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  1. Is this actually coming out? I’ve already forgotten what happened in the last 3 issues. I’l stick around because it’s most of my favorite DC characters in one book, but so far, I’ve been underwhelmed.

  2. This is the last one in the arc?  Good because I think I’m going to drop it after this is over.  I’m reading too many books to spend any more time on this one.

  3. I love the Titans and will continue to buy anything there in. While I do like the story of this, this has to be one of the worst handled launches since DC relaunched Supergirl in ’05. 

  4. I gotta admit that the run has been pretty crappy…but I do love’em Titans.  I dunno, I just hope DC can pull them back in the right direction.

  5. I have really liked this. I know that is not the popular opinion, but I think people have been way to hard on this book. I am worried that the delay is because of editorial mucking. Hopefully they will give the book a little room before they start messing with it.

  6. So far the only positive stuff about this book is laughable writting and big boobs….I see from the previews for this issue that this trend will continue.

  7. Before reading this issue I was considering dropping this title.  After reading the issue I am certainly dropping this issue.

  8. I’m picking up my comics tomorrow and I’m not even sure I should finish this run.  I’d be saving myself 3 bucks… but I hate not having full arcs.  Arg.  If my store has The Roberts then I’ll get it instead of this.

  9. Was anyone else a bit confused on how Raven defeated her half-brothers? I reread those pages at least five times and still don’t understand exactly what she did. I was really hoping that this book was gonna be similar to Green Arrow and Black Canary (which I love). This is such a dissapointmen!

  10. @Crin – I was confused by that too, the best I can gather is that she tricked the brothers into thinking they have to go away and learn how to use this new energy when in fact they got nothing from Trigon.

    I am eagerly anticipating this series once the next artist comes aboard because Benitez’s style is really hard to take serious and hurt the story arc.

  11. @adrian-Oh, that makes sense.  

    I had no idea they were switching artists again! That’s awesome, I hope it’s someone better suited for this book.

  12. @Crin & adrian – I thought the brothers didn’t win because Trigon didn’t come through the portal, & that’s how the Titans wanted it.

    Strange issue for me. It was kind of half awesome & half crap. I liked the story & it was fun comics, but some of the dialogue was so bad I almost vomited like Raven did (Winick’s dialogue is REALLY bad IMO) and the art was kinda the same — some pages were really really nice & some looked unfinished. Sometimes even on the same page, some panels looked great & some looked shit. I guess the best way I’d describe this issue is uneven.

    Not sure if I’ll pick up the next issue …

  13. One more thing — if any of you guys on this site ever become professionl writers & work with Joe Benitez, please write a story with just Wonder Woman Starfire & Donna Troy. The splash pages of them in this issue were NICE, so just do that as a personal favour to me. Thanks.

  14. I’m gonna give this title one more arc. If the next one isn’t amazing I’m dropping it. There’s just too much good stuff out there to waste money on this.

  15. @Crin Adrian and Wade.

    I believe the implication was; Raven, channeling the sin of Greed tricked the brothers into stealing Trigon’s power instead of allowing him through the portal.  However, because Trigon is weakened right now the "power grab" was minimal.  So the Titans win on two fronts.  First because Trigon didn’t make it through the portal, and secondly because the brothers didn’t actually get much power. 

    Basically, they went through all that and came away with nothing.

    It’s the same feeling I have actually 🙂

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