heroes.

  24. @ Kory – Unfortunately, I think there are multiple "Earth’s" like that.  If you go to that link I posted you will see 3 sets of "Syndicates" that may each be from different "Earth’s". 

    Why does it always end up being called Earth?  Can’t we get a Terra or a Htrae?

  25. @stuclach- I read it, and now I’m good.  Thanks for the link.

  26. If you ask me, the CSA battle should have kicked off this series instead of Konvict.  I have a feeling it wouldn’t have been such a rough ride at the beginning then.

    Anyways, the last few issues have been so good.  I’m really enjoying the second story too.  I wonder how much kvetching there would’ve been if they just folding the two stories together?  In most cases, relavent things are happening in the second story.  People are missing out if they skip the "back-up" story.

  27. Yes but Superman’s going crazy!!!

  28. Man, that back-up story was the best thing so far in TRINITY.  That really felt like the Batbooks from 10 years ago.  More of that, please.

  29. @conor – You didn’t feel like the backup got a little silly?  It was good, but the Riddler just seemed a little goofy.  Maybe that is just my impression of the Riddler in general and I am projecting it on the issue.

    The backups have been very solid for the last few weeks.  Between this and Robin, Fabian Nicieza is really starting to impress me.

  30. I liked The Riddler back-up almost more than the main story. The only things I thought were silly was Nightwing and Robin; and The Riddler mailing off his report to Dick Grayson.

    I enjoy the Earth-3 Crime Syndicate. I never read their original stories first hand; so, when I see an appearance, I grab it and read it. Soo far, I like it. Still trying to forget the bad aftertaste of Konvict.  

  31. @stuclach – The Riddler *is* goofy.  He has actually been less goofy than he used to be as of late.  I loved everything about it.

  32. @conor – I’m glad you liked it.  How did you feel about Dick Grayson hiring him?  Do you think has some inkling of the relationship between "our" Riddler and Enigma?  (Has Nightwing even seen Enigma?)

  33. I like the way the Riddler is now….He’s trying to be a better detective then Batman.  It’s given us some good jokes and story elements from Detective Comics. Maybe it’s just because Dini is good at writing Riddler that’s why I like it. 🙂

    Oh and once again my bookstore prevails! Got to read it and conor is right….back up story was pretty fun, even if I didnt care for the goofy Riddler…But when I back-up is better then the main story (which btw the main story was medicore as usual) it still looks like not paying for this thing was a good move.

  34. i didn’t like this issue as much as much as the last few. Just didn’t seem like all that much happened. Still far better than a whole issue of JLA vs Konvict though.

  35. @stuclach – I think you’re onto something with Enigma. It would make sense about why he is so defensive of this world.

    @Kory – You’re probably thinking of the book G-Mo wrote – Earth 2.

  36. I’m kicking myself for leaving Trinity till the last this week.  It was great.  That backup story was the best one we’ve seen yet.  I can’t wait for more like that. 

    I see that some felt that this Riddler was ‘goofy’.  Funny, I thought it was the exact same Riddler I’ve been reading in Detective Comics for the past few months. 

  37. Conor never ever says "in my opinion".

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