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  1. My son (who is five) recently said he now has too many Tiny Titans books…just to make sure he’s serious, I’m getting this one for him, but if he remains consistent I am dropping this.  Disappointing, too, because I probably like this better than I do any of the other boosk I get for him…=P

  2. Boo!  More pulls!

  3. @ TommyBrownell

     Please take your child over your knee and give him a whipping!! You have obviously not taught him the golden rule that you can never have too many comics!! Seriously though…this comic is month end and month out one of the funniest and best reads out there.  My five and ten year olds love it!!! Keep it up DC…Marvel needs to learn from your example!!

  4. This book is hilarious! Wondergirl’s invisible tricycle and magic jump rope, Terra throwing rocks, a tree house instead of titans tower. Awesome!

  5. I am looking forward to this book more than any other this week.

  6. @boostergold4

    And to be dropping a GOOD comic?  Insane.  Niow, if he’d said he wanted to drop, say, Scooby-Doo, I’m onboard…but, as I mentioned, I even like Tiny Titans…just not enough to justify buying it for myself…=P

  7. I picked this book up today because it was a light week and and I heard the artist on Around Comics.

    I really loved the book but I wonder if all the in jokes make it less enjoyable for kids.  Darkseid as the lunch lady though is priceless.

  8. This was great as always

  9. Just listen to the new Around Comics Episode with Alt Baltazar and your gonna punch yourself for not picking up this issue…

  10. I love this book!  This title just puts a big smile on my face.  🙂

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